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I recently partnered with Le Creuset to giveaway one of their amazing French Oven pots, the same one I own and love. I hope to start phasing out my cheap stainless steel pots a€“as they can leach nickel into food a€“but without a big budget for new kitchenware, this will take time. You can’t get away from them being an investment, but there are ways to save on them. Seconds are Le Creuset pots that are completely useable, but have very small flaws, and as such, are marked down. I got my French oven when a local kitchen store A stopped carrying that color of Le Creuset, and was making room to bring in other colors. Tuesday morning features big brand names at big discounts, and some people buy all of the their Le Crueset there.
If you are a thrift store and yard sale fanatic, obviously keeping an eye out for Le Creuset makes sense, though patience (and some luck!) will be your friend here. When buying Le Creuset, it would also be wise to keep a price list, so you can compare and see how good of a deal that specific piece really is.
There are a couple of other brands of enameled cast iron pots, including Lodge Color Dutch Oven (the cast iron pot is made in the US, and then it is enameled in China), which is much, much cheaper. Out let store is great I can always buy a discontinued color or piece at 45% to 50% you can’t buy used for those prices!! I have used a Kitchenaid enameled pot, and the enamel cracked and peeled off after only a few uses!
I had no idea our Woodburn Outlet Mall had one of those stores there, of course its been years since I’ve been there. Lydia – I definitely use it a lot when making soups and stocks, however I also use it for making roast chicken or roast beef, or any type of braised dish. I own three purchased from Costco (Kirkland brand), the older one was made in China, my two newer ones(purchased last December) were made in France and are excellent quality. I was able to wipe out all our toxic cookware with that one gift he bought me… Though he waited over a year to find them, but his patience paid off! He knew how much I wanted to clean up our cookware, but how expensive that transition could be… He also loves to cook, so he benefits also but yes, the amount of effort he put into finding them meant a lot to me! I purchased a 12″ Staub fry pan from Williams Sonoma about 3 years ago…I use it almost everyday and absolutely love it!
My understanding is (though things might have changed) that the cast iron pieces are still made in France, while the stoneware and enamel on stainless steel are made in Asian countries.
We based our criteria on the following things: Price, value for money, consumer reviews and durability.
After researching different types of brand and models, we found this set to be the most affordable and value for money cast iron cookware sets. The lids are secured with phenolic stay-cool knobs which helps trap in retains moisture and heat.
The good thing about this set is that it comes with a life-time warranty, dishwasher safe and oven safe of up to 350 degrees.
A visit with my good friend Ruthie Cook became a morning photo shoot of her beautiful French cookware and other things.

The ultimate destination to find a large selection of copper cookware and other kitchen supplies is in Paris France at E. A simple way to make and serve coffee in the morning or any other time of day using a French coffee press and these adorable white ceramic mugs….and a few pastries {not shown}.
If you have not seen the movie, Babette’s Feast, it’s truly a must see film.  In 1987, the movie won “Best Foreign Language Film”. The story took place in the 19th Century  on a remote fishing village in Denmark where two sisters, Martine and Filippa lived all their lives.
In a turn of events, Babette was given a fortune and in return wanted to use the money to prepare a French meal in celebration of the sister’s beloved father’s 100th birthday.
The Adobe Flash Player is required for video playback.Get the latest Flash Player or Watch this video on YouTube. The film clip is a very, very, short account of the elaborate French dinner from that night. Our morning together was fun but, watching you work your magic as you gather and place collected items for a photo shoot was truly, my pleasure and a gift to me.
Thank you Daniella for coming by for a visit and recommending the new cookbook by Mimi Thorisson.
I was so happy to be able to give one to one of my readers because I know that these expensive cookware items are hard to buy on a limited budget.
There are a variety of problems with leaching cookware, but enameled cast iron pots like Le Creuset are generally considered one of the safest choices.
Keeping track of local kitchen deals and steals can be worth the trouble when shopping for bigger items, like Le Creuset – you just may have to be patient. I haven’t shopped there yet myself, but from what I understand, to get the best deals you should sign up for their email updates, and then get up there early on the sale day to ensure being able to buy what you want. I’ve been quite happy with their branded line of tri-ply stainless steel, anodized aluminum, and enameled cookware.
I my be mistaken but I swear the times I’ve seen Le Cruset at TJMaxx that had a China stamp on it. I drooled over the Le Crueset Dutch oven for years, but couldn’t handle the sticker shock.
Most cast-iron cookware will make meat dry and cold in the inside because moisture and heat escapes through the lid. A healthy diet is not just confined to the food we eat, but what we cook in is also an important part of a low-toxic lifestyle, which is why this post is part of my 52 ways to save money on a healthy diet series. This option is great for those who love the rush of Black Friday, because some locations can get rather hectic, from what I’ve heard. I also love sharing practical tips on how to make a real food diet work on a real life budget. They were having a free shipping on online orders sale, and also one of their ever-present 20% off coupons (but this one was applicable to online orders as well). I actually like the vintage style pot with the spout and wooden handle better than what Le Creuset currently makes. While I would never suppose that a new off brand would pack the same punch as the real thing, I totally love my vintage Descoware pans.

So I put all the three cookware set in one place so you don't have to do the research yourself. It has all the things you need: 6-quart chicken fryer (with lid), 10-inch dutch oven (with lid lifter), 10-inch fry pan and cast iron hot handle holder.
They agreed and offered her a room in their home and in return, she worked for them by cleaning and cooking. You can find a list of outlet stores here.A While still spendy, they are generally significantly marked down.
You may also be able go in-store to order it when a free shipping promotion is going on and then use a 20% ticket then. If buying on eBay, note that sizes are often listed by the number on the bottom which is the diameter in centimeters. I use it almost everyday (stocks, stews, soups, braising roasts, pasta sauce, stir-fries) and treat it with kid gloves, but it STILL has little chips off the edges. It has a phenolic stay-cool knobs which traps heat and moisture keeping your meat juicy and succulent. Others say that they work well, just won’t last as long as Le Creuset (which is more of a lifetime investment).
I was lucky enough to have wedding gift card money so I actually didn’t have to pay anything out of pocket. You can use saved searches and watch lists to keep an eye on prices and recently listed items on eBay.
It it is certainly well made and has taken quite a beating without hardly any wear showing!
I checked what is listed right now, and there are some definite savings worth checking out. Many are troubled that they are enameled in China, instead of France (which Le Creuset is). It also is quite stained on the inside, which I understand is common, but it still bugs me. A Just make sure you don’t spend your savings in shipping, considering that Le Creuset is heavy. A Martha Stewart has her own line that is also significantly cheaper than Le Creuset as well.
Since they are not as well known today, they sticker prices are usually lower at vintage shops or thrift stores. It’s a hard call, but I am thinking about buying a second pot in another brand so that I can compare the two.

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