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Though Bombay Bistro and Dancing Ganesha are still going strong, when upscale Indian restaurant OM closed in early 2011, downtown area diners lost a high-end eat-in spot.
After years of working in many different positions in the restaurant industry, Yeruva has done his research on what works and doesn't work in terms of fine-dining establishments in the Twin Cities.
Expect familiar kormas, peshawaris, masalas, and aloo gobi, as well as some exotic preparations that make good use of seafood, like an appetizer of blue crab cooked in curried coconut milk. The Copper Pot boasts a full bar and an extensive beer and wine list, which may mean there's opportunity for happy hour specials in the near future. By serving proteins that are seldom used at typical Indian restaurants, providing thorough and attentive (if a little disorganized) service, and offering a decent selection of top-shelf tipples from their full bar, Copper Pot Indian Grill brings a fine-dining finish to primarily south and central Indian fare in downtown Minneapolis. There's a scene in an episode of Girls in which Hannah, the protagonist, makes a speech to her two besties about the individual qualities that make them each so amazing. Are you missing your hot, tropical nights among the famous food hawker stands of Kuala Lumpur? In a world where people can visit Osama Bin Laden-themed bars and penis-themed restaurants, the latest addition to California’s San Gabriel Valley is relatively tame. While owner Jessica Zhang notes that “sometimes people get a bit offended,” that isn’t stopping the servers from wearing Red Guard military uniforms featuring both the hat with the star and the red armbands.
Zhang reveals that she decided to open the restaurant because “Commie-themed eateries” are currently in vogue in Northern China, where she is from. Private Party Restaurant isn’t the first controversial themed restaurant to set up shop in the San Gabriel Valley either.

New arts foundation to take over Mar-Vel Marble site (17) Art Start Northwest now has a facebook page for ongoing announcements and to hear your feedback and ideas. Lynnwood's Pivec co-champion in national 3-point shooting contest (1) Way to go Mikayla!!! Edmonds Booktalk: No shortage of reads about Sherlock Holmes (1) This is the fourteen Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes mystery, not the tenth. Bird Lore: Tree Swallow (3) Does Pilchuck keep records of the appearances of various birds?
Copper Pot Indian Grill, now open in the Lumber Exchange building at Fifth and Hennepin, is trying to fill that void. He hopes his concept of using super-fresh spices and ingredients, tailoring traditional Indian dishes (focusing on the cuisine of the central region) to local tastes, changing the menu every four to six months, and serving it all in a highly polished setting will help set his eatery apart from the others that have tried and failed in this neighborhood. The price range for dishes looks like it runs a little above average for comparable restaurants in the area, with appetizers at $9 to $14 and entrees going from $15 to $28.
They're open for lunch and dinner service and offer a $10 per person buffet that can also be sold as a takeaway meal.
Paul dining includes food news and reviews, as well as dining events and interviews with chefs and restaurant owners. The location in the Lumber Exchange building leaves something to be desired, but within these walls are bold, well-balanced dishes and lovely visual presentations. Even the plain black shoes “are a flashback to the era of Mao.” Even the cooking method harkens back to the Communist era.

However, the Chinese text writes LA Weekly’s Clarissa Wei isn’t quite what you would expect. The area is also home to Uncle Yu’s Indian Restaurant which features waitresses decked out in Native American-inspired clothing serving up Taiwanese street food. To encourage constructive community dialogue, all commenters must use their real names, first and last.
To start or share, try the luxurious Malabar blue crab cooked with coconut milk and curry leaves, or go more game-day with the perfectly charred and slightly tangy Tangri chicken wings. With suggestions for every day of the week, our recommendations will keep you busy on any budget. Interesting that the Tree Swallow courtship is simply the male showing the female different nesting sites.
Vegetarian mains are all safe bets, but if you’re eating meat, order the Dum Puck, a comforting dish of lamb tenderloin cooked in a saffron-cardamom cream sauce, or the standout Tellicherry duck cooked in a tandoori oven. It’s nice to see that desserts are all house made, but the selections that are meant to cater to American tastes, like the cheesecake and ice creams, really miss the mark. Stick to the traditional kheer or syrupy fried milk balls if you want something sweet to finish a spicy meal.

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