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Ecolution™, around since 2008, is an affordable, environmentally responsible line of nonstick cookware. 2 – If you can’t think of any use for your old cookware around the house, then consider donating it to a charity.
3 – Find a recycling center that will allow you to drop off scrap metal in your community.
The nonstick pan collection is made from pure aluminum for even heat conductivity throughout the surface of the pan.
2 – Pure aluminum insures a light weight, easy to handle pan with responsive, consistent heating.
Nonstick cookware by Ecolution employs Hydrolon a new WATER BASED application system, marketed exclusively by Ecolution. Unlike PFOA based nonstick, Hydrolon uses a water based application system so it evaporates during the heating stage of adhesion of the nonstick.
The coating has been thoroughly tested, and performs as well as old PFOA type formulations. The aluminum pan feels light and based on the cast aluminum nonstick pans I use, felt wimpy.
The handle is attached to the exterior with screws which allows the handle to be tightened should it become loose. Being pure aluminum, with no special bottom disk, it can NOT be used on an induction cooktop.
The Ecolution line I used is called Artistry, but I think at one time it was the only line. Each line will contain different component pieces, but Artistry is the line I see most often in shops and retail outlets. It took me a while to warm up to the Ecolution nonstick pan, but over time I found myself reaching for it more and more.
I can’t speak for the other Ecolution cookware lines, but I can say that I do like the Artistry line very much. All links in this post are associated with affiliate partners who pay a commission to this site if you purchase products from them.

I have the same 11-inch skillet pan with the green pattern on the bottom pictured in this article which I purchased at Macy’s.
I like so many thing about the company, but they are a bear to contact with no telephone number and only a web form for additional contact. I did some research and found that Ecolution is now under another housewares company, Epoca, headquartered in Florida. If you don’t get satisfaction that way, you could try some social media shaming, a favorite tactic of mine when companies frustrate me. I always order top of the line cook ware seeing i am a chef so I was kind of iffy on these at first. The company uses Hydrolon, an ecologically advanced water based non-stick coating, made without PFOA, which is safer for humans and the planet.
Aluminum is the second most conductive metal, after copper, which means it responds quickly to heat adjustments. When the nonstick is applied to the metal, the application solvent that evaporates is simply water, greatly reducing emissions. I have to admit that my initial impression of the pan was that it would not work as well as other nonstick pans I own and use. The Ecolution nonstick cookware, like any nonstick pan, needs to be heated to a proper temperature before putting food inside it. The Ecolution pan responded to the most subtle changes in heat so that I could control browning and cooking.
I like the way this pan comes to temperature quickly, responds to even subtle heat adjustments, steadily holds heat, cooks evenly and with great consistency and ultimately how the nonstick surface was perfectly…nonstick. It is available at Bed, Bath and Beyond, online and in a variety of retail locations, such as houseware specific stores and Ace Hardware shops.
At a party I asked an internist this question, they stated it would pass right through our system like everything else.
I am a 26 yr old female still learning how to cook and these pans take so much stress out of cooking.
Their pledge to be a more ecologically responsible company goes beyond the avoidance of PFOA nonstick surface as the company philosophy considers every aspect of the manufacturing process.

All coats use water to apply the nonstick in place of PFOA (pertluorooctanoic acid), a solvent that was once required in order to manufacture heat and chemical resistant materials applied to cookware. According to the company, this non-toxic coating is a safer solution for healthy and eco-friendly cooking. Testing makes sure that the nonstick release and abrasion resistance meets a high standard and includes Abrasion Test, Contact Angle, Release, Value Boil Test, and Thickness Evaluation. I normally use cast and forged aluminum pans, love the way those work and find myself skeptical of more basic nonstick pans. The only problem, if you can call it that, is if you have a range or cooktop with cast metal cooking grates and you shake the pan back and forth, as I am wont to do, some of the bottom coating may scratch off. If someone were susceptible to developing intestinal polyps then there is a very small chance that one could form, but they reiterated it is unlikely any harm would come of ingesting small amounts one time. The oil beads and leaves most of the surface uncovered, which means the albumin sticks to the surface. It boasts Armor Shield nonstick coating so you can saute steaks and squash or simmer soups and sauces without worrying about anything sticking to the pan. The PFOA is burned off during the firing and finishing process; it takes a very long time to breakdown in the environment and is known to make workers sick.
Typically to help with release in nonstick pans, I tend to put oil or fat on a paper towel and rub it into the pan surface, but with the Ecolution pans I found this to be completely unnecessary. Food cooked at this high temperature will tend to over cook on the outside before the inside reaches the proper safe temperature and the high temperature can shorten the life of the pan. If you are not comfortable knowing when a pan is at temperature, this can be easily done with an infrared probe. The light weight of pure aluminum, what is known as spun aluminum, so named because of the motion used to shaped the aluminum disk into the pan shape. I have for so long associated spun aluminum pans with cheap, lower performing pans, but the simple aluminum construction does allow the manufacturer to sell a more affordable product.

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