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For many families, this week marks the departure of college freshmen for dormitory life so we’ll be discussing college survival cooking. Space can be lacking when you are sardined into the typical college dorm room with a roommate (or two). Choosing your invitation is the equivalent of the title of a paper … it sets the tone for the entire party! Personalize your stamps by using Zazzle custom postage.  Before purchasing any postage, please be sure  to bring a complete invitation, including all inserts, to a local post office to determine exactly how much postage is required. Colander centerpieces are absolutely perfect for a cooking theme party.  Although none of these great centerpieces are currently available but we decided to keep them here to serve as inspiration just in case you decided to DIY. Recreate the above discontinued Todd Oldham creation by buying a colorful colander to use as a vase for assorted greens, flowers, or even vegetable and fruit.  Cut the stems short and skip the vase, if given an option.
Party Idea Pros has found the perfect napkin ring to add that special touch to your table. Fill your spice jars or salt and pepper shakers with an assortment of the always elegant Jordan almonds.  Each 14 oz bag contains approx.
First, these cute cupcake theme balloons will undoubtedly give any cooking theme a festive flair.
Consider setting up individual cooking stations so you and your guests can all take a Craftsy cooking class together! Party Idea Pros has put together an entire page devoted to Adorable Aprons – check it out!
Pin ItA non-toxic home is so very important and one of the most important rooms in the home is the kitchen – after all this is where the food that nourishes our bodies is prepared.
A jar attachment be used with vacuum sealers to get a longer shelf life from refrigerated and dry foods. Choose stainless steel or cast iron over other products for items like pots and pans – and I advise strongly against coated, nonstick cookware! If your heart is set on cast iron, be sure that it will work with your cooktop before buying! While we are on the topic of plastics, go ahead and recycle all of those water bottles you have and pick up some stainless steel reusables like those from Klean Kanteen. Our favorites are these from Klean Kanteen, we have several and our son takes one to school daily, but any stainless bottle is a good option!
When we talk about creating a healthier kitchen we want to get down to the very basics – the cleaning.
Ecover Dishwashing Tablets are the favorite among my green-living pals – and they are among the highest rated on Amazon. If you try other eco-brands and find that your dishes are cloudy, consider adding white vinegar to your rinse aid compartment in place of Jet Dry and similar chemical concoctions.
Another liquid handwashing option, surprisingly enough, is liquid soap nuts extract like this from Eco Nuts!
These are just a few simple steps that can make a big impact on the healthfulness of your kitchen.
Your scare tactics are stressing me out to the point that I have to unsubscribe from your blog.
For moldy and persistent bathroom or tub stains, I like to combine baking soda (or borax) with vinegar.
Not all countries are going to do this however, especially in places like Easter Europe and Asia torrent downloading is not a problem. It is also a great idea to incorporate biodegradable and compostable products into your plans for family cookouts, office parties, camping and other events. Wave goodbye to one of life's dullest chores with the easy-to-use Kenwood KDWTTB10 Compact Dishwasher , which is perfect for smaller living spaces.
Stylish in white, the free-standing Bosch Avantixx SMS40A02GB Full-size Dishwasher is the efficient way to rid yourself of one of life's more monotonous chores! The Hotpoint LFS114WUK Full-size Integrated Dishwasher with 12 place settings and an 'A' energy rating is both an efficient and environmentally friendly appliance for taking the labour out of washing the dishes!
Slim at 50 cm and gracefully finished in polar white, the Hotpoint HAE51P Electric Cooker offers a collection of versatile cooking options and will be a welcome addition to any kitchen! Elegantly finished in a clean white, the Zanussi ZCE560DW Electric Cooker is a 50cm-wide electric cooker that is compact yet highly functional and will become any cook's best friend! The Dualit 31215 2+1 slot toaster comes in a cream colour, ideal for any contemporary kitchen.
