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Founded in 1986, Tramontina USA is a division of the 100-year-old Brazilian Tramontina Group, and manufactures many lines of cookware, cutlery and other kitchen accessories in Wisconsin. Tramontina produces nine Gourmet product lines that span a range of shapes, sizes, construction materials, and finishes. Among the products in the Gourmet Porcelain Enamel line are three fry pans (8”, 10” and 12”).
Prices for the 8- 10- and 12-inch pans are $30, $40, and $50, respectively; they’re also available in a set of three for $100. This entry was posted in Cookware, fry pans, griddle, nonstick, porcelain enamel, pots, skillets, stockpot, Tramontina and tagged cookware, enamel, fry pan, griddle, nonstick, porcelain, pot, skillet, stockpot, tramontina.

Awhile back, I bought a set of vintage Dansk enamel cookware from a thrift store for $10 a pot. The company’s newest Gourmet Porcelain Enamel line features 13 different pots and pans of heavy-gauge aluminum, coated with a porcelain enamel cooking surface and exterior. Here you can find much information about Enamel Cookware Set Kids manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers. Since I use them all the time, they have gotten pretty beat up, so I decided it was time for a good cleaning.
The black-cherry exterior is chip- and crack-resistant; the easy-release, nonstick cooking surface is light ivory in color, making it easy to see the see the cooking food.

The 12” pan weighs 2.75 pounds, compared with 4 pounds for a comparably sized stainless skillet, or 8 pounds for a cast iron pan.
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