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I love this – not only does it look stylish, you only have one pot to wash at the end of a hearty meal! May 26, 2014 Hayley Ryczek 4 Comments I know you’re probably wondering why I called these ALMOST Paleo S’mores, right?? Induction hobs heat up twice as fast as gas cookers, which makes them comparatively more economical and safe.
Cooking with a small quantity of water preserves vitamins, minerals and natural colour of vegetables.
PowerBoost Supreme provides extreme heat intensity to the pot and significantly cuts waiting time. IQpro offers a simple way to prepare dishes that require longer cooking times with slow warming up or cooking at a lower, constant temperature. This cooking mode is suitable for dishes that require a large amount of water such as soups and pasta. The Stop&Go function stops the cooking and continues with the same settings after being re-activated. The StayWarm function keeps food at a constant temperature of 70?C until the time is right to serve the meal.

The SoftMelt function gently melts chocolate or butter at a constant temperature of 42?C, thereby creating perfect conditions for melting, without burning.
Innovatively designed Gorenje gas hob burners optimize the flame to allow faster cooking and ultimate efficiency of the use of gas.
The wok burners reach a high heat very quickly, making Asian style cuisine and meals in big pots easy. New design features of Gorenje gas hobs include a highly practical coffee reductor, ideal for small diameter pots. An induction hob only heats the bottom of the pan while the remaining hob surface stays cool and always safe to touch.
Preset cooking mode will bring the contents of the pot to the boil and then maintain the boiling temperature through communication with the IQ sensors. When the XpandZone mode is activated, the cooking zones on the left or right side of the hob are combined into one extra-large cooking zone. When turned on, the traditional round cooking zone turns into a larger and oval surface that is especially suitable for wider pots.
After initially operating at maximum power, the cooking zone maintains the desired temperature to prevent boiling over or overcooking.

If the optimum cooking time for a particular dish is known from experience, the timer can be set and the hob will switch off automatically when completed. Leaving them in a kitchen unauthorized has never been safer, since this option prevents them from resetting any parameters. Gas is always combined with air before it actually reaches the burner, so the use of gas and control of flame are considerably better than in conventional burners. Combined cooking zones allow more space and freedom for cooking, space for larger cookware, or space for several smaller pots or pans that can be placed anywhere on the combined cooking zone. With such a hob melted chocolate, sophisticated sauces and other temperature-sensitive masterpieces become just a simple task.

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