Offering the BEST SELECTION of Quality, Upscale, NAME BRAND Kitchen Utensils, Kitchen Accessories and many other Kitchen products at the BEST PRICES on the web!!! Scout Troops of all varieties are coming to Superior to fulfill their merit badge requirements. The Cooking merit badge introduces principles of cooking that can be used both at home or in the outdoors. The 13775 Kettle from Russell Hobbs is a stylish and practical product that will enhance your kitchen for years to come.
The Philips Energy Efficient HD4644-60 Cordless Jug Kettle can help you save up to 66% more energy than standard kettles thanks to its one cup indicator, which means you only use the water you need. The Kenwood SKM100 Traditional kettle is finished with brushed stainless steel with black accents. The classic look of the Breville VKJ458 traditional kettle covers a full set of up-to-date features. This Russell Hobbs 18141 jug kettle has a stainless steel finish, which is designed to complement any kitchen. With a very attractive brushed stainless steel design, the Sandstrom SKET411 Cordless Jug Kettle will add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen! Part of the heritage collection this classic cream kettle with black accents has a great blend of traditional features and modern style. This 1.7L Morphy Richards 43170 blue Accents jug kettle is a functional black kettle ideal for the contemporary kitchen. The Tefal KI210015 Evolutive kettle features subtle illumination and an elegant stainless steel design, for a sleek addition to any kitchen area. Balancing function and streamlined performance the Kenwood JK210 will complement any kitchen.
Delicious sauces freshly cooked vegetables and melted chocolate are only moments away with this great saucepan from Jamie Oliver.
Because of this it is essential that you bring only what is needed and that you are savvy about how you store it.

A cooking theme party works for all ages, lots of different events and appeals to the chef in all of us.
Now you can easily add some elegance to everyday stationery or as an elegant alternative to having your return addresses printed on your party invitation envelopes. Please be aware we are generally compensated by our partner merchants if you make a purchase after clicking on our links.
In addition to eliminating any risk of exposure, you are investing in products that are going to last longer and hold up better than their plastic counterparts which will discolor, deteriorate and warp.
You can find them practically anywhere and they really hold up – they do have plastic type lids so do be sure not to use those parts in the microwave. Much of what you wash your dishes with will be rinsed away, and there is definitely some peace of mind in that, but we have to think beyond our kitchens. I’ve incorporated recycling, composting and the Bokashi method in my life to help care for Mother Earth.
I am so happy that hubby and I already have a green kitchen We avoid plastics when possible and use pans that don’t have the non stick coating. I’m happy to say I’m doing 95% of them (still eliminating the plastic containers, but I use about 90% glass!
I am still working on getting a set of glass Pyrex bowls and have to replace a few plastic utensils with wood or bamboo, but I’m getting there.
Our family really tries to keep our kitchen non-toxic…even the soaps we use are important. I have been slowly switching all my plastic “tupperware” over to glass containers! With a capacity of 12 place settings the Avantixx SMS40A02GB can easily handle the dishes for the average or large household.
The Hotpoint LFS114WUK Full-size Integrated Dishwasher has four programmes to help simplify the whole washing process. Comprising of 6 table knives, 6 table forks, 6 dessert spoons and 6 teaspoons, an extra 6 teaspoons and 2 serving spoons are also included, making a wonderful all-round set for any dining occasion.
With a four-element ceramic hob, roomy 54-litre fanned oven and separate variable grill, the HAE51P is perfect for small families or limited kitchen spaces. With a stylish black design, the Kenwood KHC601M Built-in Ceramic Hob is a 60cm frameless ceramic hob offering practical cooking with functional controls. The induction technology works by creating a magnetic field between the hob and pan, generating instant, easily controlled and energy-efficient heat! This double cavity cooker has a 48 litre capacity main oven and a 26 litre capacity separate grill. We offer a fun and interactive “Cooking Merit Badge” Workshops which covers all the bases of most cooking merit badge obligations.
Scouts who earn this badge will learn about food safety, nutritional guidelines, meal planning, and methods of food preparation, and will review the variety of culinary (or cooking) careers available. A 3 kW-concealed element will boil water rapidly and reduce the amount of limescale build up for easy cleaning.
