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We take pride in serving premium quality indian utensils, organic holi colors and different holi colors online. We specialise in rare Indian spices and also indian grocery and daily use indian groceries and spices. Take your time to explore the taste of Indian products online at our store with faster shopping experience and easy checkout. You ridiculously perceptive girls have called me out for dying my hair since the first photo and video was uploaded! I know I've been promising to do a post and video talking about my new(ish) ombre dye job so here it is.
So if you haven't already figured it out, ombre hair is supposed to have a gradient effect going from dark on top to light at the tips. It's funny because when I decided to get mine done I really hadn't seen it much on black-haired ladies but my sister-in-law was the one who showed me this pic of Camilla as reference and it was exactly what I had in mind!

In terms of color, I really love the natural beigey-undertoned medium brown shade it turned to and I am still considering lightening the ends a touch more to enhance the "gradient" effect.
These past couple months I've just been living with it and seeing how I like it, and so far, I really love how the brown color has brightened up my whole look. People seemed to be very polarized on Youtube comments about liking or not liking the look but I definitely do love it and I (and all of my friends) swear it does look quite natural in person.
At the end of the day, we should do what makes us happy despite what is trendy or what others think so I am content with my new hair for the time being.
Traditionally, water with flour mixed as paste is used to seal the haandi lid and is placed on an open fire (gas) or in hot charcoals. Since I'm very low-maintenance with my haircare, I didn't want to have a dye job that would be difficult to keep up with.

I do love how all-over color looks but I just don't think I could keep doing it so ombre was a good option for me.
Biryani's and Pilafs as well as meat dishes of different kinds are generally prepared and served in Haandis. If you want a bigger Handi, do let us know and we will provide it to you at the most reasonable rates.

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