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Even temperature The magnetic material within the cookware heats homogeneously, so heat spreads to the food evenly and regularly with no hot spots.
Heat saving All the energy produced goes directly into the pot with no dispersion, and when removing the pan the device switches to standby mode automatically with no further, useless release of heat saving money and the environment.
Stylish design The surface is entirely covered with ceramic glass, which makes this cooking device an incomparable luxury home decoration to display proudly in your kitchen.
An induction energy coil placed directly beneath the ceramic glass surface generates a magnetic field.
When the pot is removed from the induction plate it automatically cools: thus, you can easily control the food being heated along with the whole cooking process.

Induction has been the most revolutionary advancement in cooking technology in the last 30 years. The Freedom Induction Cooktop delivers 63% more usable surface area than the competition, with 48 coils measuring 3" each— offering the largest cooking surface on the market. You can also preset the cooking time so the device  stops automatically, ensuring food never burns! If you need to move your pot to another location, the cooktop will transfer all of your programmed settings to the new position of the pan. This intuitive interface offers better control and faster access to cooking settings.Freedom to move.

Never content to settle for status quo thinking, we have re-imagined the possibilities of induction cooking, giving cooks the industry‘s first induction cooktop with the largest, fully usable cooking surface. The new Freedom Induction Cooktop offers more responsiveness, more flexibility and the first full-color touch-screen interface on an induction cooktop.
Our complete Induction Cooktop collection provides the speed and precision of PowerBoost® technology and features the largest and most powerful element in its class.

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