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At 2.5 million dollars a piece one gets what one expects with this height-of-luxury super-sized and incredibly expensive mobile home manufacturer. Creative contemporary domestic designs, from unique home architecture to custom interior, furniture & DIY design ideas.Find inspiration via plans & pictures of compact modular mini-houses, small-space apartments, all-in-one bathroom & bedroom projects & more.Upcycled cargo shipping container houses, to space-saving furniture, ultra-modern interiors & futuristic homes!
For some, on the surface, it may be difficult to grasp why a kitchen appliance that connects to an online app is valuable. The Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker allows consumers to adjust, manage and monitor their slow cooker from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet.
The WeMo-enabled appliances give the customer all the information they would receive if they were standing next to the machine but from wherever they might be. Escali takes a different approach to everyday problem solving through the SmartConnect Kitchen Scale; this time focusing on consumer’s interest in a healthy lifestyle and eating right. The kitchen scale also connects with Escali’s SmartConnect Body Scale in the app to help users realize the connection between their diet and their body. The kitchen scale provides information on 35 different nutrients that are displayed similarly to the nutrition labels found on packaged foods, adding familiarity for the user. The ability for continual updates is a key feature for Pure Imagination’s Perfect Drink and Perfect Bake systems. Once a recipe and a quantity have been selected, the app will then walk the user through adding ingredients, telling them when to stop and start each as they go along. Both Perfect Bake and Perfect Drink have received multiple updates through the app for recipes and user-friendliness since they first rolled out.
Notable upcoming products in the smart appliance category to be unveiled at the International Home+ Housewares Show include the Connected Home Coffee Roaster by Behmor from Boyd Coffee Company.
Taylor Kitchen is introducing the SmarTemp Bluetooth Cooking Thermometer, a smartphone-enabled thermometer that monitors foods, oven and candy temperatures via Bluetooth technology.
The smart connected home – that can control lighting, heating, cooling, door locks and has sensors letting you know who’s coming or going, which faucet is being used at any moment, and includes a fridge that talks to the stove – may not be for everyone just quite yet. This story was originally published in the March 2015 issue of Kitchenware News, a publication of Oser Communications Group.
We can expect to see a variety of coffee brewers with a wide range of price points, each promising to brew superior coffee with technology that’s either very new, extremely traditional or some blend of both. Chefman, an emerging brand that entered the housewares industry three years ago with sandwich makers, is launching its My Barista K-cup coffee brewer this year at the housewares show.
He says that the coffee from the My Barista brewer comes out hotter and with better flavor extraction than that produced by other pod brewers.
Chefman is also offering its Precision Electric Kettle, which allows for control of the water temperature to the degree, so the user can customize water temperature to the varying requirements of different teas. IMUSA is launching a collection of small electrics with a line that includes a 10-quart Stainless Steel Rice Cooker with Steam Tray, Stainless Steel Double Burner and 4-cup Gourmet Electric Espresso Maker. Juicepresso from Coway is a quiet slow juicer with a small footprint on the counter that produces cold-pressed juices.
The 40 RPM motor, slower than standard 80 RPM cold press juicers and 10,000 RPM centrifugal models,makes it possible to gently squeeze the last drop of juice, enzymes and nutrients out of fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, and even almonds and soybeans for almond and soy milk without generating heat that destroys some of the potency and shortening juice life. The Platinum’s wide, slanted chute minimizes prep time by accommodating larger fruit and vegetable pieces and making quick work of feeding produce into the machine, while the capped juice spout keeps juice in the cylinder without drips and dribbles until juicing is complete.  Juicepresso and Juicepresso Platinum both retail for $499. The user can add fruit and herbs to the water before the beverage is carbonated, producing a pressure-infused beverage with fuller flavors. Hamilton Beach has licensed the Jamba name for a pair of professional-quality items: a citrus juicer and the Jamba Professional Blender. Hamilton Beach recently purchased Weston and is using that brand’s popularity with home preservation enthusiasts to springboard its launch of a number of products of interest to food traditionalists, including a tomato press, pasta maker, meat grinder, vacuum sealer and dehydrator that are already launching onto the market.
Cole & Mason is branching out into color with a line of salt and pepper grinders in glossy white, red and black that will work beautifully in contemporary kitchens and dining rooms. The PL8 line from Progressive is an upscale line of farm-to-table vegetable prep tools that debuted this year and is being extended this year.
