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Best Choice Products is proud to present you this beautiful 4 piece wicker sofa furniture set. Ankarsrum 1209 Original Clear Plastic Blender Attachment, 1.7 LiterProduct Features Make a fresh milkshake or smoothie with the Ankarsrum Original blender attachment. Ankarsrum 1201 Grain MillProduct Features Grinds any dry grain or bean to make: coarse flour for bread, grits, cereals, thickening soups, even coffee beans for your morning jolt! With all of the functionality of a motion sensor light, yet a sleek design and a gorgeous dark stainless steel finish, these are the perfect lights to mount at your main entrance.

Stainless steel burrs adjust from very coarse to fine.Grind up any dry grain or bean with the Ankarsrum Original grain mill attachment.
When fully charged from a complete day of sunlight, these lights will illuminate for up to 12 hours. These lights are great for use in doorways, entrances, outdoor alleys and walkways, stairways, sheds, deck, and patios, or pretty much to any wall in an area that gets sunlight during the day and that you want to have illuminated at night.
Color can vary and slight imperfections are normal for metal as the hand finishing process as we feel, adds character and authenticity to those items.

On those rainy days, store the cushions in a waterproof, dry area and your wicker set will hold its look and shape for years to come. Whether youre entertaining or lounging alone with a good book, you will get the most out of this set.

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