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TweetSo as I was browsing on Pinterest I came across a recipe for some Homemade Granola Bars. If you want some chocolate with your granola bar you could always melt some chocolate chips and lightly coat one side of the granola bar with the chocolate. I’m sure you could also change up the flavors a bit to suit your tastes.  Imagine Nutella in place of the Peanut Butter?!
Scrambled Eggs are one of those recipes that seem relatively easy to prepare, but, for some reason, perfect scrambled eggs are hard to master.
I’m giving full credit to the new 10-inch ceramic-coated Induction 21 Steel fry pan my friends at Chantal asked me to try out. The pan is also ceramic coated, which means it’s a non-stick pan… but doesn’t emit toxic fumes when it’s overheated. The pan is made with titanium for added strength and durability… super important if you cook a lot.
This pan does not need to be preheated and a low to medium setting is all you need for most things you’ll prepare.

This pan is great for searing fish fillets, browning chicken breasts, sauteing vegetables… or making the Perfect Scrambled Eggs!
Beat boiling hot water into the eggs and pour immediately into the fry pan; reduce heat to medium low.
Push eggs gently across the pan with a wooden or silicone spatula, forming large, soft curds. I was a TV journalist for many years, but with a house full of kids I decided to come off the road, go to culinary school and follow my passion for cooking. I thought they looked pretty good and I had everything on hand so I figured why not trying making them? If you’d like chocolate on your bars you can spread some chocolate chips on the bottom of the dish. It is PFOA and PTFE free (click here for more info on what that means and why that’s a good thing). It features a wide flat bottom, sloped sides and has a dripless pouring rim to reduce spillage.

Gather your ingredients: 2 eggs, ? cup boiling hot water, 1 tablespoon butter, salt and pepper to taste.
Push eggs gently across the pan with a wooden or silicone spatula, forming large, soft curds. I post the best Aldi deals each and every week throughout the year to help save you money on your groceries. Even cooking temps are important so your scrambled eggs will have those light fluffy curds (not grainy dry ugliness). My favorite thing about Aldi are their produce deals, they frequently have the best buys in my area here in Joplin.

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