As well as this, the Philips Energy Efficient HD4644-60 Cordless Jug Kettle is a user-friendly kettle with a 360-degree rotational base, making it easy to fill up at the tap and fill up your mugs. The white jug kettle features a 3kW concealed element with rapid boil technology and capacitates c1.7L of water.
This kettle is manufactured with a quiet rapid boil system and a water window makes it easy to see how much liquid is inside. Finished in black, this traditional jug kettle has quiet boil technology allowing you to have an uninterrupted and relaxing chat in the kitchen whilst the kettle boils.
This 3 kettle has a concealed element and a 1.7l capacity, along with a water level indicator.
The Sandstrom SKET411 Cordless Jug Kettle has a 1.7 litre capacity and features an illuminated water gage for refilling just the right amount of water, while a removable limescale filter ensures your boiled water is untainted. The Morphy Richards 43170 co-ordinates with your kitchen and has a 360? base that suits both left and right handed users. The kettle capacitates 1.7L of water, and with its clear level indicator, you can judge exactly how much you pour for that great cuppa. The removable, washable scale filter of the Evolutive kettle provides long-lasting performance making it economical as well as chic. With 3kW of power the kettle boils water in double quick time and has a large capacity of 1.6L. It is better to add too much postage than a hodgepodge of mismatched stamps.  You have spent so much time and money on every other detail, the difference in price is not worth giving a sloppy first impression. But please rest assured you NEVER pay extra for having clicked these links rather than going directly to the merchant.
While some stainless sets can be pricey, this one from Cuisinart is rated well and comes in at just over $100 for a complete set! To eliminate this risk, choose to use natural cleaners like vinegar (which kills 99% of bacteria, 82% of mold, and 80% of germs all by itself!
A lot of the motivation behind making healthier choices can be self focused in a way, but we also need to consider the impact that were making on the environment around us.
Plastic stuff is so cheap and dangerous and once you switch to bamboo you realize what you’ve been missing out on. Nothing I hate more than stains on the plastic and strong smells like spaghetti just seem to linger in them!
Stylishly designed in black, the Kenwood KDWTTB10 Compact Dishwasher is as good looking as it is functional. Among the useful features of the Bosch Avantixx SMS40A02GB Full-size Dishwasher are 4 selectable wash programmes, including a fantastic Quick Wash mode that sails though the washing up in just 29 minutes! Three separate lights inform you of the wash, dry and end functions, while the salt refill indicator helps keep the unit well-maintained. The 50 year guarantee of the Carraway set ensures a legacy in your home for years to come, fashioned in a simple and traditional style to suit any meal. The fanned oven ensures a consistent a temperature throughout the main interior, while self-cleaning catalytic liners make day-to-day maintenance care-free. This 4 zoned hob means you will be able to cook multiple things at a time and the Kenwood KHC601M Built-in Ceramic Hob also offers varied cooking powers. Touch controls make the hob easy to operate and 17 temperature settings give you a variety of cooking options with a power boost setting for extra heat. Accompanied by a 4 solid hot plates in two different sizes, it can handle the family reunion cookouts as easily as a two person dinner.

There is a 1.7 litre capacity to the 13775 Kettle , which is enough to do a full round for guests in one swoop.
Most kettles and teapots can be attached safely and securely to the kettle lifter via a velcro strap, and it has slip-resistant rubber feet, meaning you can pour hot liquids safely. The rapid-boil function means you don't have to wait long for that perfect cuppa and also helps you to save energy as it uses less electricity. This Philips kettle is quick and easy to clean with a double action filter which helps to improve your water quality.
This Morphy Richards 43549 kettle capacitates 1.5L of water, and with its clear water gauge, you can judge exactly how much you pour for that great cup of tea.
If you're looking for style as well as substance, consider the Sandstrom SKET411 Cordless Jug Kettle ! Featuring a 3kW rapid boil concealed element you won't have to wait long for that perfect cup of tea.
This kettle comes with a removable limescale filter, to give you a better tasting drink and to allow the kettle to last longer. The Tricity also features a concealed entrance to maximise safety, a 3kW rapid boil element and a lime scale filter to improve water quality.
