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The Cuisinart 66 17 Nonstick Hard Anodized 17 Piece cookware set has all the necessary cooking pieces for most home cook needs. 17 piece set including 1, 1 ?, 3 qt saucepan, 8 and 10 inch skillet, 4 qt saute pan, 9 qt stockpot with steamer and pasta inserts, and lids.
The Cuisinart MCP 12N MultiClad Stainless 12 Piece cookware set is a professional grade cookware set made with the home cook in mind.
The Cuisinart MCP 12N MultiClad Stainless 12 Piece set comes with a 1 ? and 3 quart saucepan, an 8 and 10 inch skillet, a 3 ? quart saute pan, an 8 quart stockpot with a steamer inset, and matching lids. The Emeril All Clad E871SC64 Anodized Resistant cookware was designed by Chef Emeril Lagasse to provide a lifetime of use for home cooks. This Emeril All Clad E871SC64 Anodized Resistant 12 piece set includes a 1 and 3 quart saucepan, 8 and 10 inch fry pans, a 3 quart casserole pan, 3 quart saute pan, and a 6 quart stock pot with a 3 quart steamer insert. 12 piece 1 and 3 qt pots, 8 and 10 in fry pans, 3 qt casserole and 3 qt saute pan, 6 qt stock pot with steamer insert, plus lids.
Looking for the best cookware for your kitchen may be a confusing experience given that there are a lot of options to choose from. Cookware comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, from the most commonly used like a skillet to something more specific like a shaped fish poacher.
When you have already gathered the basic items, you can expand your collection to include other items that are in line with your cooking style.
The type of cookware material is one of the factors that make it effective for a specific task. Stainless steel cookware is non-porous, non-reactive, durable, and resistant to pitting, rust, and corrosion.
Copper cookware are great at conducting and distributing heat, but the problem is, it can get dented or tarnished easily.
Aluminum cookware is a good heat conductor and is quite sensitive to changes in temperature.
Knowing how to care for your cookware is also as important as knowing how to select and purchase the right one for you. Choose a burner that is just the same size or slightly smaller than the base of your cookware. If there are stubborn food residues in your pan, make sure to soak it first before scrubbing away. These are just general guidelines that will help you in selecting and purchasing your cookware. Knowing the shapes and specific properties of cookware materials will help you determine the best pieces to choose based on what you currently like to cook. StoneDine cookware is a pot and pan product line that specializes in stone-coated pots and pans for more efficient, healthy cooking. For as long as I can remember, my mother has refused to cook food on any pan that isn’t cast iron or stoneware because of their ability to healthily cook food.
I heard about StoneDine cookware from a friend who, to be polite, has little to no cooking skills, but swore by them anyway, saying that they make her a good cook. The secret behind StoneDine’s even heating is thousands of micro-particles of stone that coat the surface of the pan, ensuring it conducts heat the same way a solid stone pot would.
The even heat also reduces cooking time in comparison to standard aluminum and stainless steel pots. The stone covering also helps facilitate a completely non-stick surface, so you can reduce the amount of oil and fats you typically use to cook your food. The surface of StoneDine pots and pans is scratch resistant, meaning that you won’t obtain scratches or worry about pieces of coating coming off and ending up in your food (a problem that many Teflon pots and pans face), even when your pan is hot. These pots require moderate maintenance anyway, and it’s all due to their non-stick surface. However, like many conventional cast iron and stone ware pots, these pans do require seasoning between uses – a simple process that doesn’t require much in the ways of time or effort. The 8-piece StoneDine pots and pans set includes 1 cooking pot, 1 sauce pan, 1 stew pot, 1 frying pan, 1 roasting pan and comes with three glass lids to fit the pots. Available from major retailers nationwide, KitchenAid was founded in 1919 with its iconic and beloved Stand Mixer. Partner with ConsumerAffairs for Brands If your company has a page on our site, we invite you to sign up for a Starter Account today to respond to your customers directly. The information on this Web site is general in nature and is not intended as a substitute for competent legal advice.
Lori of Ramsey, MN on March 10, 2016Satisfaction RatingI purchased a Paula Deen 11 piece cookware (Copper color) in November of 2015.
