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In designing kitchens, we’ve had to explore similar questions over time to figure out how to make them functional: How often do we shop? Time-motion studies and interviews with real housewives influenced the design of this compact and ergonomic space. Factories that made ammunition in WWI were converted to manufacture bins for the Frankfurt Kitchens of the 1920s.
Proof that small is beautiful, the Frankfurt Kitchen is very compact with lots of built-in features. In the post-war period of abundance and mass-consumerism, Kinchin says that the kitchen has become a status symbol. Coldwell Banker Action Realty is a full-service real estate firm focusing on Hernando, Pasco, Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties in the Tampa Bay area.
Glass bakeware, cookware and food storage containers like these Pyrex bowls is something commonly found kitchens across America. Believe it or not, glass cookware from Anchor Hocking and Pyrex has been classified as a potential household hazard. It’s said that exploding glass cookware can send razor-sharp shards of glass flying in all directions, creating the possibility of serious (and permanent) injury to anyone within a few feet of the explosion. Indeed, glass can shatter when it strikes (or is struck) by something, or if there is a defect in the glass such as a chip or crack. With regard to the exploding Pyrex phenomenon, many have pointed the finger at the fact that Pyrex has altered its recipe for making glass cookware. Understanding the physical properties of various types of glass is a bit much to expect from the average consumer.
If glass bakeware is chipped, cracked, or scratched, it’s time for it to be retired from service. Don’t put hot glassware on the stove, on cold or wet surfaces, on the counter, or in the sink.
Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations by not using glass cookware on the stovetop, under the broiler, or in a toaster oven. Many consumers can confirm the fact that glass bakeware, including Pyrex and Anchor Hocking, does break, or shatter, on occasion. Pyrex indicates that the safety of its products is demonstrated by the fact that there’s never been a Pyrex recall. With proper use and care, Pyrex stands by the statement that Pyrex cookware and bakeware has a reputation of being a quality and safe product.

Anchor Hocking attempts to dispel the myths associated with exploding glass cookware with these Anchor Hocking bakeware facts, which include the company’s overall safety record.
Shopsmart Magazine (a division of Consumer Reports) updated their original story about glass bakeware unexpectedly shattering.
Since then [1 year earlier], we’ve analyzed reports of 145 new incidents, most of which were sent to us by readers.
Though the cases we reviewed represent a tiny fraction of the hundreds of millions of pieces of glass bakeware in use, we still believe further investigation is needed. Curtis CarperIā€™ve been involved in RVing for over 40 yrs -- including camping, building, repairing, and even selling RVs. This buyer has chosen to show contact information to all members.You may sign in to view contact details and send an inquiry. If you can't find more Buying Leads related to your items, why not post your Selling Leads and Products instead? Use them for serving desserts, berries, yoghurt, starters and of course, ice cream sundaes. The perfect size for a portion of Prawn Marie Rose or Summer Berry Pudding and cream, and made from extremely durable, hand wearing glass.
La Rochere, founded in 1475 in the Haute-Saone region of France, specialises in hand and and machine blown glass. If your delivery package weighs more than 5 Kg then we will contact you prior to despatch to confirm the total costs. But the kitchen is constantly changing to reflect different social realities and values of the day.
Designed in 1926, this highly efficient kitchen wasn’t the first ergonomic cooking space, but it was the first to be produced on a large scale. If you place a glass cooking container right out of the oven onto something much cooler (such as a damp or wet countertop), the glass container could shatter. But now, as a cost savings measure, it’s made from heat-strengthened soda lime glass.
While thermal expansion may be greater with soda lime glass, its mechanical strength when heat treated is more than double that of borosilicate glass.
For our previous story, we examined 152 reports to the Consumer Product Safety Commission [CPSC] about baking dishes from leading brands Pyrex and Anchor Hocking. MoMA’s exhibit includes a remarkably complete example of the Frankfurt Kitchen, complete with the original gas stove and a slow cooking bow, which cooked food over the duration of a whole day (not unlike a contemporary Crock Pot!).

Hence, all the usual talk about Viking ranges, Sub-Zero fridges and the usual kitchen design conundrums. With thermal tension being the cause, it could easily be seen as an explosion — because glass will definitely be flying about.
Include just the slightest chip on the edge and bingo, the next time in the oven may be the last. Soda lime glass experiences 3 times more thermal expansion than borosilicate glass, meaning the potential for shattering is 3 times higher. What this means is soda lime glass bakeware is much less likely to break when dropped or hit against something. Much of this is dependent on a much larger infrastructure than any individual kitchen, and the same was true in the past.In the beginning of the 20th century the kitchen transitioned from the realm of the servants to part of the main household for a combination of reasons.
The kitchen’s removable aluminum storage bins were industrially produced at the factories that had made ammunition in WWI. So, the next time you find yourself considering a remodel, consider the kind of future you hope for and design a kitchen that helps realize those goals. My other interests include cooking at home, living with an aging dog, and dealing with diabetic issues.
First, there were new, cleaner forms of energy, like electricity and gas, which made a kitchen more attractive to cook in. Kinchin says that more women were going to work in factories, rather than rich people’s homes. These middle class women were trying to raise the status and visibility of housework, a revolutionary idea at the time. Christine Frederick argued for more rational and efficient layouts of kitchens to reduce the drudgery.
She even adapted the principles for Frederick Taylor, an expert in time-motion studies, for her book on household efficiency: The New Housekeeping.

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