Cork Pops is launching Wine Preserver, a can of nitrogen gas that is used to replace the air in an opened bottle of wine so that the wine stays fresh. Cuisipro is taking its patented Surface Glide Technology one step further with the V Grater collection. New from Charles Viancin this year is the Sea Range collection, a line of covers that includes four sizes of reusable silicone lids and two sets of drink covers. Robinson Home Products has more than 100 new products to introduce at this year’s show.
Bradshaw International’s Good Cook line is designed for the home baker who likes to bake treats for friends and then give them away. If bakeware is a big category for you, you’ll want to take special note of the Prizm bakeware line from Nordic Ware, which was designed specifically for independent kitchenware retailers, who will appreciate the way the unique chevron pattern molded into the heavy-duty aluminum pans will stand out on the bakeware shelves.
Nordic Ware’s Platinum Collection is a collection of 22 cast aluminum pans with a premium nonstick coating for quick release and easy cleanup.
Finally, the Chef’n Cakewalk cake decorating kit includes tips, pastry bags and a turntable for the cake – everything the home baker needs to get started decorating cakes or cupcakes at home. Contigo has taken a very thoughtful approach to this year’s evolution of the water bottle with the Contigo AUTOSEAL Cortland Water Bottle. The Stainless Steel Vacuum Mug from Aladdin is leakproof, will fit into a car’s cupholder and will keep drinks hot for four hours or cold for 24. Aladdin is appealing to the Paleo dieters, the urban picnickers and the Mason Jar enthusiasts among us with its Classic Mason Salad Jar that holds 34 ounces in a jar with a mouth wide enough to fill easily and then to fork the salad right out of it.
The urban picnickers among us will be just as enthusiastic about this year’s offerings from Pack-It, which is going extra-fashionable this year with the Freezable Uptown Lunch Bag and Freezable Carryall Lunch Bag. Retailing for $19.99, the Carryall Lunch Bag offers good looks in a shoulder bag and includes a storage pouch for utensils and personal items. The Built NY Uptown Lunch Tote from Lifetime Brands is a fresh and fashionable take on a speedy silhouette handbag.
Established in 1993, Yangjiang Hongxuan Industrial Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a large manufacturer specializing in various hardware including barbeque tool, grill, kitchenware and wire. Product parameters: Online consultation Product introduction Wooden Kitchenware Rack Each tier with 23pcs wires for 3plates Material: Wood+ metal wire with electroplate plating .
Supply kitchenware: We produce cutting board, rolling pin, cutlery, storage boxes, sushi making device such as a rich novel kitchen, covering a variety of materials, including wood, carbonized bamboo, stainless steel, plastic, ceramic and glass. Four years ago, brothers George and Bruce Prior – self-described “big grillers” – found themselves in front of the grill on a “cold rainy day” in Colorado. Frustrated by the uncooperative fire, the brothers decided to set about creating a device that would make starting charcoal or wood fires faster and easier. After two years of tinkering with a variety of designs, the Denver-based brothers came up with a design consisting of a variable speed fan attached to a specially-design grip that mounted outside of smokers and grills, so the BBQ Dragon could be removed quickly and easily. The basic principle is simple: the cook lights briquettes or wood using newspapers or kindling. The compact fan blows low-velocity air at the fire, making it ready to grill food in less than 10 minutes, he says.
George says the water-resistant BBQ Dragon weighs just under three pounds and is made of high impact steel.
George says he is optimistic about the BBQ Dragon’s prospects, noting that it can be used with grills, smokers, fire pits, fireplaces, wood stoves and campfires.
Backyard bistros, decorated decks and patio cafes are all becoming popular open-air extensions of indoor living spaces, as the lure of the great outdoors is enticing Americas to adopt ever-more-elaborate al fresco entertaining ideas. More and more people are blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor recreational activities, and moving cooking, dining and entertaining to outside venues.
Suppliers of home decor, accent furniture, housewares and tabletop items have taken notice of this trend, introducing a wide variety of items suitable for both outdoor and indoor use at this year’s trade shows. Some new furniture and home decor products actually incorporate living greenery as an integral part of the design. The Opiary handmade creations use durable, weather-resistant materials including ferro cement and aircraft grade riveted aluminum.
