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Although I spent a good part of my life growing up in Florida, where you can buy Jambalaya rice for a matter of dimes in the “rice and beans” aisle of the local Publix, I never tasted Louisiana cookin’ until I went up North to college at Princeton. In fact, chicken McNuggets were my “last meal” before Hurricane Katrina, in Round 1 of her fury, passed over my ocean-side Florida home.
So now, as Emeril Lagasse has told us, we have Louisiana to thank for such “kicked up” foodstuffs as fiery andouille sausage and impertinently hot gumbo. In my family, we take apple slices, dip them in beignet batter, and fry them up for French apple donuts.
Make sure to vote in this month’s French Revolution poll…?Cut It Out: How Do You Like Your French Fries?
The batter for these beignets is choux pastry—the same dough used to make profiteroles and eclairs.
Turn the dough out into a bowl and beat with a hand mixer for 30 seconds to cool off the pastry. You want to keep the beignets small because they will puff in the oil, and if you make them too large, the will burn on the outside before they cook on the inside. This a spicy Shrimp and Polenta recipe that is fairly quick and easy to make but will really impress. My eating club was renowned for being full of Southerners, for Princeton is touted as the Ivy of the South, and on one illustrious and memorable evening, we held our annual formal “Gatsby Night” to celebrate our most illustrious alumnus: F.
Now, I, in my flapper finest, was the one covered in feathers, but I have to admit, it tasted, vraiment comme le poulet—like a much crisper and moister white meat chicken McNugget.
Seeing as how I would be eating nothing that didn’t come from a can for at least a few days, I tried to make that drive-through meal on the way to the shelter memorable.

Truth be told Cajun and Creole are two different things; Cajun derives from the word Acadian, describing the refugees who fled New France (Canada) and settled in Louisiana. If you can believe it, I have never, ever been to New Orleans, a city I’ve wanted to go to all my life. The Acadians brought the recipe down with them, and they became a staple of Louisiana cuisine, a staple so famous that Cafe du Monde sells its beignet batter online.
You could do that, of course, but why bother with fruit when you are being so positively decadent in every other respect? Polenta is made from ground yellow or white cornmeal and slowly cooked rendering a smooth and creamy texture.
Here you'll find down-to-earth comfort food using easy to source ingredients without a ton of processing. Very few things unite those of the Deep South more than the universal hatred of the alligator—on the Florida highway Alligator Alley, it is considered (an illegal) sport to transport any alligator that crosses the road to kingdom come as quickly as possible with a dreaded squash of your tires.
And, of course, seeing as how it was Katrina and how McNuggets remind me so terribly much of deep-fried alligator, I never did forget. But I am travelling to the Big Easy in the middle of September, and I know precisely where I am going to pay my first visit: Cafe du Monde, the coffee shop famous for its fluffy, geometric beignets. So for this month’s special poll recipe, I am going to share with you a very French version of this Louisiana classic: Beignets with Lavender Sugar and Apricot Sauce. Balls of choux pastry are deep fried until the beignets are crisp and golden on the outside, and creamy and airy on the inside.
This recipe has a generous amount of Extra Sharp Cheddar melted into it and a bit of butter that makes it rich and decadent.

In the corner I saw a big and boisterous man, black as the night that hung down all around us in the bannistered old courtyard, with a smile bright as the white stars that were just a few of our many lanterns, standing and attempting to spoon chunks of deep-fried something on to the hungry plates of the pearl-and-pin-stripe-clad guests. However, these days, the two have become so confused and intermarried, that I use them to describe Louisiana cuisine in general.
Then I roll them in sugar studded with lavender blossoms, and dip them in apricot jam, melted down into a hot and smothering sauce. The shrimp are sauteed in a trinity of onion, green pepper, and garlic and are infused with a fiery Creole seasoning and barbecue sauce.
They fled, so I walked over to him, and asked him what lay beneath the crispy golden coat: “buttermilk-battered, cornmeal-crusted alligator!” he bellowed.
When the Acadians left Canada, they brought their inveterate taste and knowledge of French cuisine to the swamps of the Deep South, where they were forced, as poor, large families, to “make do.” Thus, the mire poix of French cuisine (onions, celery, carrot) became the “Trinity” (onions, celery, bell pepper). The contrast between the textures and flavors of the intensely hot, succulent shrimp and the cool, velvety polenta is indescribably delicious. The cuisine came to envelop every inhabitant of the region, as Native American sassafras and African okra became staples of the local “French” cuisine.

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