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Der moderne Wok von Demeyere wurde au?erdem auch entworfen, um den Nachteilen der anderen Materialien zu entgehen und doch allen Anspruchen optimal zu genugen, die an einen idealen Wok gestellt werden . Pour beaucoup de cuisiniers professionnels et amateurs, cuisiner represente bien davantage que la simple preparation d'un repas.
For my foreign readers the name Demeyere  might not sound familiar, so let me give you a short (or at least I’ll try to keep it short) introduction. I’m always so proud when a small Belgian (Antwerp) company grows out to a company exporting its “Made In Belgium” products all over the world!! Anyhow, good thing they had Roger Van Damme (Het Gebaar) there to sweeten our factory visit with some heavenly desserts!
Les series polies mats de Demeyere (Atlantis, Apollo, Industry et Athena) sont dotees de Silvinox, un systeme unique de traitement electrochimique des surfaces qui a ete developpe dans le laboratoire de Demeyere il y a une trentaine d'annees. Apres avoir ete expose a l'air pollue, a certains fruits comme les abricots, apres utilisation de detergents dans le lave-vaisselle ou apres une surchauffe, l'acier inoxydable se decolore et devient gris ou terne ou jaune. Silvinox, traitement unique au monde, enrichit le materiau en eliminant le fer et les impuretes de la surface et garantit que le produit reste d'un blanc argente, meme apres des annees d'utilisation. Demeyere of Belgium, founded in 1908, has specialized in the production of high quality stainless steel cookware for the professional chef and domestic cook. The Demeyere cookware has been developed together with culinary experts who demand quality without compromises. Demeyere applies advanced and appropriate technology, as well as genuine craftsmanship know-how to overcome the challenges of the most demanding and specific cooking requirements.
Sorry, but the Demeyere Apollo collection and the Demeyere Sirocco collection are no longer available in the United States. U neemt de autosnelweg Antwerpen – Hasselt E313, uitrit 21 Herentals Industrie, sectie Klein Gent.

Sicher ist sie die alteste Kuche, eine umfassende und raffinierte Kuche mit einer mehr als 3000-jahrigen Tradition.
C'est l'amour et la passion qui peuvent conduire aux combinaisons les plus exquises de saveurs, d'aromes et de couleurs.
Demeyere  is company making high quality cookware since 1908 and makes 98% of its products in Belgium or better in Antwerp (I bet now all know where I’m from?? ). I know it might sound like a sales talk (and no, I’m not getting a discount from them by saying this)but when you buy  Demeyere  you buy it for life!! Demeyere is the only cookware in the world that uses so many different technologies for different products and different cooking methods. Die Vorbereitung der Nahrungsmittel spielt eine wichtige Rolle und das Garen selbst geschieht sehr schnell und mit wenig Flussigkeit.
Not only was I fortunate to be surrounded by a group of lovely ladies like Ruth Sas (Niente di particolare), Kim Recour (Cookanista) and Caroline Dhont (Avocado van de duivel).
Meistens wird er aus Stahl, Aluminium Gusseisen oder Gussaluminium gemacht (mit oder ohne Anti-Haftschicht), manchmal auch aus Edelstahl.
Exactement comme pour un peintre, les idees creatives ne peuvent etre realisees qu'a l'aide du materiel approprie. In 1980 they moved to their current location Herentals as they needed more space to be able to perfect their production process and expand the production itself (FYI, still in Antwerp Area). Yes 30, one has to be very sure of their product before giving that much guaranty… It still stays a big investment but it will last much longer than when buying ragular cookware. Demeyere cookware bought today, will meet the needs of the professional gourmet kitchen in the future. The exclusive silvery-white Silvinox® surface treatment keeps the finish looking new for a lifetime.

Das schnelle Umdrehen und Schwenken der Zutaten in wenig Ol in einem sehr hei?en Gefa? nennt man auf Englisch "stir-frying" und auf Chinesisch die "Chao"- oder "Chow"-Methode. Mit allen genannten Materialien werden gute Resultate erzielt, aber sie weisen alle auch ein oder mehrere Nachteile auf. Apollo offre un programme tres etendu de produits developpes pour creer des chefs-d'?uvre culinaires. This is so special as they don’t have that many visit opportunities so this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Today their Herentals factory is around 30 000m?, so I don’t have to explain the progress they made over the years and they keep investing in the future of the company.  Demeyere  was also the second company in the world to start making cookware in stainless steel and a thermal base.
Diese Methode kommt bei der Zubereitung von Gemuse, Fleisch, Geflugel und Fisch zum Einsatz. Une large gamme de produits specialises comme des sauteuses coniques, des sauteuses, des poeles a frire speciales, des cuits-vapeurs, des cocottes, des mijoteuses et un large choix de woks permet aux cuisiniers exigeants de retrouver leurs ustensiles preferes. FYI, the Young series by Demeyere is the affordable option in case you are just moving out of your parents’ house. Le design pratique et les technologies utilisees sont en outre adaptes aux preparations faites habituellement dans ce produit. Currently the company is lead by Christophe Demeyere who is the 4th generation and took over the leading position from his father in 2008.

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