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The boys at Epic Meal Time have expanded their operation into the consumer product industry with their latest venture. The Epic Meal Time cooking arsenal is a collection of standard issue kitchen items: non-stick pans, sauce pots, cooking tray, knives, and a spatula.
Now, the Epic Meal Time Cooking Arsenal is here to help breath some life into the franchise, and help you step up your game in the kitchen.
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For those who are into extreme eating as a spectator bloodsport, fret not that Adam Richman has delegated many of his Man vs.

Next month marks the launch of Epic Chef, a competition show that turns equal parts Chopped, Iron Chef, and Kitchen Impossible into a series of 60-minute episodes wherein two chefs must make meals out of ingredients that ostensibly don’t go together. The Epic Meal Time cooking arsenal arrives just in time for Christmas, giving men everywhere the tools to create that perfect holiday meal. In the meantime, the lads will send you stickers, a kitchen towel and a signed photograph from one the cast members in exchange for your patience and contribution. Epic Meal Time, the culinary equivalent of Jackass, has been grossing us out for some time now — becoming the most popular internet food show in the process. If the new show is anything like EMT, expect full meals as ingredients for meals: Chinese-takeout pizza, meat waffles, deep-fried mac-and-cheese balls, fast-food burger lasagna, etc. If you want to learn to cook signature Epic Meal Time dishes—like candy bacon and Jack Daniel’s bacon—these items are a must-have.

The men behind web series Epic Meal Time are only too happy to oblige with various acts of hypercookery.
What we do know is that our own FWF columist, Dieselboy, will be in the mix as a judge on the first episode. We can’t really make it out, but would appear that steer horns, fried chicken and burgers, and a bottle of Patron were also involved.

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