Durability is an important element for outdoor entertaining products, and Golden Rabbit is offering a range of enamelware designs designed in whimsical motifs and bright colors.
OGGI Corporation has added fun-shaped Avanti thermal carafes and color-coordinated non-skid Rubbergrip trays to its assortment.
Italian producer Fratelli Guzzini is highlighting its colorful Belle Epoque line of outdoor drink ware and serveware.
Bright colors and outdoor entertaining seem to be a natural fit, and Seattle tabletop supplier Rosanna is getting a great reaction to its new Calypso collection, inspired by the vibrant fabrics of the south of France. Nature lovers also can look forward to stylish and colorful products for their feathered friends: J.
Woodstock Chimes, a manufacturer of musically tuned windchimes, recently launched its Woodstock Reflections line.
Serenity Prayer: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference. The Woodstock Reflections Chimes are also all tuned to an ancient five note [pentatonic] tuning.

The newest addition to the line is the Forno Toscano, which is smaller, lighter, and available at a lower price than other Fontana Forni models while offering many of the same unique features.
Handcrafted Fontana Forni ovens are designed to meet exacting Italian rules and regulations. Located in Italy’s Marche region, Fontana Forni has been manufacturing high quality steel products for over 60 years. VIETRI debuted a new home decor collection this year at the NY Tabletop show along with new pieces for its other collections. For the outdoor living space, VIETRI has added more than 40 new pieces to the Rustic Garden collection. To go under the dinnerware on the table, VIETRI also offers a linen collection produced in collaboration with Pardi Linen, an Italian family business since the 1940s.
Buy one and get your owned stocked liquor cabinet with expensive spirits, a place to store your sports car in the side and of course top of the line everything from telivisions and fixtures to appliances and materials.
The company’s WeMo® system started out with smart plugs in 2012 that are app controlled so any appliance can be plugged in and then accessed through the WeMo app by phone or tablet. The first smartphone-controllable slow cooker, with the WeMo app users can receive notifications, change the cooking time, adjust the temperature, turn the slow cooker off, or check the status of their meal quickly and easily from anywhere at any time. Coffee Smart Coffee Maker users can brew, schedule and monitor the device through the WeMo app.
If you are late coming home from work, simply adjust the Crock-Pot temperature to avoid disaster and still come home to a perfectly cooked meal. The kitchen scale sends wireless measurements to the Escali SmartConnect app on mobile devices for detailed nutrition analysis, to create a food journal or simply measure in cups and tablespoons. The app can calculate BMI and create a graph of the data based on the information from the body scale. Nutrition information is based on a database provided by the USDA of over 8,000 food items.
The devices are essentially smart scales that connect to an app using patented technology, but are so much more as they also walk the user through the steps of making a baked good or cocktail without having to measure a single ingredient or flip through the pages of a recipe book.
Users can select a recipe from the hundreds included in the app, modify one of these recipes, or add their own original recipe.
Recipe selection is similar to Perfect Bake and users can also add in the ingredients they have on hand through the Cabinet Feature. Barri says that users will continue to see new additions to the app that reflect feedback given directly from customers.
SmarTemp comes with two thermometer probes, one to monitor meat, fish and other grilled or baked goods; the other monitors ambient temperature or candy, and both can be used simultaneously. However, the smart small appliances can be the next step up from the smartphone; allowing customers to become familiar with the concept on a small scale before committing to the big picture.
Judging by the quantity and quality of new items that manufacturers are already revealing for press previews, this year’s show will be an outstanding exposition of products created specifically to meet the needs of specialty kitchenware retailers and their customers. For instance, there’s Caffe Cagliari, which is making its debut appearance at IH+HS this year with the Carina Home Espresso Capsule Machine. This brewer takes just six seconds from when you press the button to when coffee starts streaming into the cup, saving energy that can add up to the energy equivalent of five trees over three years over the amount of energy that it would take to operate a competing brewer for the same three years, according to Pinny Kahn, Chefman’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Its 30-ounce water reservoir doesn’t need to be refilled for each individual cup of coffee. Details are scarce at press time for this story, but IMUSA will have them to show in Chicago this year. Juicepresso uniquely merges the auger, strainer and rotating brush into a single, dishwasher-safe, BPA-free unit resembling a large screw. This slower process delays oxidation and helps juice last up to 72 hours so users can juice less often.