As part of the Paula Deen empire, Paula Deen Cookware is sold online and in major retailers. This Circulon Symmetry skillet set combines high technology performance with an This cookware is dishwasher safe. Dishwasher Safe Cookware – 611 results like Calphalon Unison Slide and Sear Nonstick 3 Ten Strawberry S (3) Thermador (3) Trudeau (3) WMF (3) Circulon (2) Compac Industrie (2) Circulon Cookware, Best Prices, Free Shipping No Tax!
Best Answer: Circulon Contempo features the TOTAL® Food Release System for extraordinary food release and exceptional durability. This professional cookware set includes a 1, 1 ?, and 3 quart saucepans with lids, an 8 and 10 in frying skillet with lid, 4 quart saute pan and 9 quart stock pot. The updated handle design stays cool during the cooking process and is riveted for strength. The Anodized cookware is both non-stick and scratch resistant for long term use and easy clean up. There are various brands, materials, and even shapes that it might be difficult to figure out where to start.
Get yourself acquainted with the various cookware shapes and from there, you can choose which items you’ll need. You don’t have to purchase all of them at once, but you should at least get the ones that you really need at the moment.
However, its heat conducting properties are not very impressive so it is often made with other more conductive metals such as aluminum and copper. Because of this, it takes a while before it fully heats up but it does a good job in distributing and maintaining heat. It is a common cookware piece among professional chefs due to its outstanding heat conduction properties. After all, even if you make the right decision in buying your cookware, it will not last long if you are unable to care for it properly. Too much heat can cause your food to burn and can also damage your cookware especially if they are made with non-stick surfaces. A larger burner not only wastes heat and energy but can also burn the sides and handles of your cookware. Avoid using abrasives or steel wool, as well as scouring pads that could damage your cookware. You can easily ask the salesperson or read about your cookware through the product information sheet. Of course, the final choice will also depend primarily on your personal requirements and preferences. You will need to set a budget for yourself so that you do not go overboard and also so that you get the best value for your money.
You do not want to slave away scrubbing your pots and pans and shining them after enjoy your hearty meal. Take a moment to consider the aforementioned factors so that it will be easier to pick the items you’re going to purchase.
The products feature unique magnetic technology and micro particles of stone to create a pan that evenly maintains heat. She gave me a stoneware pot in my favorite color as a housewarming gift for my first apartment, which I instantly fell in love with. Knowing that it would take a miracle of sorts for her to be a good cook, I did check the pots out, and while they’re certainly not performing miracles, they do give you a run for the money.
The pots and pans have a unique stainless steel and magnetic bottom that circulates heat around the bottom of the pot, allowing it to evenly migrate upwards, cooking by induction and letting the pot maintain even heat as you cook. Instead of spending time rotating, shifting, and turning pieces of food, you can cook more efficiently knowing that the heat is doing its job and cooking your food thoroughly.
As a result, you’ll end up with healthier food (less fat = healthier cooking), plus you’ll be able to truly taste your foods, because they won’t be drenched in unhealthy fats. Of course, like with any proper cookware, proper care and usage will prolong the life of these pots.
Even if you’re melting cheese directly in the pot, these pans wipe clean with a damp sponge or paper towel (to prolong the life, do not place pots or pans in the dishwasher); no need to turn to scouring pads.
25, 2016Satisfaction RatingI have used my Emeril cookware for at least 10 years and have had no complaints until yesterday.
4, 2016Satisfaction RatingI bought Emeril Cookware 3 years ago thinking it should be a great product since he has a great cooking show, well I was quite fooled.
The pans feature unique The Circulon 10 piece cookware set is not dishwasher safe, so bear that in mind if you have a busy kitchen. It might actually be tempting to purchase seven or ten-piece sets because it sounds like a good enough deal, but don’t go for it unless you’re certain that you will use each of the items on a regular basis. They are excellent choices for deep frying or for cooking dishes that require longer cooking time such as stews and braises. While aluminum cookware is often durable and lightweight, it can have strong reactions with acidic or alkaline foods. In considering the right cookware to buy, here are some of the factors that you should also look into.
