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It was probably William Briscoe who established the firm in Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, sometime around 1750. One reference mentions a balance sheet dating from 1756 and another gives the establishment date as about 1768.
The headquarters eventually moved to London, with branches established in the West Indies and South America. A Melbourne offshoot was established in about 1854, and New Zealand operations opened in Dunedin as Arthur Briscoe & Co.
In New Zealand the company operated primarily as wholesale ironmongers and hardware merchants, but with some retail trade.
The founding manager in Dunedin was Hugh MacNeil, who had begun his working life as an ironmonger in Glasgow before managing Briscoes in Melbourne. He became a partner in the firm in 1880 and gained managerial control of both the New Zealand and Australian operations.
Sara has meticulously sourced the recipes you will enjoy in this kit from her family and friends.

The Sausages Made Simple Mediterranean Sausage Making kit combines the best fresh sausage recipes from around the Mediterranean. An Otago Daily Times report from that year describes a company importing directly from Europe and America, with an average of 100 tonnes of goods unloaded at Port Chalmers every week. Some goods, such as enamel kitchenware and cooking utensils, were similar to items sold in Briscoes stores today, but linen and soft furnishings have only become staples in recent decades. Much business was directed towards the building trade, and at a separate iron yard in Bond Street there was much in the way of iron bars, piping, and sheet iron, with a supply of up to 150 tonnes of nails in stock at any one time. Briscoes’ head office moved from London to Melbourne in 1958, and then to New Zealand in 1970.
The parent company was purchased by Merbank Corporation of Australia in 1973 and transformed from a wholesaler of imported goods to a general merchandise retailer.
As of 2011 it has 54 Homeware stores and 32 Rebel Sport sporting goods stores throughout New Zealand. The Melbourne house was founded in 1853, the Dunedin business in 1862, and that in Sydney in 1878; the Invercargill house was opened in 1881 as a branch of the Dunedin firm, but owing to increasing business, it was made a separate concern in 1901.
Hugh MacNeil, senior, came over to Otago to inaugurate the business in New Zealand, and since then it has practically covered the country.

There are three fine entrances to the premises from Princes Street, and the ground floor accommodates four departments—wholesale, retail, showroom and offices. In the wholesale department, which is furnished with order desks, a large general stock is maintained; and the packing room is close by, with a cart entrance from Princes Street. Behind the retail shop is the showroom, where there is a display of mantels and files, register grates, lamps of all sorts and sizes, and many other lines, including a brilliant variety of electroplated ware, which is shown in splendid glass cases. At the back of the wholesale department there are private rooms for the manager, accountant, and partners' and warehouse and indent offices. A portion of this office is also set apart as a typewriting department, and two typists are kept constantly employed.

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