Bonne O is aimed at the health-conscious consumer who’s avoiding sugar in favor of a healthier sparkling beverage. For service, a separate warming base holds a tea light to keep dips or fondues warm on the buffet table. At a $449 price point, the Jamba Professional Blender is aimed squarely at the niche occupied by Vitamix and Blendtec, and it features an all-metal drive for a 2.4 peak horsepower motor that can propel its blades at 210 miles per hour. The user chops the vegetables into rough chunks, pops those into the bowl, snaps down the lid and pulls the handle a few times for the makings of a soup, a soffritto or a salsa. Just pop the lid off the can, turn it over the open neck of the bottle and pump three times to dispense the nitrogen into the bottle, displacing the air above the wine, then cork the bottle right away.
These are precision tools with the proper balance of a good kitchen knife and a V pattern design that dramatically reduces resistance, increases cutting area for more grated product with fewer swipes across the grater and better control. The Squish line of collapsible bowls, colanders and gadgets is being extended with 10 new products that include a cutting board with a collapsible side that acts as a pour spout for transferring food and the Over the Arm Colander that hooks over the center divider of a double kitchen sink. High-quality baking pans are made of heavy steel and have a channeled surface that directs air under the batter for exceptionally even baking. The design offers no particular functional advantage, but it’s an outstanding upscale look for bakeware that has proven itself over the course of time. It holds 16 ounces and is compatible with single-serve coffee brewers, so the user can brew coffee right into the mug, close the lid and go. The Uptown Lunch Bag is a messenger-style bag with a wide base that will fit larger salad containers, great style and plenty of room for utensils and personal items in its zip pocket and storage pouch. Both include the Pack-It built-in cooling pack that helps keep lunches chilled and safe to eat without requiring bulky extra ice packs. Its neoprene construction is sturdy, durable, water-resistant, hand-washable and stretches to hold a little more on a hungry day. These rectangular boxes and inner dividers come in a wide range of trendy colors and four different sizes for the perfect match of capacity to lunch-time appetite. The factory covers a buildings area of 20000 square meters with around 350 employees, among which over 50 are top and medium level technicians and its annual gross value of production reaches 12 million. Schatz, a producer of handcrafted stoneware accessories, is offering a contemporary collection of bird feeders and bird houses in an array of vibrant hues, including Goldenrod, Sumac Red, Bittersweet Orange, Moss Green and Bright White. The three-chime line offers prayers and blessings silkscreened on the windcatcher: The Lord’s Prayer, Irish Blessing or Serenity Prayer. May the sun shine warm upon your face, and rains fall soft upon your field, and until we meet again, may God hold you in the hollow of His hand. When played by hand or the wind, the chimes send a tranquil melody through the air, bringing listeners to a state of peace and calmness.
While typical wood-burning brick ovens have a large mass that must be heated and require hours to reach cooking temperature, indirect-heating steel Fontana Forni ovens take as little as 45 minutes, and the new direct-heating Forno Toscano can reach cooking temperature in just 10 to 15 minutes. They are crafted using tough, fast-heating stainless steel and, for some models, durable cast iron.
In the mid-1970s the company designed and created the first wood-fired, indirect heating steel oven that combines tradition and modernity and rivals the performance of brick ovens without hours of pre-heating. Ellen Thompson, Public Relations Manager for VIETRI, offered the readers of Kitchenware News & Housewares Review a sneak peek at the stars of the show, and who could turn that down? There’s a small planter, large planter, umbrella stand, urn and oval planter, all in a classic Italian shape with a soft white glaze. These are in soft neutral colors, and there are plenty of pieces for the homeowner who wants to recreate the entire experience of a Tuscan courtyard, as well as a lot of choices for the landscape designer who’s adding an accent to a quiet corner. Aqua is very soft, almost white, so it’s a true neutral with just a hint of color to echo the color of the Italian sea and sky and to complement the food served on it. Napkins, placemats, tablecloths, guest towels and kitchen towels are woven from 50 percent cotton-50 percent linen fibers by skilled craftsmen on shuttle power looms. Initially based in the technology category of phones and tablets, the label is gradually seeing an increased presence in a variety of categories throughout the home. Belkin got word that customers were using the setup for their kitchen appliances and after encountering Jarden Corporation at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the idea for the Crock-Pot® Smart Slow Cooker with WeMo was born and then brought to market this past fall. A week’s worth of brew times can be scheduled and users can check to make sure the coffeemaker has a full tank of water or the carafe is in place, setup reminders, and receive alerts when the water filter needs changing, or the coffeemaker needs to be cleaned.