Also keep in mind that you may need to buy more than one cookware so take that into consideration when setting your budget. Make sure that the cookware you buy is one that will last long and one that will maintain its appearance and properties for years to come. The downside to this was that cast iron pots and pans are ridiculously heavy, and the stove top is ceramic.
Like traditional stoneware and cast iron, StoneDine pots evenly distribute heat throughout the entire dish so that there’s no loss of heat, hot spots, or cold spots during the cooking process, so you get an evenly cooked meal every time.
Keep in mind that these pots are coated, not solid, and if given enough abuse, will eventually tarnish.
In the event that something (like melted sugar) sticks to the pot, do not scrub vigorously.
This will lower the pans susceptibility to rust and other damage, and also ensure that the pans don’t become porous over time and stick to foods. But now, let me tell you what happened after I used them.The covers are not fitting tightly when cooking. The contents of this site may not be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission. A good set of cookware can last a Calphalon's website claims that the cookware is dishwasher safe and oven-proof. Circulon pans are a technologically advanced band that are induction cooking safe and dishwasher safe. This isn’t unusual in nonstick cookware, and the nonstick Uniquely dishwasher safe with a superior nonstick exterior for easy cleaning Circulon 's TOTAL nonstick system outlasts all nonsticks – guaranteed! This brand is the first hard-anodized cookware that features Cleaning, Care and Cooking with Circulon Infinite Dishwasher: Yes, these are dishwasher safe.
The Cuisinart 66 17 also comes with cool grip handles that are permanently riveted to the cookware. It’s brushed exterior creates a professional look while the mirror finish interior provides non-reactive and non-stick cooking surface. If you are planning to build your kitchen’s cookware set, learning about the different shapes and your personal cooking style will help you determine which items will be most appropriate for your needs. Most of the time, these sets will include a few essential items plus oddly shaped and oddly sized ones that you probably will never use. To keep it from being damaged, it is usually coated with other materials such as stainless steel. I dropped the lid of that pot on the stove top, which shattered the cook surface and resulted in the whole unit needing to be replaced.
To keep them in top shape, do not clean with abrasive detergents, do not leave unattended on high heat for long periods, and do not expose to extreme temperatures.
Instead gradually warm the pan up over low heat, wash with a gentle sponge and soap, and your pots will be good as new. In insert in the packaging of the cookware stated to call the Paula Deen Consumer Relations Department to report any problems so I did that today.
The dish, neither the bowl nor lid, were being used for cooking - the bowl and lid was simply sitting on a shelf at room temperature. I emptied the pan, rinsed it with water and left it in the sink while I ate my lunch, as I have done for years. Circulon Symmetry These pans have all the same super non-stick features and abilities as the Circulon Elite sets, but are also dishwasher safe.
Please read through these Circulon Elite Is NOT Dishwasher Safe Which hard-anodized is best?
The hard anodized cooking performance, and unlike other sets, can be put into the dishwasher. We have reviewed the best cookware for the money so that you can spend your time enjoying the kitchen rather than struggling with sub-par cookware.
The lids are tight fitting which preserves nutrients and drip free pan rims offers clean pouring. It also tends to react with acidic foods and requires frequent polishing for its maintenance. Needless to say, since then, I’ve been afraid to put anything half as heavy on the stove, but I’ve missed how stoneware evenly heats cooking surfaces. The person I spoke to was very nice and said that she had never heard of this complaint before. Others say that the handles can get warm to Meyer Cookware Australia's best cookware brands.

The Cuisinart 66 17 cookware is oven safe up to 500 degrees and can even be put in the freezer. It is more advisable to build your cookware collection according to your budget and developing kitchen skills. The co-worker told her that it is not uncommon for this to happen (so has been reported several times before). I was told that I have to call the manufacturer of my oven to find out how to remove the coloring from the glass top. My husband is now mopping and cleaning the kitchen floor for me so I can finish dinner as we have his parents coming over for dinner. I am quite disappointed with KitchenAid, especially when I cook with the pots and see the condition they have come to. Their handles were heavier than the pot or pan and when used each spilled all over my stove and floor and me. She stated that there is a way to do it but they (Paula Deen) doesn't know how.Very, very poor customer service.
