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Known simply as the “Ekettle™,” this stylish Electric Water Kettle has bold colors and a fresh design. Shipping charges are calculated based upon the weight of the merchandise and shipping destination. Most items are shipped from our warehouse by UPS or USPS to arrive within 5 - 10 business days of our receiving your order. A tracking number for UPS or USPS will be sent via e-mail once your order has been shipped.
Specializing in green products for the home, Eco-Friendly Cookware carries everything you'll need to have a safe, stylish and environmentally friendly kitchen.
If you are looking for that more affordable set but still want top quality then click HERE to see the PL line of products. The oil core liquid is sealed between layers of a superior quality, carbon core, stainless steel to provide the ultimate in heat conduction.
200 recipes, appetizers, entrees, vegetables, eggs and omelets, and soups, stocks and sauces. 1,200 tons of pressure is used to affix the 'Accuthermal' compact-base to the bottom of our thermo cookers.
Made of several light metal alloys, it enhances head conductivity so that heat is evenly distributed and stored.This engineering feature enable food to be cooked on a low setting and in less time than traditional cookware increasing energy saving up to 70%!One of the major advantages of KOCHTOPFHAUS's unique cooking system is that different cooking units can be stacked in order to cook multiple dishes using only one burner or hot plate. The set that has it all, our elegant Chef's Secret Waterless Cookware Set with Steam Control Knobs is literally a chef's dream come true. The set includes a free online waterless cooking demonstration video, recipes and instructions.
Here at RealCook-Angelfire Cookware, we have given this Chef's Secret Waterless set our special "Chef's Award" as our favorite set. Our 304 Surgical Stainless Steel Maxam Waterless Cookware Set is identical to our most expensive waterless set, the Steam Control System, KT17ULTRA, except it does not have the carbon steel in the construction which is there only for use on a magnetic, induction-top stove.
Believe it or not, waterless cookware has been around for over 50 years, since the 1950s, and the biggest difference between those first sets and most of the sets around today are the knobs. This 7-ply, surgical stainless steel waterless cookware set was made specifically for induction cooking, to be used on induction-top stoves.

This Chef's Secret Waterless Cookware Set is constructed of heavy-gauge stainless steel and guaranteed to last a lifetime.
The Thermostat-Precision knobs on the lids help you regulate the cooking temperatures, which means that a quick glance at the thermostat-gauge will tell you immediately if your food is cooking correctly. The set has all the basic pieces you need for a well-stocked kitchen, with a larger-than-average, 16 quart stockpot included with the set. As one of our newest sets, this waterless set has the thermostat knobs, also called "therm o-control knobs." The gauge is built into the knob of the lids to help regulate cooking temperatures, which means that a quick glance at the therm o-gauge will tell you immediately if your food is cooking correctly. The unique pieces that come with the set are also special, for example, a vegetable steamer, a deep-fry basket, a stainless steel bowl with lid and a vegetable grater. Average annual expenditure on non-electric cookware per consumer unit in the United States from 2007 to 2014 (in U.S. This statistic shows average annual expenditure on non-electric cookware per consumer unit in the United States from 2007 to 2014. With its comforting look of a stovetop kettle, the Ekettle™ has a large ergonomic handle and angled spout that facilitate easy, controlled pouring. More than 15 years ago in 1991, Chantal became a charter member of the Houston corporate recycling council. Use these reward points to redeem Eco-Friendly Cookware Gift Cards for yourself, or as a gift item for family & friends. The two T304 surgical stainless steel bowls in this set can also be used as double boilers as well as dome covers for stove-top roasting. We believe that this Chef's Secret 304 Surgical Stainless Steel Waterless Cookware Set is one of our highest quality, top-of-the-line waterless sets.
The manufacturer also gave it a different brand name in order to show an obvious difference. In fact, that's the main difference between this set and our other Maxam set (and the reason it cost less). As we stated, the first waterless cookware sets made were made with plain knobs, and many of those sets, as well as the knobs are still around today. The set is different from most waterless cookware sets in that it contains carbon steel which is not necessary in waterless cookware unless you have a magnetic, induction-top stove.

The amazing construction means that the surface of each utensil is free of the tiny pores that are normal in other metals.
We think this Health Smart set is one of our highest quality sets, and one we've been waiting quite a while for.
The indicator light lets you know that your water is boiling and it will shut off automatically when the water is ready. Chantal Corporation is passionate about making products for healthy cooking without compromising the state of our planet's ecosystem. The KT915 is the result of over 60 years of experience in manufacturing surgical stainless steel waterless cookware. With the plain knobs, you will never have to worry about a malfunction occurring with the mechanism of the inner workings of the knob because this set has neither a steam valve nor a thermostat inserted in the knob. This makes the pots much easier to clean, plus, a pore-free surface will not allow bacteria to grow on the surface the way it does in normal cookware.
Each piece of this set is designed for those who need a larger capacity cookware with superior quality.
The electric water kettle will boil water faster than a microwave and features boil-dry safety technology that will turn the kettle off if it is accidentally turned on without water inside.
By encouraging waste reduction and energy conservation, Chantal continues to reduce their carbon footprint every step of the way. The beautiful set features mirror finish exterior, satin finish interior, and Steam-Control Knobs. That means that the manufacturer of this set has been manufacturing stainless steel cookware since 1950. This waterless set has a thermostat built right into the knobs to make cooking easier on you.

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