If you feel like sleeping in on Sunday morning, change the brew time on the Smart Coffee Machine from your phone while still in bed.
Customers using both the kitchen and body scale can use one app to keep track of all the information they are tracking about their meals and weight. The scale has a Bluetooth connection to the app so that weights are displayed on the scale and in the app in real time. The apps tell users which component to add and then do all the measuring for them, sounding a ding to tell them when to stop. Recipes can be selected by ingredient or category, or searched by keyword to bring up suggestions. Next, a mix timer will inform which attachment to use, what speed to set the mixer at, and how long to mix for.
This is a strong selling point for all smart appliances as customers no longer need to worry as much that their new investment will soon be outdated.
Users can create roast profiles, save favorite settings, or use quick start controls to go from green beans to roasted coffee.

The thermometer syncs to Taylor’s app, which provides a variety of data and capabilities, including a menu that outlines USDA temperature guidelines as well as key candy zones and stages, independent timer functions, historical records of everything made and it also allows you to post to social media. The Italian family-owned company is offering five flavors of Italian-blended coffee in Nespresso-compatible capsules.
There is no need to wash multiple internal parts by hand, scrub to get the nooks and crannies clean, or put the pieces back together like a jigsaw puzzle.
The system retails for $149.99, which includes the appliance, the bottle and three carbonators to start with. It’s powerful enough to make a pureed soup from scratch and serve it up hot, and it comes with an eight-year warranty.
The product is also great for preserving those expensive finishing oils or premium vinegars.
Handles are knurled for comfort and a firm grip during wet prep work, and a non-slip band at the head end of the grater lends stability when it’s perched against the cutting board. One outstanding example is the Hand-Box Grater, which disassembles into individual hand graters that stack for convenient storage. Mini Alphabet & Number Cutters are a 38-piece set of cookie cutters that would be terrific for baking birthday treats or even wedding favors. It is the necessary tool for string the pelvic floor,blowing glass wall and even making cake,bread and biscuit 3.
Each set including a kitchen rack,three plastic plates,one fork spoon basket,and one cup soap holder. These inspiring chimes, whether used indoors or outdoors, are perfect for quiet reflection or to remember the dearly departed. The Fontana Ovens use up to 80 percent less wood than traditional brick ovens, but can still reach cooking temperatures nearly twice that of a standard home oven.
Unlike other steel ovens, which are simply bolted or spot-welded together, Fontana Forni ovens are meticulously assembled using up to seven feet of continuous welds.
1n 2007, Kirk Laing, the owner of Fontana Forni USA, began importing these unique ovens to the U.S. Star and sunburst-design embellishments and buttons are all attached by hand, and the artisan’s thumbprint is imprinted into the clay.
The resulting chevron-print fabrics come in soft, natural shades of blue, green, natural, orange and yellow on a creamy background. Now, small electrics are getting the smart treatment; acting as the gateway appliance to the eventual connected home. Plus, all WeMo devices can be controlled through a single app so customers can simply add on appliances as they grow their connected home. If you weigh out a portion and of food and decide it is too much or too little, the app and the scale will reflect any additions or subtractions as they take place. The apps display a virtual glass or bowl that fills up as ingredients are being added on the scales.
Users can also add items that they have on hand through the Pantry Feature which will then suggest recipes they are able to make based on the ingredients they have entered. Once the batter is ready the bakeware can be placed on the scale so that portions may be perfectly measured in the case of some foods, like muffins, cookies, or cupcakes. The SmarTemp Bluetooth Cooking Thermometer will be available in March for a suggested retail price of $69.99. For each flavor, arabica and robusto beans are roasted separately and then blended to make a terrific coffee in the Italian style. The Smart Hub sits on top of the induction base, and the two components “talk” to each other for very precise temperature control within the Smart Hub’s sous vide vessel. The Platinum edition adds the ability to easily separate the extraction system assembly into two pieces to ensure thorough cleaning. The combination of the chopper, which retails initially for $39.99 and the optional extra attachments make a great retail story for bricks and clicks stores that can sell the chopper on the retail floor and then extend the sale with online attachment sales, says Steve Burgoon, Bradshaw International Vice President of Sales and Marketing.
