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Anyhoo, Little Sheep is merely a non-all-you-can-eat version of The Red Pot and Ichi Ichi Fushion Shabu – a Mongolian hot pot restaurant where you cook your own meats, seafood, noodles, and vegetables in various herbal soup bases. One of my favorites – fish balls with roe inside that has these bursting flavors upon first bite. I might come back here and go for other items on the menu, and perhaps their hot dishes and grilled stuff, though this hot weather we are experiencing in California makes me hesitate a little.
Geisha House isn’t a typical restaurant for you to go for sushi because everything is so expensive. My friend got deep fried banana served with vanilla bean ice cream which was also super yum.
There are a lot of other animals on the menu – perhaps Little Cow, Little Chicken, or even Mary Ate A Little Lamb?
They have a fairly large menu that has so many yummy and individually priced items to choose.

We came here on a Monday night when most of the menu is 50% off – from sushi, sashimi, appetizers, and hot entrees. It’s wrapped in sesame soy paper rather than seaweed, and the scallop is in little pieces meshed with rice and a spicy red sauce inside.
Use real chocolate flakes or instant powder, for a delicious frothy drinking chocloate, hot or cold.
Their fresh and sliced meats include ribeye, fatty, and angus beef, pork belly and loins, chicken breast, lamb. You have a choice of grilled and seared; both are good, although seared seabass is a bit softer and more moist, but less flavorful than grilled. Gift set includes an 3 cup Chocolatière pot and, matching mug and a sachet of lavendar drinking chocolate. They also have fish such as cuttlefish, cod, squid, fish balls with roe (see below, my favorite!).

Also, I like that their meats are freshly sliced thin so it’s easier to eat and digest. There is another location in Santa Ana and I might just go there on another Monday night so I can get the chilean seabass again. But we were able to narrow down to a few choices and they were all pretty good, nearly as good as Red Pot.

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