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OPEN FIRE COOKING A quick and easy way to prepare an instant meal is the old stand by "hot dogs on a stick". CAST IRON COOKWARE If you have room and plan on staying in one location for an extended time, nothing beats cast iron cookware in your Camping Kitchen for flavor, versatility and durability. CAMPFIRE GRILLING Grills are simple to use and they tend to make the food pick up flavors from the smoke. BUTANE OR PROPANE CAMPING STOVES PORTABLE STOVES are widely used in areas where fuel such as wood is scarce or there is a significant fire or environmental hazard to building a campfire. What is a CAMP DUTCH OVEN: A very versatile cast iron (or aluminum) kettle used over a campfire, or on charcoal.
You can buy them nearly everywhere, like Cabela's, Wal-Mart, sporting good stores or search online. Not sure how Jolly cures his but I cure mine by coating both inside and out with a light coating of cooking oil and bake in the oven at 350 for about 30 min. You can also season over the fire as well but only the inside, and make sure after washing to apply a light coat of oil to prevent rust inside and out.
I wash mine with soapy water but don't use a rough scrub pad as it will take off the soaked in oil. There are many individuals that are looking for tips to help them get started with some easy dutch oven recipes. Camping Food ideas, dutch oven recipes, cooking without utensils, and hundreds of food ideas for base camp meals and trail food.

A huge collection of Dutch oven recipes, campfire recipes and hints and tips for Dutch oven and campfire cooking.
Be extra careful that you dona€™t spill the ashes from the top of the oven when you are checking to see if the cake is done. Adjacent to the mill is an 1895 cheese factory that has been converted to an antique store. Visit Charlie's General Store in the Apacheland Barn for a cool drink and other refreshments!
Next to getting a good night's rest, keeping your camper's tummies full is probably the most important aspect of the successful camping trip.
No matter how spectacular the scenery, meals around the campfire are often the highlight of the camper's day. Modern camp stoves and specialized cookware make the cook's job easier, but nothing beats the taste and appeal of a meal cooked over the campfire.
Such devices usually use a liquid fuel (usually a petroleum derivative or some kind of alcohol), but gaseous fuels like propane and solid fuels such as wood shavings and hexamine are also used depending on the stove design. I use chimney's to start the coals, and have lid holders, lifters, gloves, cookbooks and such. Contains a collection of Dutch oven recipes, recipe abbreviations and measures, and useful recipe substitutions. Each recipe has an ingredient listing, preparation instructions and a printer-friendly version.
Where Mark, another dutch oven dude, shares his obsession with outdoor Dutch Oven cooking.

A Seeing the art and love that goes into this style of cooking has us as big fans and we love to share the experience of Dutch Oven Cooking so it continues to live.
There is nothing worse than having to dig out ashes from the top of a steaming peach cobbler. If the food is simply placed on the grill, it may catch fire so it requires constant attention. You can treat your family to stews, roasts, side dishes and a wide array of desserts while camping once you master Dutch oven cooking.
Handleheld grills that clamp over the food may be used for various tasks like warming food, grilling burgers or sausages or making toast. If something was left, could you correct, Thank You.Jan 01, 2016 - DaleGreat recipes and good information.
If you need to knock off some rust from the insde and it's too tough for a brillo pad, use a wire wheel attached to a power drill. Haven't found a bad one yet.Feb 24, 2016 - RichLearned dutch oven cooking as a boy from a scout leader years ago.

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