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27.12.2013 admin
I love being a mama to my little princess and creating magical spaces for her to let her imagination flow. Today I will share details of everything you have ever wanted to know about Esra's play kitchen. The first thing I did to the kitchen was paint nearly every surface white apart from the worktop and under part of the top shelf. I painted the outside and inside of the oven door with black chalkboard paint so that Esra can draw whatever she is cooking or use it like a menu which has been pretty useful, and I also write messages for her to see when she wakes up which is pretty cute. I also placed the rustic shelf upside down to create a more earthy feel which adds to the charm.
Plastic Cupcakes from Poundland - Also the shaker pictured with pink pom poms and pink beads is from pound land too but I did a DIY on it obviously and glued it shut.
We love playing shops with THIS Hape cash register which I didn't photograph but I'm sure you have seen it on my IG feed. The Peter rabbit tin houses all of the chalks for the chalkboard and was fro TK Maxx, I think there was tea in it before.
All of the crochet bits were made by me or my mum which add that extra homely feel which I love. I also hung a wicker basket to go shopping with which I got for 99p from a charity shop but I added the wooden buttons and fastening of course.
The pink tray is a melamine plate from Rice which I also got from Igloo toy shop and the pink pot is a ceramic one I picked up recently from Poundland, they also have a mint version too which we also have.
Wow that was a long post and I hope I covered everything, moral of the post, hack away and don't be afraid to update things to suit your taste.
I hope I have given you some ideas and inspired you to think outside the box and of course helped you with a wish list for Xmas too.
In the past I attempted to make a DIY play kitchen from 2 side cabinets which was actually successful but it didn't quite cut it, so when we moved we purchased the Ikea 'Duktig' kitchen for Esra which I obviously hacked.

The wicker basket under the kitchen holds lego Duplo and the legs on the kitchen are adjustable if you flip the grey bits over so you can use it from very young. We have some from Ikea, some wooden ones from Mothercare and some felt food I made including the eggs, salad, cupcakes and ice cream. I have included as many links as possible to help you with your search, none of which are affiliate links btw. However usually I have to pick up everything and put into places after her :) she is only 20months now so I am hoping she will learn some storage and organisation skills until she will be 3 :DBy the way, she loves to take the sink out and sit in there!!! I feel so much better when I wear it, it instantly makes me happy whilst either mimicking a tan or sculpting my face. It's currently on sale for £49 so look no further if you are looking for Xmas gifts for toddlers. I changed the handles with white ones from Ikea's kitchen section as I wasn't too keen on the plastic grey ones. Yes my child at 3 is already an organisational freak and knows that everything has a place. I also covered the microwave door with a scrap of fabric then finally settled on this 'Belle & Boo' gift wrap which suits the feel of the kitchen more, we don't use it as a microwave but more for storage. A play kitchen is a magical thing for a toddler and this Ikea one is definitely budget friendly and is beautiful and sturdy once hacked of course.
The first thing Esra does when she has a play date is cook up a storm even with older kids, thankfully it is something that your child will grow with so it's worth investing in some key pretend play toys to last for years to come. The good thing is there is always space for new ideas with a play kitchen, the next thing on our list is crochet donuts that I will one day eventually make.

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