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Of course, the details regarding what exactly happens to punished are unknown, and the rumor was written off as just another urban legend. For example, certain Social Links can only be entered upon if you make a specific choice, such as joining a club on the first day of school and such.
There will be a cap of players allowed into the roleplay, only because it would be terribly difficult for me to allow unique arcanas between players and non-player characters. Now, in each arcana, you would be allowed to fuse around eight different Personas, unique to your assigned arcana. The JDSF eventually set up a base in Camp Chiyoko, and proceeded to turn the entire area into a city of safety. Todaya€™s Sato holds little resemblance to its former state, as it is now a shining paragon of what a modern Japanese city should be.
Sato Public High School a€“ A three-story public high school, it remains the biggest high school in Sato. Shopping District a€“ A street with numerous stores, it can be seen as more of a a€?nighta€? scene, as most of the stores open late at night.
Hasegawa Pond a€“ A gigantic pond with bridges that lead to a small island in the center, where a shrine is found within a tower. Shoji Medical Center a€“ A two-story tall building, complete with a basement and accessible roof. Masao Station a€“ A train station that leads out of Sato into either the nearby mountains or beach.
Dorm a€“ One of the many residents provided for students, it remains an option if you are not a citizen of Sato.
The Comfort Hotel a€“ A gigantic hotel found close to city hall, it is around fifty-stories high. Camp Chiyoko a€“ An area roped off as a military region, it is the headquarters of the countrya€™s army.
Velvet Room a€“ A bar found deep in the shopping district, invisible to the ordinary human eye. His junior high years were more rough than usual, he didn't excel at his studies, and he kept away from others for quite some time, but he made some friends here and there, and wholeheartedly he enjoyed their company, even if he was somewhat awkward. When high school came along, he had himself enrolled in Sato Public Highschool, his mother didn't object, but it also meant he would be living alone, and he was okay with that.
It's been around five years since his parents divorced, and thus the way he saw life was a lot more different than before. He's prone to becoming bored, over his junior high years he always wanted something to occupy himself and forget about life for awhile. Drawing - Mostly just anime and such, but he's become incredibly skilled over a few years.
Legend: One of the four symbols of Chinese constellations, the others being Byakko, Suzaku and Genbu. Recently, her mother was assigned to Camp Chiyoko in Sato, meaning Yui was to come with her. Golden Touch a€“ Yui has above average skill in anything she does even if ita€™s her first time.
The Japanese kami of foxes, of fertility, rice, tea and Sake, of agriculture and industry, of general prosperity and worldly success, and one of the principal kami of Shinto. Brigit is a a€?pan Celtica€™ goddess, who was worshipped by both the Goidelic and Brythonic Celts in the British Isles and beyond. Covered in velvet, an old man sits in the center of the bar, where to the side, a man plays the piano with his eyes covered and a soprano singer performs with her ears covered. In other words, your Persona and groups, even social links, are influenced by your decisions. Please note that for certain social links, these will be determined during the creation of your character. Please note that you will have three different social links, at best, but it really goes into depth with the relationship shared between your character and the social link in question.
In total, you will probably get ten different Personas, based on the level of your social links and the point of the story. Many organizations conducted business and trade in Sato, and numerous executions took place on the Sato grounds.
How they managed to completely conquer the yazuka-run territory in a matter of weeks is a mystery, but they managed to establish order in a rather chaotic land.
Although a little small in size, Sato sports numerous attractions that make it a popular place to live. Students frequent this area for its fast food restaurants and the such, and a movie theater is available here as well.
Comfy, a three-story building with the third floor for girls, the second floor for boys, and the bottom floor sporting a lounge, kitchen, and the such.