I have a sale receipt for this gift to provide, but is Kitchen Aid going to come back after reviewing my comments. I really felt sorry for the person who was helping me as I could tell she didn't like giving me that response. 13, 2016Satisfaction RatingOur brand new non-stick pan was used twice in a toaster oven without incident.
I now have a set of cookware that I'm going to have to throw away so that it doesn't continue to ruin my stovetop and will have to take the time to research how to have this removed, or most likely have to replace my oven. 4, 2016Satisfaction RatingReceived a 3 piece Emeril's Lenox bake dishes as a Christmas present. 18, 2015Satisfaction RatingI just pulled out my roasting pan to wash it and prepare for Christmas, however, when washing it, I noticed that the paint had bubbled and chipped away on the bottom of the pan. 19, 2013Satisfaction RatingI have taken great care of my cookware; I always hand wash all the pots and pans.
Every single one of the plastic lids has cracked rendering the entire container virtually useless, since it's no longer sealed. I guess he's less interested in quality and reputation and more interested in easy cash.Helpful?YesNoclaudette of Suwannee, FL on Jan. I don't know how many times I have reached for the lid to check my meals only to be stopped by how hot the lids become. Followed recipe for "Emeril's Roasted Pork Lion" recipe which was included with the dishes. Like everyone else, I bought this assuming it was a QUALITY product, and the last thing I expected from a $30 roasting pan was to have it chip after only using it ONCE!!!
When I try to pour the food out of them, the handles turn and the hot food spills and I am concerned that I will burn myself. It said to turn the pork roast after 30 minutes and continue to roast for about 60 minutes. I just sent a letter to the company, but from the other responses on this website, it doesn't look like they'll even respond let alone do anything to "right" the problem. If someone else were to work in my kitchen using these pots as they are they could be badly burned unless I were to warn them ahead of time. 4, 2013Satisfaction RatingI purchased a set of the pots and pans for my daughter for Christmas. We have a gas stove now and I find that they are even hotter than with a standard electric stove. She was so disappointed when she took them out of the dishwasher to notice they were all discolored and one pot had a round mark like it was ready to be burnt through. 27, 2016Satisfaction RatingPurchased Paula's pot & pan set just 2 months ago and to look at them now you would think they are 40 years old. 22, 2016Satisfaction RatingI purchased an Anchor dish a few months ago and had used it about a dozen times. 3, 2015Satisfaction RatingI purchased a brand new 3 piece bakeware set at Bed, Bath & Beyond on October 2, 2015. 6, 2015Satisfaction RatingAfter a couple uses of my food processor, one of the blades broke off the S-blade.
8, 2014Satisfaction RatingUpon using the pan the very first time I was thrilled with the size and structure of the pan, made the turkey at 325 degrees. I followed the instructions on the label; however, in the middle of baking a peach cobbler the glassware exploded. 14, 2016Satisfaction RatingI bought my husband Emeril's stove top grill pan for Christmas, and it is terrible. Guess Paula is not the great person people think of if she puts her name on such a poor product.
31, 2015Satisfaction RatingBought the Emeril range top cast iron grill that can be used as a grill or a griddle.
There's obviously something wrong with their Q&A department since there have been other incidents similar to mine. The breadboard had tiny fragments of glass embedded in it and had to be thrown out as did our lunch. On the second use, it cracked through and through about half the diameter of the grill and now can't be used. I am now trying to find out if I can return it to the company or to Bed, Bath and Beyond where I bought it.
2, 2016Satisfaction RatingAfter baking a Lasagna, I let it cool for thirty minutes, and sliced portions to remove for serving. If it were to crack completely across it could break and fall on someone's foot and crush their foot. Now that my family was coming to visit me from back home, took the brand new set out of the box to wash it pre first use. You obviously know there is a serious problem and there should be a recall as this is faulty workmanship I am forced to give a star??
