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Now add 2 boiled chopped potatoes, 200 gm boiled peas and 100 gm boiled black lentils, mix well and cook for 2 A?a‚¬a€? 3 minutes.
5) Fry both sides of chicken legs in this masalah until brown and add the spinach, cover the pan with a lid andleave it on a gentle heat for 25 minutes. 6) When the water has been absorbed, add 2 teaspoon of milk and let it cook for further 5 minutes. Tip: Pour some water over the spinach to wash the preservatives off before adding it to the chicken legs, and then leave it to drain all the water for a few minutes.

Add garlic paste, red chilli powder, black pepper powder and salt in the fried chicken and cook it for 5 minutes. Take a slice of bread, apply ketchup, make a layer of fried egg and chicken, cheese slice, tomato slices and salad leave then put the other slice of bread on these layers. We provide our services on the basis of daily updating service so that the users may stay update about changing fashion trends.
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