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Be careful when opening the packets because the steam is gonna come outta there fast and furious.
We like to go camping at least a few times over the summer and I am always looking for recipes that can be adapted to cook over the campfire. We made these all the time when I was growing up, but my dad always seasoned them with the Lawry's orange salt.
My husband can never remember the name of them, he just says "Can you make those potato thingies in the aluminum foil." I know exactly what he is referring to.

Long sides come in first then short sides so none of the butter and cream can escape while cooking. Thank you for the recipe I will let yo know how my meat and potato loving husband likes them!
If there are any old, crusty bits on your grates, then it may poke a hole in the aluminum foil (or you could just double-foil these packets). And it's hard to sneak them in on a dish like this. But he does love garlic, so garlic it is!

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