18, 2012Satisfaction RatingA friend recommended this 13-cup food processor that I bought as a gift to my cousin - online. On the next to last slice, as I was removing the knife and without touching it the Glass Baking Pan literally jumped in an explosion sending shards and pieces that had the appearance of safety glass similar to an automobile windshield, when they break.It is imperative that these companies return to the old Pyrex style and formula. When he got home with the groceries, I wiped out the dish with a damp cloth and prepared chicken tetrazzini for company that evening.
This Chinese inspired soda-lime formula are going to severely injured or kill someone, as these exploding "Bakeware Pans" are on the rise.
The dish did not have any scratches or nicks since it was new, and I did not use knives or utensils in the dish. 26, 2013Satisfaction RatingPurchased Kitchenaid roasting pan for use at Christmas to cook the turkey.
The product was never used and I had to return by paying one fourth of the cost for shipping. My face and eyes were within a foot from the exploding Glass and I'm unsure if any entered my eyes or not as this explosion occurred within the last two hours. The dish was not subjected to extreme temperature changes and I only used it on "bake" in the oven. I would have thought something with Emeril's name on it would be of higher quality and reliability. Since the company claims the lifetime (limited) warranty, I am hoping to hear from them SOON.
In the end, after a lengthy conversation with the customer service, I was given a mailing address to complain. He has not had his long enough for this to happen but I won't ever buy any Paula Deen products again. Glass shards are everywhere in my kitchen and top of the stove where the Lasagna had been cooling.
I am most disappointed in this cookware and believed when I purchased a Kitchenaid product I was buying a quality item.Helpful?YesNoken of Brantford, ON on Oct. We have been home now for 6 months and the collection of Emeril's non stick bakeware have not stood up the to challenges of household use.
7, 2015Satisfaction RatingFrom the very first time we used this cookware we were disappointed. 23, 2013Satisfaction RatingI have made various attempts now to contact Kitchen Aid regarding my unsafe cookware set.. I don't own any of their products except for wasting my time and money on shipping it back to Ohio.
I left the kitchen to clean up and sometime in the 25-minute interval, the new AH dish exploded, spraying pieces of glass and dinner throughout the oven.Obviously, my dinner party was ruined. Up until 6 months ago and for the last 7 years, I had owned a beautiful set of Martha Stewart Cookware but had always dreamed of owning a set of Kitchen Aid which I thought (Boy was I wrong) stood for quality. I spent more than an hour cleaning up the mess after we returned from treating our guests to dinner at a local restaurant. The non-stick surface came off on food and now what remains are sections of rust and exposed metal.
This set I paid $400.00 for from a store no longer in business yet was assured when I bought it if I had any problem that Kitchen Aid would be more than obliging, yeah, sure. After transferring it to a serving dish, I discovered that a big piece of the enamel lining had come off. I contacted Anchor Hocking the next day by email, enclosing close-up pictures of the oven and glass.
They responded with the need to see the actual glass shards, which I did not have since I had put them in the trash and the trash had been picked up early that morning. My girlfriend, my Mom and I have all burned our hands picking up a lid or just taking something off the stove. The stains in the bottom of any of the pots or pans after cooking in them is almost impossible to remove. 11, 2016Satisfaction RatingI bought a set of pots and pans and the inside is peeling on the skillets. We had purchased another Anchor Hocking casserole dish at the same time (3 qt.) and I returned that to the store today. Also, the handles weigh more than the actual pot does so when you put a pot on the stove, unless something is in it, the pot tips over or the pan. I would say that it's false because if it were true, these never would have made it in to people's homes.
Something is clearly wrong with their manufacturing process or their materials to be causing this many explosions.Helpful?YesNoneil of Manchester, Other on Sept. Haven't even had them a year and peeling bad.Helpful?YesNotamara of North Providence, RI on Feb. 19, 2015Satisfaction RatingWe bought this glass oven to table glass dish 27 August 2015 from T J Hughes in Stretford, Manchester. 7, 2015Satisfaction RatingEmeril Lagase Cookware - This is the ABSOLUTE WORST set I've owned! 4, 2015Satisfaction RatingThe lid was rattling like crazy as I was boiling Kale in oil and water. As I went over to remove the lid, the top literally blew off and sprayed boiling oil and water all over me! 13, 2016Satisfaction RatingMy ex hubby bought me the Paula Deen pots and pans for Christmas last year.
