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This Woll Diamond Plus Non-Stick Square Grill Pan is designed with deep and wide ridges that prevent food from contacting grease and fats below for healthier cooking, while still leaving distinctive searing marks. Robotic and computerized application also helps cookware resist blister, bubbles or peeling. Auto-iQ Technology features intelligent programs that combine unique, timed pulsing, blending and pausing patterns that do the work for you! The diamond crystal nano-particles that makes up the non-stick surface are what set the Diamond Plus cookware line from Woll a part from the competition.

The digital countdown timer displays how much time is remaining on the selected Auto-iQ program, or counts up to track blending time when using the two manual speeds. The Rachel Bellera€™s Healthy Living & Recipe Book, Eat to Lose, Eat to Win with over 200 pages of healthy tips, tricks and recipes also included.
Each preprogrammed settings is designed to do the work for you and deliver consistent and delicious drinks with maximum nutrient and vitamin extractiona€”all at the touch of a button! Combined with Nutri Ninja Pro Extractor Blades, Auto-iQ breaks down whole fruits, vegetables, ice and seeds for maximum nutrient & vitamin extraction.

Small, Regular, and Jumbo Multi-Serve Nutri Ninja Cups with Sip & Seal Lids allow you to make nutrient-rich Super Juices to take on-the-go!

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