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LifestyleHoliday AccommodationDifferent types of accommodation to consider this festive period.
MetroKitchen will price match the TOTAL current price of any in-stock item from an authorized retail site. Price match does not apply to auction sites, sites selling "seconds," or those not authorized by the manufacturer. For the best cooking performance, MetroKitchen recommends heating the pan for 1-2 minutes prior to adding food. It’s Black Friday, the day when stores open at ungodly hours to offer holiday shoppers ridiculous, money-saving deals.
Rely on this sizable non-stick Swiss made cookware the next time you entertain and reduce clean up hassle.
We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right.

In fact, you’re probably getting ready to go wait in line for a $200 flatscreen television right now.
Watch as two dimwitted slackers travel back in time to snag historical figures for their history class presentation. But if you change your mind and want to skip out on the mall madness, see our suggestions for other things you could be doing instead of facing the discount-hungry crowds. If you’re looking for something less gory and weird than the aforementioned flicks, you could always watch reruns of classic shopping-themed game shows like The Price Is Right. So you can take your frustration out on a crowded mall full of shoppers… shoppers looking for flesh, that is. Video clips are available online, so you can see that smug jerkwad bid $1 on that dining set… again. Plenty of stores and companies are thankfully offering online deals — Amazon, Best Buy, Dell, Target, Walmart, etc.

The 2006 Xbox 360 game took a page from Dawn of the Dead and has players trying to survive in a zombie-infested mall using only things that are readily available. If you think about it, would-be contestants for these shows are probably at the front of the lines today. So you’ll still have to wake up early, but you can stay in your PJs and bypass the possibility of being trampled to death.

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