The Built NY Lunchpack Union Square Backpack has a detachable lunch compartment with a heavy-duty insulating lining and is a great option for students. To bring convenience to outdoor entertaining, our collapsible nickel-plated table base incorporates our large 20 inch trays. Each chime has a removable windcatcher, a relatively new feature on select Woodstock Chimes products, allowing the windcatcher to be easily personalized. No wonder Italian is one of America’s most popular cuisines, with its succulent roasts, crusty breads, and pizza, piping hot from a traditional, wood-fired oven.
They have domed interiors for even heat distribution and feature food-certified cooking stones. This is a complete dinnerware line, with both an American dinner plate and the smaller European dinner plate that Americans might use for luncheon.
But the aim of the smart appliance is to solve problems encountered in everyday life in a way that does not add extra effort to the situation; rather it blends seamlessly into a lifestyle by adding convenience.
Perfect Bake will scale recipes based on the bakeware the user intends to use; so if a recipe calls for a 9-inch round pan but only a 10-inch square pan is available, the recipe will be adjusted.
After that, timers let the user know how long to bake for or when to rotate depending on the recipe.
The pitcher or shaker can go right on the scale; if a blended drink is being made, the blender jar can be placed directly on the scale.
Patent-pending smoke suppression allows for indoor roasting, and users can roast up to one pound of green beans at a time. The Carina Home Espresso Capsule Machine designed to use the coffees is now available in the U.S. Set it on the bar display with a few of the trendy At Your Service bar towels also offered by Cork Pops. Additional blades are on the drawing board that will allow home cooks to assemble their box graters with the blades they use the most. With a square base and a square center cavity, the design is elegant without being fussy, and the cake that results would be an attractive end to any meal from a backyard barbecue to a formal retirement party. The backpack has air mesh straps for comfort and a padded compartment for electronic devices. Having debuted in winter 2014, the Reflections chimes are now available for spring holiday sales.
You can’t match that flavor and texture in any ordinary home oven, but that’s exactly what you get when you bake in a steel Fontana Forni outdoor oven. Where other ovens use ceramic or glass-based insulation, Fontana Forni ovens use rock wool spun from basalt or volcanic rock.
If a user has a limited amount of a certain ingredient, that component can be measured first and the app will then automatically readjust all of the other ingredient amounts and let you know how many servings you are able to make. Any over-pour can be easily fixed, as the app will automatically adjust the rest of the recipe accordingly. The roaster has a lighted interior and a chaff tray that captures chaff debris and is removable for easy cleaning. The induction base can also be used separately as a regular induction burner with nine settings, 1800 watts and temperature control that’s precise to within a degree. The Bottle & Can Opener in the line is designed to open, not just cans, but also beer, soda and juice bottles.
Designed and handcrafted in Italy and imported by Fontana Forni USA, these ovens are as stylish and durable as they are efficient. Rock wool has a significantly higher R-value than fiberglass, making it better at retaining heat, and has a much higher melting point, which makes it more durable in high-temperature applications. The collection was introduced by VIETRI in 2012, and it has soared to the top of the sales charts, so VIETRI expects this on-trend color to do very well for retailers this spring. The final step is to add ice and shake; a timer lets you know exactly how long to shake so the drink does not become watered down. With the initial purchase, the buyer receives 12 free capsules of the coffee to get started.
Beautiful enough to be left on the countertop all the time, the induction base can be an everyday solution for the home cook while the Smart Hub can come out when it’s time to sous vide.
For retailers, the Bonne O system means no more handling of refill cartridges while still offering the syrup and tablet refills that will keep customers coming back for more. And because rock wool uses a high percentage of recycled material it is considered a far more eco-friendly material than fiberglass.
The system will be available to ship in spring, well in time for Mothers Day, when the company is expecting that the item will be in high demand for the gift occasion.

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