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Staub cookware is made in France, where it has been used in hotels and restaurants for generations. Either version of enamel cast iron cookware will cook food through and through without leaving any ‘hot spots’ that tend to be over or under cooked. These are traditional cast iron cookware with enamel inside and out and having the ability to cook foods evenly and slowly, through and through every time. This is an enamel cast iron cookware with a fun and unique lid topper (knob or handle) – a silver fish shape and it rests atop a sea of graduated royal blue.
These pots are ideal for a number of cooking tasks because they are shallow with a wide opening. This is an enamel cast iron cookware which also features a fun and practical topper (knob or handle) – a silver rooster and it is perched on top of several different pieces of cookware in this collection. The Le Creuset enameled cast iron ovens and casserole pieces have been specifically designed taking into account the flavors and technicalities involved in the cooking of a great casserole dish (or pretty much any dish!) and have been manufactured by the famous French brand, Le Creuset.
I flat out LOVE this dutch oven!  I use it in my own kitchen at least once a week.  And I challenge ANYONE who uses it to tell me they don’t love it!
Normally the products are very high-quality and they last a lifetime!  They can even last many lifetimes if taken care of properly. Lid fits very securely on the dish and has a phenolic knob.  Because the lid fits so well, it does an amazing job of locking in heat as well as moisture. Very easy to care for because you can in fact use the dishwasher for it, but most cooks will let it soak for a bit and the food should come off easily. Able to go right from oven for cooking, to stove top for settling and cooling, and then table for serving. Big enough for a large sized casserole dish as well as a whole brisket and a cut-up chicken. You can fry chicken and even cook risotto in it.  It will fit a medium sized roast as well, not to mentioned a small turkey and even a ham. The company is based in France, and specializes in the manufacturing of French cookware.  They are very much known and recognized for their very colorful enameled cast iron casseroles which the company likes to call Dutch Ovens or French Ovens. The company was basically established by two industrialists from Belgium in 1925 in the French town of Fresnoy le Grand which is situated in the north of the country. The company was initially involved in the manufacturing of round cocotte, also known as the French Oven, for which the company is still very famous for, and its casseroles are still a very popular choice amongst customers. These items, after being finished by hand, are sprayed with double coatings of enamel at a temperature of 800 C. The company still operates its facilities in the original location which is Fresnoy le Grand, where it ensures that all products go through a rigorous 12 step process passing through 15 different individuals employed for the purpose of ensuring that the resultant product is free of any defect and is flawless to meet the high quality criteria. The Le Creuset enameled cast iron cookware has been designed using the same technology that has been used to manufacture previous products by Le Creuset, with a double coating of hard and colorful enamel, which ensures that your cooking experience is worth remembering and makes your cookware durable for use for the entire lifetime. So the next time you have a dinner party at your place, please make sure that you cook and place your casserole on the table in this product. This will not only add color to your table, but will ensure that the food inside remains hot throughout the meal.
The cast iron used to manufacture it ensures that the heat is retained and distributed evenly across the surface which makes it one of the best choices for being placed on various kinds of heating stove surfaces, and is a great option if you are interested in browning, braising, poaching or simmering your food. The interior with its enamel coating ensures that you will not suffer from any cracking in the inside of the pot, and there will be no staining. The surface is non sticky, so you can rest assured that the food will not stick to the surface, making it easy for cleaning the entire cookware in a dishwasher or by your own self.

