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Atak describes several days in her life, concluding with the loading of camels and donkeys for the familya€™s move to better grazing. Most Andean Indians dwell and farm at a particular high elevation that limits what they can grow and produce, requiring trade with people living at other levels.
At 8,000 feet, at the upper limit of the cloud forest, the Qa€™ero live in wooden houses, grow corn, and cut wood for cooking and heating. The scattered local people who send their kids to the little school helped the couple build the school and their own comfortable house with planks cut out from the forest. In addition, At the following website, you'll find six galleries of Victor's photos of South American children.
Note: Because the Peru and Colombia galleries have more than 50 pictures, some are hidden on a second page. In our Muslim society, unlike that of Arabs and other Middle East people, our men veil their facesa€”not our women. With udders full of milk and hurting, the mother camels are eager to nurse their hungry babies. While my aunts milk the mothers, my cousins Lalla, Tiwilt, and I hold bowls under the udders.
While waiting for our second glass of tea, Raisha and I go to the baby camels to release them from their stakes.
When Abookabook returns, Uncle Amud, who had joined us for tea, gives his son the sweet tea leaves in the pot to suck like candy.
Mohammed continued his story, a€?It was hot, so we settled in the little bit of shade under a small acacia tree to talk. Adambo and Mohammed will start wearing the tagilmust to cover their head and face when they become sixteen or seventeen. That evening, Uncle Amud takes the entire herd to the area where the mother camels are grazing.
A A  Each fall on Columbus Day, October 12, the entire family competes in a regional rodeo. Mohammed continued his story, a€?It was hot, so we settled in the little bit of shade under a small acacia tree to talk.A  But then a herd of gazelles passed by.
Victor Engleberta€™s photos and texts have documented the lives and customs of more than 30 indigenous peoples in Africa, South America, and parts of Asia and Polynesia. A A A  Recently, on assignment for Scholastic, hea€™s been photographing and writing about South American kids in primitive as well as developed areas.
During the summer-fall dry season, the 12- and 14-year old sisters spend much of their time on horseback, doing errands and helping herd the familya€™s 400 head of cattle.
Note: Atakaa€™s mother died when she was a baby, requiring that her father a€?nursea€? her with camela€™s milk, often on the move aboard his camel. My family raises camels that feed on scarce blades of grass and widely scattered bushes and thorn trees. Nine-year-old Becky describes her life in a closely spaced mud-hut village that has no electricity or running water. The baker, seamstresses, and other adults work outside their huts, some stirring cocoa beans drying on large makeshift tables. As punishment, the teacher can send children to weed her cornfield or gather firewood for her.
This 13-year-old Andean girl, named Luisa, belongs to the Qa€™ero tribe, descended from the Incas. Anticipating flooding the school is built on stilts, the children delivered by one of the fathers in a canoe powered outboard motor. A few days ago, my father rode away on his white, blue-eyed camel to In-Gall, an oasis town far to the south. My father told me that our tribe, the noble Kel Rela, were once great warriors who ruled the central Sahara. Then Aunt Fati gathers the fire embers into a sand-filled basin and places a small pot of green tea to brew. Any later, and the baby camels would have drunk the milk that by then had started forming in their mothersa€™ udders.
We do so to celebrate a birth, a wedding, or some other important event, and to honor a distinguished guest.

