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I’ve made these eggs two nights in a row now and very likely will bring the streak to three tomorrow. Next, take a paper towel and rub in a circular motion, scraping off all the bits of food from the bottom of the pan.
Notes from the cookbook: This recipe has been written for one because these eggs are easy to make and fun to eat when you are alone.
Note: If you are preparing the eggs for more than a few people, it is a little easier to toast the seasoned bread crumbs in advance in a 425?F oven instead of in the skillet. To make the dressing, place the shallots in a bowl with the vinegar, lemon juice, sugar and salt. The eggs and bread crumbs sound so good to me, a little bit of crunch with the eggs sounds very nice. This is genius — so incredibly simple yet it really succeeds in elevating the fried egg! Well I was sitting outside the supermarket in rainy London trying to find a yummy recipe for a cheering up brunch and found this!
This easy recipe for tilapia filets comes from Jason, publisher of Freshwater Fishing, a website full angling tips and techniques as well as some wonderful freshwater seafood recipes.
Despite this, there was a huge gaping (and much classier than anything mentioned above) hole in my London foodie CV, in that I’ve not had any authentic French cuisine in almost 3 years here. Before preparing myself for some culinary delights, there was of course time for a cocktail! We started our experience with the risotto funghi, served with truffle oil and parmesan cheese. The escalope de veau Parisienne, a pan-fried veal escalope coated in a light cheesy batter served with dauphinoise potato, was also a delight.

As the sun headed down, and we headed out of La Brasserie, my first full french dining experience in London was complete.
Also known as country-fried steak outside of Texas, this dish of minute steak coated in a tasty batter and served with gravy is a staple item on every Southern country restaurant’s menu. This recipe comes from The Zuni Cafe Cookbook, which devotes a whole chapter (a very small chapter) to egg recipes. Just after the eggs finish cooking, they get sprinkled with a little vinegar — don’t omit this step — which adds the perfect amount of bite.
I feel like a brat saying this given that I live in sunny southern California, but if you do a little research, regardless of where you are, you’d be surprised what you might find. If you are making them for more than one person, use a larger pan and cook the eggs in batches of four to six. To make the bread crumbs: Carve the crusts off a loaf of white bakery-style bread such as a peasant loaf or ciabatta or boule. Sprinkle the crumbs with a pinch of salt, then drizzle with enough of the oil to oversaturate them. Place the crumbs in a 6- to 8-inch French steel omelet pan or nonstick skillet and set over medium heat. The moment you see the crumbs begin to color, quickly add the remaining oil (or a dab of butter) and the herbs if using, then crack the eggs directly onto the crumbs.
This simple recipe calls for macerating shallots in lemon juice and vinegar for about 20 minutes. I simplified the recipe slightly by melting butter in the pan, adding some Panko breadcrumbs directly to the butter, letting them turn golden and then adding the egg.
It was one of the first recipes I made from the Zuni Cafe cookbook, and I have adored it (and the cookbook) ever since.

This in a city with so many French residents, that it’s actually the sixth biggest French city in the world!
At Zuni, these eggs appear on the Sunday lunch menu accompanied by house-made sausage or bacon (sounds amazing), but Zuni’s chef-owner Judy Rodgers likes these crunchy eggs for dinner with a salad of  bitter greens. I remember buying delicious greens, even in the colder months, from various sources at the Fair Food Farmstand in Philadelphia.
Also, see the note at the bottom of the recipe regarding toasting the bread crumbs in an oven. Then scatter them in the skillet, add the remaining olive oil and proceed as described above. Once you master this simple recipe, you can alter it as you wish — use orange juice, lime juice, or any number of vinegars in place of the lemon juice and champagne vinegar.
Alex, I am working through your blog at a rate — thank you for sharing all of these wonderful recipes. The Hemingway, made with plenty of rum and lime, was crisp and refreshing, with an incredibly sharp tang.
The steak I received was cooked just right, and the quality of the meat was extremely high. The Made in Chelsea fell at the opposite end of the cocktail spectrum, full of summer fruits and a sweet taste. The sauce made a nice addition, and the fries were cooked well, but the mighty steak rightly deserved most of my attention.

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