Having called back to the shop, we have still not any information as to the reason this happened as they have not had any from your company and they are still selling these dishes. 10, 2015Satisfaction RatingMy mother-in-law was baking enchiladas in our oven and they had been in the oven for thirty minutes.
People, if pans are clean and hot when you start cooking (I mean really clean!), food will not stick. Telling me this Dept doesn't take care of this or the Company "Myers" at one time was the Company that made this pan but no longer. I didn't use the pans for a while cause of moving so now I'm using them and the black Teflon is coming off of 2 of the pans. I had to go buy another pan to use (not Paula Deen) cause they don't sell the color I have anymore. My issue is that copper bottom separated from the pan spilling aluminum(?) granules in the food. How do I get another one that won't flake and in my color.Helpful?YesNojeanne of Scottsburg, IN on Jan. When I opened the door, the inside glass shattered and glass flew from the oven 20 feet to either side.
It's bad enough that this happened to a three-year old oven but the incompetence and the lack of responsibility on the part of this company is disheartening.
As a few days had gone I naturally disposed of the enchiladas but took several pictures and saved the biggest chunks of glass. If I do not get the pan replaced it will make an interesting story for people inquiring as to what cookware I recommend. 30, 2011Satisfaction RatingI have a kitchen aid blender and they no longer make the jars that go with it. Subsequently when I finished cleaning the oven I discovered that the shock from the explosion had broken my rack support. He moved to put the pan in the sink and the molten aluminum spilled on the counter and floor.
6, 2016Satisfaction RatingSent all paperwork in to receive my $30.00 rebate and they scammed me out of it by saying I didn't send proof when I did, twice. I explained this to Anchor Hocking customer service and they fell back on needing the glass analysis in order to cover any damage. My question is to ConsumerAffairs, what are the metal compositions of this pot and how they affect our health? Bottom line the product, customer service, overall experience and potential for injury is not worth taking the chance with this product.

Note that many has said the discoloring has continued, does that mean we are ingesting chemicals in our food that are health risky? It burned the wood at the base of the cabinets, burned the countertop and floor and burned my son, because he stepped on some molten metal.
24, 2015Satisfaction RatingI was amazed that the coating on the cookware comes off in about 6 months. I tried to phone KitchenAid to alert them to this extreme hazard, but I ended up waiting 13 minutes on a blank line before I gave up (no music, no repeating message, just dead air). 21, 2015Satisfaction RatingI bought two glass 6 inch pie pans and used them for the first time today making pecan pie. If a child had been nearby or if my son had spilled all the molten aluminum on himself, this could have been a life-changing catastrophic event.
Since they will not help us with the return products, we are stuck with the red speckled crap. I find it amazing that the store and the Paula Deen company make it impossible to return unreliable, unsafe useless cookware. I didn't notice until a couple of days later that the 1.5 sauce pan did not have a flat bottom!
I guess it is OK to dupe the public with faulty products with no cost to the Paula Deen company. I think KitchenAid should recall this line of pots and pans and refund everyone or offer a set of pots and pans that doesn't put the users at risk. 7, 2015Satisfaction RatingI bought a very expensive set of dishes from Paula Deen company and they started crazing within 6 mos of using them. I am not rich, so paying over $150.00 for cookware that doesn't sit flat and cook evenly is NOT COOL!
This important piece of info should be stated on the OUTSIDE of the sleeve where it would be clearly visible. I contacted the company and they told me to go back where I bought them and get receipts from a year earlier. There is a lifetime guarantee, but packing, mailing it in and then taking a chance that they will say it was my fault just isn't worth the trouble. I am mostly concerned that there is a problem with the finish on the dishes being it did not hold up. Meanwhile I decided to pour the hot liquid into a measuring cup to cool so I could make some more.
Approximately 5 minutes later, I placed a room temp Anchor Hocking measuring cup on a room temp stove and began to pour the hot liquid into the Anchor Hocking cup. 26, 2011Satisfaction RatingThe cookware that we use the most have lost their non-stick coating. 5, 2015Satisfaction RatingMy husband bought this expensive set 3 years ago, with a lifetime warranty. But, much like the other "monkeys" who don't seem to know how to cook (reference to earlier post from another consumer), I'm not thrilled with these pans either.
