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Paula Deen and Rachael Ray are the two big names in the porcelain enamel cookware category with various sets in bright and stylish tones to cater to those who have a more modern taste for the kitchen.
Firstly, the Emeril Hard Enamel cookware set is available in various colors – black, blue, red and green.
The base material for this set is aluminum which goes all the way up the sides for quick and even heating.
The riveted handles are stainless steel and stay cool on the stove top while the soft silicone gives a more secure and comfortable grip. A complete set – Not many cookware sets will give you a 3-quart sauce pan and a 14-inch everyday fry pan. Simple to use – The pieces heat up fast and the nonstick surface means it is simple to use for newbies. Red color seems off – If you are buying the red tone, there are customers who complained that the shade is more of a brick color than bright red. Handles are small – For those with big hands, you might find the handles a little too small.
Whether the Emeril by All-Clad Hard Enamel Nonstick 13-piece cookware set is worth a buy really depends on your expectations. However, the price differentials among the various colors means you might end up paying a lot more for some shades.
If you cannot justify spending $500 or more on some pots and pans then, you can forget getting a All Clad set.
The universal splatter screen will fit the fry pans and the saute pan while the steamer insert will fit the 2.5-quart saucepan. The pieces have a tri-ply construction with an aluminum layer in between two stainless steel layers.
The set is dishwasher-safe and also suitable for induction cooktops, similar to their other model, the Emeril Chef’s Stainless Steel Cookware set. Price – The cookware is expensive but still affordable for those who want weightier and better quality pieces than the lower end products like T Fal. Quality – The construction of the pieces are sturdy and solid with a nice weight to them.
Handles stay cool – The sturdy handles for the pans stay cool during cooking which is a convenience. Made in China – Some people will find a problem with this because of the association with poorer quality.
Small size – It is not suitable for larger families with an absence of a 12-inchh skillet and larger stockpot. As for the Emeril Pro-Clad vs Cuisinart Multiclad Pro, the latter is slightly more expensive (about $30 more at the time of writing) but it has a bigger 8-quart stockpot. For those few stainless steel cookware mentioned above, personally, I would go for the Emeril set because I have a preference for glass lids. This remarkable set offers features usually reserved only for professional-grade cookware sets. When preparing meat dishes (those juicy beef cubes), I like being able to sear and brown the meat on top of the stove. I found the meat to be much more flavorful when I do this before placing the pan in the oven.
The nature of the tri-ply stainless steel used ensures that it will perform well on almost any kind of stove or cooktop.

Stainless steel is a healthy cookware material that allows cooks to prepare foods at a lower temperature with perfect results. The six-quart Dutch oven with a lid and universal splatter screen is perfect for preparing all types of culinary delights and works exceptionally well for jelly making. The tempered glass lids provide a clear view of the cooking food without having to remove them.
I learnt that when a steady temperature is maintained throughout the cooking process, the result is a more delightful dish. Many people are reluctant to clean high quality cookware in a dishwasher for the fear of destroying them. Cookware and bakeware are types of food preparation containers commonly found in the kitchen. Emeril John Lagasse (; born October 15, 1959) is an American celebrity chef, restaurateur, television personality, and cookbook author.
But Emeril has also gotten into this product line with its 13-piece Emeril by All-Clad Hard Enamel Nonstick cookware set.
The usual complaint from buyers when shopping for a cookware set is that the pieces are incomplete or are too small, even for a small family. Once you get scratches on the exterior, it will mar the appearance and leave you frustrated, especially if you bought it for its stylish looks. A few customers have raised this issue and be prepared with pot holders as the handles do get hot. We wouldn’t recommend paying $200 for this set because at this price, you might be better off with a hard anodized nonstick set like the Circulon Elite which is more durable. They retain heat well and cooking using the right temperature will be key to avoid burning food. Unfortunately, most cookware nowadays are made in China or some other developing countries.
In fact, it is debatable whether the additional benefit of using an All Clad piece would really justify the much higher price. But if I’m not fussy about about the lids, the Cooks Standard Multi-Ply would get my vote. Cooking without good cookware set is like going to the battlefield with substandard arsenal. It is fully clad with an aluminum core on the bottom and all the way up the sides of the pans. This benefit gives a cook the ability to switch from the stovetop immediately to the oven without a problem. This convenience saves time and makes cleanup easier as it eliminates having to wash another pan. Because the full clad aluminum core that provides even heating, I am able to prepare oatmeal, sauces or thick soups. This rim is designed to keep spills and drips to a minimum, which allows clean pouring into another pan or into jars.
The handles are securely fastened to the sides of the cookware and their wide design makes it easier to grasp them. This features helps prevent the loss of nutrients each time the lid is raised to check the progress of the food. I have so much fun with it and not sharing it with all of you will be an act of selfishness on my part.

By saying I love it doesn’t automatically justify it as the best stainless cookware set. Our credibility is extremely important to us, therefore we only endorse products we have personally purchased and used.
Cookware comprises cooking vessels, such as saucepans and frying pans, intended for use on a stove or range cooktop. The cheapest is the black at less than $150 and the most expensive being the green set at slightly above $200. The hard enamel exterior has different colors as mentioned above with a durable and glossy finish.
For instance, you can also get a 3-quart sauce pan with the¬†Rachael Ray Cucina¬†but you will be missing the large everyday pan and an 8-quart stock pot (the Cucina offers a 6-quart).So, the Emeril Hard Enamel Nonstick set seems to be the most complete out there with a better range of sizes. You can also put the pots and pans into the dishwasher if you don’t mind the color turning dull over time.
Utmost care is needed to maintain its gloss and color and yet, there is no guarantee the shine will last, especially the base which tends to scratch easily.
In fact, to some people this cookware is flimsy and cheap although if you compare it to Paula Deen and Rachael Ray’s cookware, the quality certainly matches those standards. Around $150 is more reasonable and closer to the prices of its competitors in this category.
In this Emeril Pro-Clad cookware review, let’s take a look if this cheaper alternative is a good option for your kitchen. The handle design is also different with the Emeril Pro-Clad’s handles being thicker at the grip edge.
The price is lower at the time of review for the same type of construction and similar positive reviews overall. The ergonomic handles are riveted to the pieces and have a tapered design and hanging hole at one end.
Probably not, unless you decide to upgrade to the 5-ply pieces with a copper core but then those would be in a totally different league altogether. The fragrance coming out of my pot of Irish beef stew serves as a magnet that pulls everyone to the dining table. You can also put the pieces into the dishwasher although hand-washing is best to maintain their shine. Learn More Your Country United States Canada Mexico United Kingdom Australia Spain Hong Kong Taiwan Singapore eGifts Trends Shopping Advisor Gift Registry My Account Sign Out Sign In Enter search term Search All Departments Auto Baby Beauty Business Cameras Clothes Collectibles Computers Crafts Electronics Food and Drink Garden Health & Nutrition Home Store Jewelry Party Supplies Pet Supplies Posters Shoes Software Sports Fan Shop Sports and Fitness Tools Toys Travel Video Games Clothes Shoes Beauty Home Electronics Health & Nutrition Kids Stores Travel Groceries Shopping Essentials Deals Emeril from All-Clad 12-pc. Chef's Stainless Cookware Set Write a Review Roll over image to zoom Emeril from All-Clad 12-pc. All other designated trademarks, copyrights, and brands are the property of their respective owners. Close Close United States Canada Mexico United Kingdom Spain Australia Hong Kong Taiwan Singapore Visit our global site Close Get $5 FREE Cashback* with your first order!

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