The mothers will graze unattended until evening, when the pressure of full udders will force them back to their babies for nursing. When Raisha begins beating the drum, my aunts and the visiting women clap their hands, while singing a hauntingly beautiful song. Thata€™s because too many camels, donkeys, sheep, and goats walk there every day to be watered by other Tuareg people. News of my fathera€™s return has traveled fast, bringing visitors who want to hear of his trip.
We throw each other glowing red embers from the fire, and catch them with bare hands before quickly passing them on.
Ita€™s hard work to break the millet grains with her pestle.A  So once in a while, Raisha rests by leaning on it. Having brought water from the well along the way, he also helps Sata give her sick baby a bath.
Also an explorer, Victor was among the first to photograph the Amazona€™s Yanomami and the Saharaa€™s Tuareg nomads. As photographed here, the seven-year-old daughter wins the title of Miss Rodeo for her riding stunts.
Doing tasks in camp, Ataka yearns for her fathera€™s return from a trading trip, a cause for celebration in the narrative. Camels have hard gums, allowing their teeth to chew long sharp thorns as if they were grass.
Eldest of four children, Becky helps her parents with chores, often assisted by her best friend, Bonsa. Yet, if a child does well, the teacher may instead dance for the child and invite her to join in.
Among all Andean tribes, the Qa€™ero have best retained the original Inca language, known as Quechua. Higher up, at the foot of glaciers, they live in windowless stone houses and raise llamas, alpacas, and horses.
And I can count on the fingers of one hand the times I have seen rain, and then little of it. There, he will exchange one of the two camels he is towing for sugar, green tea, a cereal called millet, and clothes for the family.
They hide their faces most from the people they owe the greatest respect, such as their parents-in-law, women, and strangers.
Quickly, my cousins, Adambo and Mohammed, help him hobble the camelsa€™ front legs to keep them from straying. With the air still cool, we sit around the fire, sometimes warming our hands near the flames. Except for a few dried dates, the sugar-sweetened green tea is the only sweet thing that I have tasted. The first brewed tea tastes somewhat bitter, the second tastes best, and the third brewing is sweet but not as strong. Three-year-old Abookabook jumps out of his mother's lap, grabs his fathera€™s whip, and runs to help drive the baby camels to pasture.
An Amajer in our society is a noble person, and noble Tuareg wish for nothing more than to raise children worthy of that high status among other Tuareg. Outside their tent, Aunt Fati kneads a goatskin in a basin of dark vegetable tar to waterproof it. We recognize one of the men by the style of his tagilmust, also by his vivid eyes shining through the narrow slit of his veil. After moving camp, it will be Amud's turn to take the camels to graze far from the new camp. Calmly, we move inside the tents, lower their sides to the ground all round, and seek patient refuge under blankets. Except for a few dried dates, the sugar-sweetened green tea is the only sweet thing that I have tasted.A  Because tea and sugar are very costly for us, it is a special treat. Outside their tent, Aunt Fati kneads a goatskin in a basin of dark vegetable tar to waterproof it.A  That goatskin will become a water bag that will replace a leaking one. As the winter-spring rainy flood season approaches, the girlsa€™ father and cowboys drive the cattle to distant higher terrain.

During rain, the schoola€™s tin roof leaks, so the teacher sends the kids home with their chairsa€“a€“a rain day.
The young European couple that founded the school and teach it get support money from friends in Italy. I know people who were lost a whole day while trying to find their camp, even though they had passed close to their own tent.
My mother died when I was a baby, so my grandmother and unmarried Aunt Maunem live with my father and me.
During those years, we had servants and lower ranking tribes to do the work that my family does now. The children inherit their mothera€™s social status, even if the mother is married to a man of a lower caste.
Even though I know my father is not ready to return to us, I scan the horizon for him, just in case. Sitting on the ground and using wooden spoons, my grandmother and aunts eat from one large wooden bowl. We also trade camels for things that need replacing, such as wooden mortars and bowls, camel saddles, spears, swords, and knives. There, black volcanic mountains rise like a vast rugged island above the surrounding flat stone plateaus and sand dunes. Before the angry mother reacts too harshly, an older relative will quickly carry the child away. We also trade camels for things that need replacing, such as wooden mortars and bowls, camel saddles, spears, swords, and knives.A  But we crave meat as much as we crave sugar.
They satisfy our craving for sugar and quench our thirst better than a large bowl of cold water.
My people still command respect in the Sahara, even though droughts and political changes have reduced our population, as well as our former wealth and power.
Two little girl cousins chase after each other, sometimes bumping against me and against my aunts, disrupting our work.
Sitting apart, Uncle Amud eats alone from a small wooden bowl, passing his wooden spoon under his tagilmust. Our tents allow little privacy, so outsiders are expected to wait at that distance until invited to approach.
For Bujimra there will be no change of pace routine because Amud will need his help with the larger herd. Then, after a few minutes, the child will crawl back to its mother, who will pretend that nothing happened.
But, no matter how many days they last, they always leave a star-filled sky during the cool night, giving us temporarily relief. Meanwhile, with the family house on stilts above floodwater, the girls do errands mainly by canoe.
She got two childrena€™s books published in Italy and Brazil using the art produced by her students and which illustrates the life they live in the Amazon. On narrow irrigated terraces stretching along a few dry riverbeds, the Kel Rela and Taitoq are still the masters of that land and maintain a few gardens there. To reach school, they must fii??rst paddle themselves and siblings to horses waiting on higher ground and then ride through mud and deep water.
Left without milk and animals to barter at the market for food, thousands of nomads like us died of hunger. The men mount and ride into the nighta€“a€“Amud back to his camelsa€™ pasture, Bushra and his friend back to their camp.
To reach school, they must first paddle themselves and siblings to horses waiting on higher ground and then ride through mud and deep water. The teaching couple survive like their jungle neighbors by fishing, slash-and-burn agriculture (manioc, plantain, bananas) and a vegetable garden on a rivera€™s floating raft, which keeps ants away, besides a few chickens.

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