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These new modern pressure cookers include several pressure settings and multiple pressure safety release systems making them 100% safe. If you are looking for a piece of cookware that is fast, easy to use and healthy, nothing can compare to a pressure cooker. Because food cooks at a much faster rate, a pressure cooker means less energy is needed and therefore less heat is generated (a definite plus in the hot weather).
The Pressure Cooker Centre offers the most comprehensive choice of pressure cookers at the very best all year-round prices in Australia (delivered to your doorstep at around 30% to 40% less than normal over-the-counter retail prices all-year-round to most Australian destinations). Now, I'm going to do a test for you with just some water and you can do the same at home if you want, before you cook for the first time with your Silampos Easy Pressure Cooker.
Now the first thing you're going to notice is the little pressure indicator here, which is the red button. Make your own barbeque sauce to getA full control of the ingredientsA and show off the pressure cooker’s ability to infuse flavors in a flash.
It took a bit of refinement to get this sauce just right: sweet, tangy, smoky and with a little heat. Instead of sugarA I wanted to get some sweetness from dried fruit but raisins were a bit lost, and dates were too sweet. It is a jalapeno pepper which has been smoked and then put in a tomato vinegar mixture and is IMO quite unique. I have a wonderful recipe for chipotle corn chowder which as soon as I actually make in the pressure cooker I will post. Recent CommentsLaura Pazzaglia on Lentil Risotto – peasant cooking under pressureAlmost all of the recipes on this website are for 4-6 people. I only cooked 8 eggs, but if you want to cook more, the handle is removable and you could put more in the center.
It took 6 minutes for my electric pressure cooker to reach high pressure,  a 6 minutes cook time, and another 6 minutes for a natural pressure release.
There’s a lot of discussion about cooking perfect hard boiled eggs on the Instant Pot Facebook Community Group. Hard Boiled Eggs in the Pressure Cooker   Print Ingredients eggs 1 cup water Directions Put a steamer basket* in the pressure cooker pot.
Some of the links in my posts may be “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. I see so many people working so hard to separate their eggs when it doesn’t seem necessary at all! Hi Deloris – Hip Pressuring Cooking has stove top pressure cooking instructions on her site. Yes, either decrease your cook time or the time you’re letting them steam in the pressure cooker after it beeps.
Last night, while trying to wind down from Christmas, I came across your recipe for pressure-cooked hard boiled eggs. Becky – after giving your comment some more thought, I decided to try silicone baking cups to separate the eggs.
I have done this successfully with one layer of eggs, but when I tried it with 18 eggs and low pressure I lost 8 eggs to cracking. Pork so tender it shreds easily when pulled, served on a bun with a smoky, sweet barbecue sauce.
I haven’t made my own barbecue sauce much because my husband and I really like KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce. I browned the roast to bump up the flavor a bit, but you could skip that step if you’re in a hurry or feeling a bit lazy.

