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When Judith and Nick Gifford moved from the UK to France in 1991 with three young children, they gave up their successful careers in TV and film to have a better quality of life and seek new challenges and experiences, little did they know that they would become expert artisan jam makers. Judith says that she and Nick had always intended to carry on working, Nick as a camera man and Judith in TV production but things just didn’t work out that way.
Nick’s mother sent books and newspapers to keep Judith amused and at night, when the kids had gone to bed,  she read them from cover to cover sitting in front of the big wood fire. The Mayors encouraged Judith to make more marmalade and to join a group of artisan producers in the area, producers of honey, cheese and sausage makers. Just four years later Nick and Judith set up a company called Tea Together, specialising in jam and marmalade made with only the finest seasonal and organic products made to authentic, artisan traditions.
Judith tells how a friend sent a pile of English newspapers for her to read and in one of them there was a feature on the top ten hotels in the world.
Tea Together now supply top hotels and restaurants around the world from The Dorchester and Claridges in London, to Geneva’s La Reserve, Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles and top chef Alain Ducasse in Paris. The buyers for these creme de la creme eateries and hotels love the fact that these sensational jams are seasonal, original and utterly delicious. From an almost accidental start the business has grown, now managed by the couples son Eli and employing local people and continues to thrive. Gastronomy is an essential component of French culture, history and society, so much so that it was declared an “intangible cultural heritage” by UNESCO in 2010. Le Channel is a bit of a legend in Calais – it’s a family run restaurant that has a reputation for serving consistently delicious food since it opened its doors in 1978. Discover the mouth-watering markets, captivating cuisine and wonderful wines of Provence with the help of a local expert.
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Homer’s Odyssey in 13 Easy Steps If it’s been a while since you’ve read the Greek classics (or if you just never got around to it) no worries! Similar to a frying pan, however sauté pans have straight sides that tend to be higher than a skillet. With gentle sloping sides, these versatile pots will allow greater evaporation than found in our straight-sided casseroles. The film and TV industry were going through swift changes and being away from the centre of action proved difficult so they needed to find a new way to earn an income. Judith spent a bitterly cold winter in France at the family’s beautiful old farm house in the village of St Remy au Bois near Montreuil-sur-Mer. She thought it was quite nice when she’d finished and took some to the town hall in the village, she thought it wouldn’t do any harm to schmooze the town’s Mayor.
Monsieur Ducasse was also influential in helping to launch the couple’s success,  he heard of them through his scouts and telephoned them personally to talk jam. Chefs often think up their own recipes and send them to Judith to create a bespoke product. Judith and Nick also run a gorgeous little tea room at their farmhouse, open weekends in the summer months from 14.00 for a fabulous cream tea and during the week by request. I’m compelled to begin this post with a shout out to the movie Chocolat, starring Juliette Binoche, Judi Dench, and …swoon … Johnny Depp. Lay a red and white check tablecloth, a few flowers in a small vase or glass jar (moderation in flowers is very French), chill a bottle of white, pop a bottle of Champagne, let the red wine breathe.
These days it is connected to the mainland by a bridge but back in 1979 you got there by catching a ferry from La Pallice.
It’s, perched on a hill so high that when a King and a Prince visited in 1828, they had to get out of their carriage and help push it to the top! We took a sharp detour west and for two delightful weeks we visited the Pays Basque, tucked in the southwest corner of France. Generally used for browning and braising meat these pans are also excellent for cooking down large quantities of vegetables and shallow frying.

The rough-hewn handle provides a superior grip and makes each piece as unique as the chef who owns it. The paella (oval) pan has dual reinforced custom made copper handles, making it possible to easily carry the fully filled pan! If you have any questions about our products, you don't see what you're looking for, or you would like our coppersmiths to design something special, please do not hesitate to contact us!
Falk copper stew pots are also excellent for browning meats on the stove top and then finishing dishes in the oven. Located in the heart of this rural area of outstanding natural beauty, Judith was overseeing the renovations to the house while Nick was away.
He loved it and shared some with a Mayor from another village who was also impressed by the unusual taste,  marmalade is not well-known in France.
Their higher walls minimize splattering while also making the vessel easily accessible with tongs. They make great table presentation pieces as well with their beautiful brushed copper finish.
The biggest lesson was realising that even though her local Mayor loved it, marmalade being virtually unknown in France simply didn’t sell well, but French customers adore jam.
It was the fabulously hip and trendy Hotel Costes in Paris, one of the hotels Judith had sent jam to. Their brushed copper finish combined with Falk's bimetal technology create the ultimate marriage of beauty, practicality and thermal efficiency. Judith spent long hours in the kitchen trying recipes over and over again, perfecting her methods, techniques and fruit combinations. Making jams and marmalades became an obsession and her expertise grew, she tweaked, refined, amended and mixed until her creations tasted sensational.

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