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This gorgeous, handmade, French stockpot has a rolled rim and squared handles that stand straight up. I added this unusual, nearly round daubiere to my collection because it was so, well, adorable. A truly impressive, handmade French jug with subtle planishing marks that enliven the surface with flashing lights. On its nicely aged surface you will find inscribed the initials "JR" and the number "22", for its size in centimeters. They were used for making immense quantities of soups and stews in huge, ancient fireplaces, where they were hung by their big, iron handles.
Beginning with a 13" circle for the 7" floor and lowest 3" of the jug, he hammered the outer 3" of the circle over a form, flaring it up to an 11" diameter at the top.

The surface of the pot reveals its age most becomingly, and its dovetailed seams are very, very fine. Next, for the main body of the jug, he cut a trapezoidal piece of copper about 7" wide and varying in length from 34" on the bottom to 14" on the top. I haven't tinned it because I assume it will be used as a vase, but it can be tinned if you wish to fill it with anything you are going to drink. Not only was it made by hand, the family subsequently repaired it with neat patches of copper when splits appeared along the wire-rolled rim. You might even try one of your mother's casserole recipes in this beautiful pan; it will look and taste better than ever.
These straps are riveted to the pot and hold the big copper loops on each side that in turn hold the iron handle.

There is a tear between some of the outermost holes on the bottom, but that really doesn't matter on a colander. We've been at it for over 15 years and we have satisfied thousands of customers like you with Copper Sauce Pan and our large selection of other restaurant supply items.

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