Pulled pork is great because it makes enough to feed a crowd, or if you don’t have a crowd to feed, it freezes well too.
Easy Pressure Cooker Pulled Pork   Print Ingredients 1 - 2 tablespoons vegetable oil 4 lbs. Looks like a Kenwood Chef to me, as the picture seems to be showing the K beater attachment which is only from Kenwood. Pressure cookers have been around for about 100 years but many cooks are only now discovering the many advantages offered by cooking under pressure. The new stainless steel pressure cookers, with the thick aluminium 3-ply 'sandwich' base, prevent burning hot spots through efficient heat distribution and with the improved vent and pressure release systems, make them easier than ever to use.
So whether you are a novice who wants to start pressure cooking or you just want to upgrade that old model that you may have inherited, now is the time to buy a new pressure cooker. Because of the versatility of a pressure cooker it also makes an ideal companion for camping, caravanning and boating and you will quickly realise that the pressure cooker is the ideal partner in the kitchen. We are also backed by Kitchenware Direct - Australia's largest online cookware and kitchenware retailer.
Simply press play and click on the button labeled “captions” at the bottom of the YouTube screen. I'm going to demonstrate for you the latest model from Silampos, which is a Portuguese brand, and this is the Easy Pressure Cooker. You have the lid handle with a button that you push and pull to open and lock the pressure cooker. Now you can see that the pressure indicator has started to move, and in a few seconds, it will just pop up in a position. The first option is, if you're not too hungry and too much in a hurry, you just wait until this little red button goes down again. Here are some details of how I developedA this sauce to help those who might want to make substitutions or changes.
A That’s because fresh garlic tends to lose its flavor under pressure while the powder and granulated forms keep their bite. Thata€™s because if the sauce is destined for anA actual barbecue grill and the oil won’t be burned.
Requests for permission to reproduce or distribute materials available on this website should be submitted via the contact form. Under no circumstances will hip pressure cooking, or its agents, be liable for any loss or damage caused by your reliance on any content or comments posted published here. While 6 minutes on high pressure with a 6 minute natural release works for most people, everyone likes their eggs a little bit different.
Maybe it would be a nice public service if you moved the update to the beginning of the post. Great idea to cook just one egg and get the timing right for your pressure cooker and eggs. I followed the directions that you indicated that your husband used successfully for this machine (8 minutes on low, 6 minutes natural release). Make better tasting meals in a fraction of the time in an easy-to-use electric pressure cooker. The flavor of slow cooked pulled pork in a fraction of the time by cooking in a pressure cooker.
It’s quick and easy, but be sure and remove as much fat from the pork as possible before shredding it in the mixer.
What measurements of water and BBQ sauce would you recommend for cooking and then for after the shredding?

If it will fit, what I would do is cut it in to 4 equal pieces Then your cook time will be the same. And here is a pressure regulator that you turn to choose the low pressure, the high pressure, or to depressurise. When it pops up, that's telling you there's pressure in your pressure cooker, but it's not telling you that you have reached pressure. They also added quite a bit of viscosity A to the sauce so there was no need to add any extra ingredients or steps to thicken the sauce. I recognize these probably aren’t very common in Europe but stateside they are everywhere. If you don’t have a steamer basket, you can use the rack or trivet that came with your pressure cooker. She was having so much fun coloring them that we decided to quickly cook up another batch and color more. Have you tried separating the eggs with something else, maybe heat resistant plastic to see if that makes a difference? This is the second recipe I have used from this site and both were delicious with no leftovers. My question is , for a tender roast should I up my cooking time to 120 minutes or keep at 75 minutes. I halved it, thinking we wouldn’t need that much and now I have to make the second half tonight because it went so fast! You always must start your cooking in a pressure cooker with your stove on high, so you need to generate heat inside the pot very quickly so it comes to pressure quickly and you avoid overcooking the food. You only have reached the pressure that you have chosen here - low pressure or high pressure - when steam will escape from the nozzle here. So be sure that for every bit of liquid from these chipotles takes the place of the water in the recipe. This link has a picture of the brand I typically use as well as a good shot of some chiles and sauce being blended to give you an idea of the consistency. So all you have to do is turn this button to pressure-release steam and that will de-pressurise. Perhaps another reason who has tried might… disclosureThis website contains affiliate links. But if you're in a hurry and you don't have any steam in your kitchen, you take your pressure cooker to the sink. And now to de-pressurise your pressure cooker with some cold water, just run a little cold water on the lid just for a few seconds and when your little red button is down you know that means no more pressure. When beep sounds, turn off pressure cooker and use a natural pressure release to release pressure (this took approximately 20 minutes). Carefully remove the meat from the pressure cooker and shred with two forks, discard excess fat as you shredded. The pork shoulder will release lots of juices and fat and your meat will be extra tender and flavorful. If you're making it in a stove top pressure cooker you may need to increase the water if your pressure cooker loses a lot of liquid during cooking.

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