I tried all kinds of ways of removing the stains, from natural to commercial products and methods. When I was unable to remove any of the stains, I figured, as long as the stains weren't affecting the flavor, etc., of my food, it would be okay.
Everything was okay (if you count standing over your food to be sure that nothing sticks as "okay"), until the bottom became warped. I know, monkeys shouldn't curse, but this cookware was something I had wanted for a long time, and something someone invested more than a few bananas in to give to me.
I'm bummed, as the original store no longer carries this cookware (and yet, Martha Stewart's stuff remains on the shelves). The letter said that all non glass accessories are purchased by us for our products and not included under the glassware warranty. I should have bought a RR set like I bought for my mother.Helpful?YesNopam of Mountain View, AR on Nov. 11, 2015Satisfaction RatingI was so excited when got set of my set of pots and pans for Christmas.
How can they manufacture measuring cups that can't be washed in a dishwasher or last more than a few uses? We used the right cooking spoons and turners on them and we also place them in the dishwasher.
17, 2015Satisfaction RatingI purchased Emeril's pots and pans and had bought them at a reputable department store, Macy's so I thought I was getting excellent pots and pans. I the pots and pans two years ago and when I got them home my wife noticed they were made in China.
We spent a lot of money on 4 sets of Paula Deen cookware.Helpful?YesNothomas of Greenville, NC on Nov. The first dish shattered right after we removed it from oven and set it to cool on a towel. Every time I use them I find the metal is too thin, they are difficult to clean, everything sticks to them, and they turn a brownish silverish color. While cleaning up the shocking mess and tending to our cuts I heard the casserole dish explode in the oven. 1, 2015Satisfaction RatingI received a set of the red speckled Paula Deen pots for Christmas a few years ago (and a set of wooden and plastic utensils specifically to use with the pots). We washed by hand and placed in drainer and an hour later whipped up recipes to be involved in a disaster. Well, it's now been a year since I started using the pots and I was quite distressed when the coating started to peel. I didn't want to burn myself so I attempted to remove the dish using a damp, room temperature paper towel and the glassware exploded everywhere, and it sounded like a gunshot it was so loud. The warranty info specifically says this glassware is microwave and oven safe, and I am incredibly dissatisfied with this product.
7, 2015Satisfaction RatingAs a Christmas gift from my daughter, I am extremely disappointed in this highly advertised stainless steel cookware. 14, 2015Satisfaction RatingPaula Deen red speckled cookware - I was thrilled to get this cookware, only to be bitterly disappointed.
The paint began to immediately come off, despite hand washing, and the Teflon non-stick surface scratched and came off despite the fact that I used appropriate utensils. I never preheated my oven & I didn't leave the dish in any longer than what the directions called for.
The glass lids are tempered otherwise you would have shards of glass instead of little crumbles, a monkey knows this.
7, 2015Satisfaction RatingI have gotten Paula Deen cookware from Walmart I just loved but the teflon is peeling and only 3 yrs old.
Just you all know Emeril has nothing to do with these products other than his name which was purchased by your very own Martha Stewart, so you all should sending her your **, since she is likely the one who is setting the standards of how they are manufactured currently.
You're supposed to be well known for your products & they've been in homes everywhere for years.
Since you can buy an entire set for under two hundred dollars this should tell you something. I paid nearly three times that much fifteen years ago when they first came out, and Chef Emeril was calling the shots.
The only thing I will say is that wife does not like the weight, but I have no problem with it. All clad is also very heavy, and since that is who was making it at the time it would stand to reason. 29, 2015Satisfaction RatingI have had my cookware about 3 years and in the last year the Teflon finish has started coming off, making food to stick and I don't like using them. I open my oven and the entire pan had shattered and my batter along with all of the glass was ALL over my oven. The nice outer finish they came with has now turned into a dull, milky gray color and continues to bleed this gray color with every hand wash.