A lot of its ground floor rooms are rented out for big events, such as a visit from a famous personality.
If you want to give a background about the mythology behind the Persona, go for it (since Personas by tradition are named after mythological figures). The locals knew him well, and this was during a time when Sato was not the big city it was today.
He wasn't sure why he wanted to return, his life in Tokyo was fairly comfortable, and he was leaving behind a lot of good friends, but maybe it was because he wanted to see how his home had changed.
That seems to have evolved into a habit, where he can't quite sit still unless he has something to stimulate him.
It's one of the incredibly few things that he's retained interest in, and not gone from one to another.
However, unlike similar romances, her mother was a young recruit of Japana€™s Self-Defense Forces sent in to break up a student protest rally being held in her fathera€™s university. Her parents were far too competent in their jobs to not be promoted or not given the most difficult assignments. Unfortunately, her father was recently sent to the United States of America to oversee a lawsuit made against his company.
She is seemingly not at all troubled by her parentsa€™ careers forcing her to move around, unable to lay down any roots. Though she can be eccentric, her actions are often within the realms of acceptance by others.
When my mom died, I had to take a year off for school, so I am a year older than most of my class, but that really doesn't matter I suppose; I am doing well enough. The truth of the matter is, I spend whatever time I have out of school taking care of my family, and working. She seemingly always has just the thing, for whatever occasion, and can get said occasion fixed and done with with frightening efficiency and speed. This bar is a meeting place between those who seek a destiny and the one who will guide them to such a destiny.
Certain Personas can only be found by visiting the Velvet Room with the right materials and alignment.
Please note that I will be giving an arcana based on the character, so if youa€™re aiming for a certain arcana, I advise doing your research and writing around the themes of such an arcana.
The schools are funded by a company known as the Kouki group, with the young Ryouta Kouki being groomed to take over the group. As a result though, he became a target for bullying since it seemed easy, and for awhile it was. Little did he know though, his return to his home would be a lot more eventful than he had originally thought. Rui prefers peace and quiet most of the time, but doesn't mind others, as long as they're not being completely obnoxious.
The two met, started dating, continued with a long-distance relationship, and then married (with her father taking on her mothera€™s family name). She loves having new experiences which often leads her to try things she has never done before nor has any knowledge of.
Her natural charisma and physical beauty has garnered the affections of both sexes around her, but Yui has never dated anyone seriously. I am one of the top five students in the school when it comes to grades, and am the founder of the agriculture club. I have a part time job selling tickets at Masuo Station; and I sell the produce that we grow at our farm by the house.
She was also trained in the ways of the Geisha by her grandmother, and is proficient in those arts. In Celtic mythology, Brigit is the daughter of the Morrighan and the Dagda, the Good God and Chief of the Tuatha de Danaan, the ancient fairy race of Ireland, and the sister of Ogma, who invented the Ogham alphabet. As such, ita€™s encouraged to really think about certain choices, as you might lose out on some interesting rewards.
He lived his life through to junior high as normal, doing incredibly well in school, until his parents divorced. Fortunately everything was dealt with, the few friends he made stuck by him, and that's what helped him through it all the most. His academic ability is only just over average, which is better than it was in junior high. Today he sees the world as something to explore, and after a certain point in life you'll stop seeing the world so optimistically, he's learned instead to try and find things you can be optimistic about. It is also to be noted he'll take them off and leave them around his neck if he's going out with others, but he's always seen with them.
Her father became a corporate lawyer whereas her mother rose through the ranks of the JSDF.

Her father, more often than not, was sent overseas to different branches of the company he worked for, leaving Yui with her mother whose job often kept her in Japan. Yui found a loophole in the school rules that would allow her to wear the boysa€™ uniform rather than the girlsa€™.
Her pragmatic approach to solving problems, complemented by her sunny optimism, portrays her to others as a reliable individual. While she never experienced significant trauma, she is reluctant to allow people get too close to her.
Her grandfather also taught her everything he knows about farming, judo, and kanabA?-jutsu. She was the wife of Bres, King of the Fomorians (who were at war with the Tuatha de Danaan). He was still just getting out of elementary school, so he wasn't ready to cope with this, nor did he even think of the possibility, but it was clear that they had been fighting for the last month, so he knew it was going to happen, but didn't want to believe it.
He's not bad physically, but generally didn't like sports, he made an exception for the kendo club at his junior high though, since he was told off for not having something to do.
From a small to a large thing, for him it was the release of new games and finding new things to admire or be inspired by, not to mention finding something to devote time to.
Due to being a largely introverted person though, he's not the most expressive, so his facial expressions don't change too much, as a result many people mistake him for always being a bit angry. Yui was born a few years later over international waters when her parents were vacationing.
It was not exactly a stable lifestyle, but having grown up with it, Yui was nothing if not adaptable. Her reason for this being she didna€™t like the design of the girlsa€™ uniform (plus she hated skirts). Shea€™s quite the opposite as she is often described by past friends as the most mature and calmest of her peers. Her apathy in establishing true bonds with other individuals is most likely her greatest failing. I also was recruited into the Student Council as the Treasurer by my best friend and Student Council President, Takahashi Tomoe.
She is always honest to others, but unfortunately keeps a lot of her own emotions locked up.
His mother got custody of him, and while his father went off to southern Tokyo for work, he, his mother and his brother went to live in Tokyo.
Over time though that developed an interest into swordplay in general, so he would spend some time occasionally looking up those kinds of things. His tastes always stayed the same, but each time he found something new, he renewed his own happiness with it.
He is capable of showing expressions though, but regularly only laughter and smiling has the biggest change on his expression. Instead preferring to maintain a "motherly" atmosphere so as to better the lives of others around her, without burdening them with her problems.
Thanks to working since I was little, I'd say I am pretty good in athletics, and since junior high there's been a lot of pressure for me to join one of the sports clubs. I now manage the whole farm, and take care of everything from inventory, to hiring laborers so they can assist us in the harvest seasons. These three Gods were said to have married the three princesses of Ireland a€“ Eire, Fodhla and Banbha. In other sources, Brigid is the daughter of Boann, the Goddess of the River Boyne in Ireland. She is also a patron of other womanly arts a€“ midwifery, dyeing, weaving and brewing, and the guardian of children and farm animals a€“ particularly cows.
I have four younger siblings, Hiro and Sunao the twins that are 5, then there's Yuuto and Takumi who are twelve and ten respectively.
I enjoy sharing knowledge and it really does make me happy whenever I help someone figure something out. If you were too look at Haruko at a moment when she had her guard down; you'd see her normal facade go away. Her normal disposition would give way to a silent, sad gaze, looking into the distance with an expression of wanting. Despite all the burdens she lives with, all her loving and caring towards others is genuine.

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