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A House By The Park is a first-hand chronology of the design, planning, and construction of a modern home in Seattle. It took a well-placed comment from The JimRay™ in my last post, but induction cooking is beginning to look very interesting to me. It sounds cool, but I wonder how well it would work for real cooking needs, like using a wok, where you want some heat on the sides. As for lighting things on fire in the kitchen — that’s what blowtorches are for!
Walk around an appliance shop over here in Europe and you’ll probably see at least half of these things running induction plates. My only concern is the plate itself getting scratched, no matter how scratch resistant it’s claimed to be.
The downside was that we did have to get an entirely new set of pots and pans, and there were not a ton of induction compatible options.
We had gas installed at our new townhouse (that you know about), but at the last minute switched to induction.
We can’t use crock pots or the fondue pan we have, but have a table top single burner that uses small gas canisters for such occasions. If you like cooking with a wok, forget domestic appliances and get a proper industrial strength burner. My parents got an induction stove when they completely remodeled the (old) house they bought, years ago when I was still living with them. It took a little bit of getting used to for us, because it cooked everything so much faster than the ceramic stove we had at the old place, but once we became adjusted to the instantly-heated pans we started to really love it.

It’s the easiest to clean, easiest to use (principally), and most energy-efficient way of cooking. I’m not an electrician so I may not be explaining this very well, but you also need a lot of power for the induction cooktops. I love my Bosch cooktop (they also manufacturer the Thermador induction cooktops and Thermador has a really slick looking silver model that cost too much for me to justify). My husband is a chef, and he loves it, and read that a lot of restaurants in Europe have switched over. A House By The Park is a first-hand chronology of the design, planning, and construction of a modern home in Seattle.Check this page for updates, get caught up from the beginning, or read more about this site. To build a sustainable, energy-efficient northwest modern home capturing the full potential of the property without spending an arm and a leg. It heats pots faster than even gas and expends less energy doing so… all via the power of magnetic force. Because it’s the pot or pan itself doing the heating, not waiting to be heated (or cooled) by a flame (or lack thereof), induction is far more precise. Haven’t used one myself yet but my parents are getting an all new kitchen with induction burner. I boiled an enamel kettle dry once on it, but the heat and enamel didn’t mark the surface.
Some new models in Japan can even automatically detect and hold a set temperature for deep frying etc. Here you can find much information about Induction Cookware Set Germany manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers.

Induction gets the pan hotter more quickly and can sustain low temperatures for basically an unlimited amount of time, something difficult even with gas.
But it was a pain to clean so you best make sure that shit won’t burn on to the range constantly. The kettle boils before you have the cups out to make tea, and you can control cooking temperatures really well after a few days of practice. In any case, we spent a few days there (before we were able to move in to our new home) and I did not like how it functioned at all. With the model we have, its possible to use two rings simultaneously for a large oval Le Creuset type pot or a roasting tin when making gravy. External heat is basically additive and will always have the problem of sustaining low temperatures like a simmer. We use the grill all the time and the griddle occasionally (hamburgers or pancakes are not part of our traditional diet here in Germany, even though my wife comes from Chicago). I’m redoing the kitchen next year and getting a 2-burner, not sure if I want portable or built in. I was always a gas cook, but never again–cheaper, more efficient, safer, cleaner, better in my small kitchen.
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