22, 2015Satisfaction RatingMy friend bought me a set of the non-stick pots and pan in 2013.
I cannot use them as they are peeling on handles and the inside of the non-stick is coming off! It could have been just the first layer of glass and I wouldn't have known and then there could have been glass in my food. Again, I repeat extremely hazardous.I then had to get down on my hands and knees and get all of the glass out of the oven and then clean the entire oven. They claim it's dishwasher safe but after using it in dishwasher there is a film on all of the products!
26, 2014Satisfaction RatingThe metal is separating from the lid knobs and letting in soapy water to leak while cooking and drains into the food. I am not writing to scold or be an angry customer (even though I am very upset about this incident). The bottom of the hot plate is rusted and coming apart while the inside seems to want to rust. I am writing because I am not the only one this has happened to and at this point, this product should be REMOVED from the shelves as it is very dangerous.
I will never buy an Anchor Hocking product again and I will make sure that no one I know buys from this company. I work in customer service, I know how annoying people like me can be, but this is something your company needs to be aware of.
Over $100.00 is a lot on a fixed income and soon won't have the luxury of cooking for myself. I set the timer for two minutes and when the time was up I reached in and grabbed the handle only to discover that it had super-heated and had actually melted. This measuring cup is supposed to be dishwasher, microwave and conventional oven safe but it melted all the same. When I returned my kitchen was full of steam and the meatballs, sausage and sauce was burnt to a crisp. I received a blistered, 2nd degree burn on the middle finger of my left hand and a first degree burn on the fourth finger of the same hand. 17, 2014Satisfaction RatingI bought the stainless steel Emeril pots and pans, hoping they would be as amazing as the last set I bought that were not stainless steel. I'm just so relieved that it was me doing the cooking as opposed to someone younger as I had enough presence of mind to drop the measuring cup back into the microwave instead of dropping it to the floor as I was lifting it down.
I'm sure I narrowly avoided scalding myself with gravy and having the measuring cup shatter all over the floor.
After reading the other posts on this site, we are clearing out all Anchor products from our kitchen. Needless to say my family sunday dinner was ruined, the meat and sauce absorbed the enamel odor.
Glass shards and hot chicken casserole burned and cut my daughter's hands as she was still holding the casserole dish while placing it on the counter top. The pans scald and burn on the sides to the point of blackness no matter what heat setting is used. After looking at this website, I can't imagine why Anchor Hocking would not remove these dangerous products off the marketplace. Scrubbing for long periods will remove the scalding, but must be done each time we use them. 15, 2015Satisfaction RatingWe bought a set of the porcelain nonstick red cookware a few years ago and now it is all peeling off inside.
Then I heard loud noises and hot water, cookware and my food was flying all over my kitchen. 13, 2015Satisfaction RatingIn the middle of the night, we heard a loud explosion, and upon going to the kitchen to find out what was going on, we stepped into broken glass all over the floor. The bottom of the saucepan came loose from the saucepan and splattered all over my stove and kitchen floor.
I had washed the dishes and let them dry in the drainer, and they had been there for at least 7 hours when a pan lid just exploded.
12, 2015Satisfaction RatingBought a red set 2 years ago and every pot the Teflon is coming off into my food.
They said its not their problem because I didn't go to hospital and they wanted to send out a new dish. On the very first use, only having put hot tap water in the pan to mix some potato flakes to make a casserole, the pan exploded. We aim to provide readers with the most up-to-date information available about today's consumer products and services. Was roasting cauliflower in it last night, opened the oven to give it a stir, and it exploded. Glass shot all over the kitchen floor, inside the oven, down into the oven drawer and even up onto the countertops. The only advantages over cast iron this cookware has is that you can put it in the dishwasher, and the handles stay cool.
It ruined dinner and took over 2 hours to clean up all of the big pieces and little shards.
Fortunately my family, pets and I were not hurt, but needless to say, my other Anchor Hocking glass pans are going into the garbage and I won't be buying them again.
I Googled this problem afterwards and am shocked at how many problems there are with these glass pans shattering or exploding. I was baking chicken breasts at 400 degrees as always and within the baking pan instructional guidelines.

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