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We will use the email address provided to contact you in the event that we have questions regarding your review. The best of modular kitchens are incomplete without a good stove to keep the home fires burning. Based on the source of energy, there are two main types of stoves: Electric stoves and Gas stoves. Consistent cooking: Electric stoves have precise controls for regulating the temperature and timings required for cooking. Uniform heating: The cook top over smooth top and induction stoves is heated more uniformly than in a gas stove.
Kitchen temperature: Gas stoves tend to release a lot of heat into the kitchen air whereas electric stoves are more likely to transfer all the heat produced directly on to the cookware. Dependence on electricity may be a problem in case of frequent power cuts and insufficient voltage.

The cost of gas for gas stoves is lower than that that of the electricity required for electric stoves. You have the choice of mainly three types of electric stoves: Coil Element, Smooth Top and Induction. A heating coil made of nichrome; an alloy of nickel, chromium and iron, heats up when electricity is passed through it.
Smooth top electrical stoves have a heating element concealed beneath a glass or ceramic or glass-ceramic top that is flat and smooth. Generally in induction cooking, only the part of the vessel in contact with the cook top gets heated. Brands available in India: Cookers- Prestige, Butterfly, Bajaj, Nova, Fabiano, Morphy Richards, Padmini, Kenstar, Crompton Greaves, Faber, Kenwood.
Your choice of kitchen stoves varies with your food preferences, the amount of time and effort you can dedicate towards cooking and maintaining the kitchen.

Your dosa or omelette is less likely to get burnt on one side and undercooked on another if you’re using an electric stove. It has a copper coil which produces electromagnetic field when current is passed through it. Since it works on the principle of electromagnetic induction, it needs vessels that are either made completely or have a bottom made of magnetic material like iron, nickel or aluminium. Besides, with a timer on, you don’t really have to watch over the cooking all the time.
This electromagnetic field is directly transferred to iron or any other magnetic material kept in contact with it.

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