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We also stock a selection of French pottery from Souleo - another small company based in Aix en Provence - and Bleu da€™Argile based in Vallauris. And today the South of France continues to be famous for its distinctive style of French pottery. This husband and wife team create fabulous designs of colourful pottery in original designs. We stock two very different styles of French pottery on the website, but all our pottery is sourced from artisan producers based in Provence.
He used to be a fashion designer, and shea€™s a ceramicist a€“ the combination is a highly original collection of French pottery that is constantly refreshed, with a new collection of designs every year. In more muted colours, and using variations on traditional provencal patterns, this is provencal pottery that is much more rustic and country style.
Every piece is hand painted a€“ and because of the intricacy of some of the designs, many items take over an hour and a half to complete.

There are dinner plates and bowls in plain colours, as well as a selection of prettily decorated items such as platters, oil pourers, jugs and garlic pots. Our range of Festin Coquin pottery includes dinnerware a€“ plates, bowls and pottery dishes a€“ attractive cookware and a collection of colourful coffee mugs in 2 different shapes. Each individual piece is crafted and painted by hand which may result in some variations in shape or colour. This is completely normal and is what gives this genuine traditional pottery its unique flair!rnImportant note: Before using the pottery for the first time it is essential to soak it in cold water for 12 hours to make it waterproof (if you want to use the pottery only occasionally), or fill it with hot milk and let it stand for 1 hour (if you want to use your pottery regularly).
According to the law of 6th January 1978 the user has the right to access, correct, alter and delete his personal data. This State Label rewards French craftsmen and small enterprises for the excellence of their ancestral skills, reflecting the rareness of the country's traditional heritage.
This is real pottery from Soufflenheim, made with the clay extracted from quarries of Haguenau.

You will notice it at the yellow-ochre colour inside of the pottery: that is the natural colour of the clay (not white!). Each single piece of pottery has been manufactured and painted by hand: as a consequence, imperfections in material or colour are not to be excluded. You will notice the high quality of each piece of pottery to its large thickness, what enables a gentle and homogeneous cooking, very respectful of the food. The potteries that we offer in our store have all been made by hand by craftsmen belonging to the potters fraternity of Soufflenheim: a proof of quality. Important: before you first use your piece of pottery, it is essential to "thicken" it by immersing it one night long in cold water (if you want to use it occasionally) or to pour some hot milk into it for about 1 hour (if you want to use it more often).

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