The lid fits perfectly to ensure that the heat inside remains locked and the food retains its flavor and moisture.
Is this product cheap?  By no means is it cheap.  But I can say it’s VERY affordable when you think about how long it will last, how often you will use it, and how happy you will make your friends and family when you serve food that you cook in it! If you decide to grab this wonderful Le Creuset Dutch Oven you will be getting a top of the line piece of cookware as well as a solid product that will last for many lifetimes!  And like I said, it may be a bit pricey but in my opinion it will WELL worth the money. Then I find the best price on Amazon, because that is where I do all my shopping and because it's America's most trusted online retailer. Today, all cast iron products from Le Creuset are enameled but I don't know if that was the case 20 years ago. On this last one, you can see "Le Creuset * Made in France* D2" but I didn't find anything about D2 grill model on the internet. Enamel is a ceramic coating applied to the metal - it will typically be colorful and glossy-smooth to the touch.
From the photo, you have a raw cast iron grill pan - we can tell, as it has been misused and the seasoning mostly removed. While enamel can stain and discolor from use (Le Creuset calls this a "patina"), it's failure state does not include a metallic shine in places, and does include cracking or flaking. Sign up for our newsletter and get our top new questions delivered to your inbox (see an example).
If you're still not sure after that, I guess post a picture, close up of the cleaned back side, with good lighting. Apply a really weak sheet magnet to the surface of the pan, like the ones that come attached to the phone book for hanging on your refrigerator. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged cookware cast-iron seasoning or ask your own question.
Each Staub pot is enameled inside and out over heavy, cast iron that allows for steady heating without hot spots, while retaining heat for long periods of time to keep food hot from oven to table.
There is the Dutch oven which is a large cooking pot made of cast iron and then coated with a nice, shiny enamel coating; there is also the French version that is almost identical to the Dutch oven in heat distribution, however the French oven is a shallower pan and sometimes has special features like basting spikes or honeycombs on the bottom of the pan. This company features many different styles and sizes of enamel cast iron cookware in addition to offering purchasers two free small – soup size – individual or ‘mini’ ovens with certain buys. This beautiful and functional cast iron cookware is strong and will help cook soups such as clam chowder and other delicious soups and one pot meals evenly through the cast iron. They are enamel cast iron cookware with enamel on both the interior and exterior and the cast iron helps even distribution of the heat for even cooking of food without leaving any ‘hotspots’ uncooked or over cooked. This is a typical French style oven with its tight lid and cast iron construction that helps to distribute heat evenly through the food. The partners, Armand Desaegher who was a casting specialist and Octave Aubecq who was an enameling specialist, went on to introduce their signature line of products under the brand name of Le Crueset.
This makes the enamel and the exterior resistant to any damage while being put to regular use in the kitchen. Moreover, the pot can also be utilized for marinating various kinds of meat in the refrigerator and for storage of all leftovers. Please ensure that the utensils you use in the casserole pot are made of either silicone, nylon or wood to ensure the durability of the product. The cast iron loop handles on the sides have been designed so as to assure that you are able to transport the entire pot very easily. The company recommends that you hand wash the product, and you can use it in temperatures of up to 350 F very easily.

This cookware is probably around 20 years old and you can see a picture of the same model below. The cookware is black and has been used a lot, so I don't know if the (quite) smooth aspect of the top is enameled or not. Raw cast iron will be black and matte in appearance, the unseasoned surfaces rough to the touch, the seasoned cooking surface will be smooth and a tiny bit greasy.
The coloration, going from black to grey, almost white, indicates the early stages of oxidation and rough scrubbing, and parts of the raised grill-ridges have likewise been polished from rough use. The glossy black bits stuck to the ridges are seasoning, and ideally should cover most of the cooking surface - if it were uniform across the surface of the pan, it could be enamel. I have touched enameled Le Creuset pans on display, they have a coating which is black and slightly rough, mimicking seasoning, but it is enamel, not seasoning. Maybe also test it on something known to be enameled cast iron to make sure it doesn't stick, though? Take a drop of acid - maybe essence of vinegar, or descaling agent - put it on the pan, and heat. The dimpled bottom of these honeycomb pans helps to reduce the amount of food that sometimes sticks to the bottom of the pan. There are ‘self-basting’ spikes located under the lid which continually help to baste food. If it's enameled cast iron, I'm not sure how to deeply clean it but I will not put it in my self-cleaning oven.
Complicating things is the "black satin" enamel some manufacturers (including Le Creuset) apply to some of their pans to mimic a well-seasoned raw cast iron pan. As is, it's a great raw cast-iron pan begging to be restored with a good cleaning and re-season. Not as rough as naked cast iron, but a person has to have touched both a seasoned cast iron and this thing to know the difference.
Fridges usually have coatings over the metal too (except shiny stainless steel ones) so I'm guessing a lot of things that stick to the fridge would stick over enamel too.
Each Staub cocotte (casserole) features a very heavy lid that traps moistures and flavors inside the pot. The enamel is on both the exterior and interior so there is no need for special washing instructions.
There are several bright colors to choose from including royal blue, matte green, sunflower yellow, matte silver and shiny black.
This enamel cast iron cookware is perfect for any type bird or roast and prefect for braising, frying or roasting. This test won't work to distinguish between oil seasoning and enamel, but it should work on pure iron. Staub cocottes are available in many sizes and may be used in the oven and on any cooktop, including induction.

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