The 3kW rapid boil capacity of the KI210015 provides quick and powerful operation, and the 1.5L capacity guarantees enough cups for everyone.
Fortunately, you can still survive if you have access to a microwave (you can often bring your own- though you’ll need to check for wattage restrictions) and a good non-stick frying pan. It includes 6 different wash programmes and 5 wash temperatures, so you can tailor the settings to perfectly suit your needs. The four wash programmes (soak, eco, intensive and normal) are complemented by an efficient residual drying system, which means that your dishes come out clean and shiny every time! For the ideal home cooking solution, look no further than the dependable, beautifully styled and sturdy Hotpoint HAE51P Electric Cooker ! The well-priced Kenwood KHC601M Built-in Ceramic Hob will make a welcome addition and become an essential part of any kitchen!
The three-sided bevelled frameless finish gives the hob a stylish contemporary look and its easy-to-clean flat surface, without protruding knobs or controls, makes it convenient to wipe away dirt. The conventional fan oven works with Thermaflow technology that cooks with even temperature throughout and reduces pre-heating and cooking times. A 360-degree rotational base can be lifted and transported with ease, with a handle suitable for right or left-handed use. If you want to make more than one hot drink, the Philips Energy Efficient HD4644-60 Cordless Jug Kettle has an overall capacity of 1.7 litres – ideal for when you have company.
In order to reduce your energy consumption the HD4644 kettle features cup water levels so you only boil the water you need. Its 3kW concealed element with rapid boil technology gives you endless beverages quickly and efficiently.
A 360° swivel base also makes it easy to use from any angle while the filter is removable and washable for simple maintenance. A concealed 3kW element rapidly boils the water and the water gauge glows blue when boiling. Burning and scalding is a thing of the past with the cool-touch handle, and a convenient 360° base enables left or right-handed use.
Regardless of what is said about nutrition and the perils of fast food I am certain many kids will survive college with that as the main staple of their diet.
Though other small appliances like toasters and crock pots might seem that they would make dorm living more convenient, there may be rules in place that make these items illegal. Having said that, please always be cautious and perform due diligence before purchasing goods or services from any vendor, whether online or offline. An invaluable Quick Wash programme allows you to get the washing-up rapidly out of the way so you can get on with your life!
With its A+ rating for energy efficiency, the Bosch Avantixx SMS40A02GB Full-size Dishwasher is gentle on your household bills, whilst A ratings for wash and dry performance are evidence of crockery-cleaning excellence!
The Hotpoint LFS114WUK Full-size Integrated Dishwasher also has a hidden heating element, overflow protection and low 53dBA decibel level, making it a safe and quiet option for keeping your dishes shiny without intruding on your home life. It has an A energy rating making it very energy efficient, while the variable grill can cook different dishes at the same time with its variable temperature feature. The Pirouette 360? centre connector ensures easy lifting and placing whilst the cord storage is conveniently featured in the base. This kettle is ideal for a quick cup of tea or a round of hot drinks for your family or friends. There are, however, more healthy ways to nourish yourself while living on campus or in any other simple setting. Carefully read the guidelines for your residence hall before wasting your money on something you cannot use. Going back to the basics with stainless steel and cast-iron pots and pans will eliminate possible exposure.
The Kenwood KDWTTB10 Compact Dishwasher has plenty more strings to its bow, including a 24-hour delay timer, time remaining indicator, pre-rinse, salt and rinse aid indicators, and promises to leave your crockery, glassware and cutlery sparklingly clean, again and again! The Bosch Avantixx SMS40A02GB Full-size Dishwasher also features a residual heat drying system that uses a hot final rinse so that water quickly evaporates.
With its large viewing window, classic white style, together with its dynamic features and functionality, the Zanussi ZCE560DW Electric Cooker will help you transform even your everyday meals into a moment of pleasure! It also features a hinged and sliding lid for convenient use with a 360? swivelled base for both left and right handed use. Try these simple ideas to survive with a microwave, a frying pan (that does not go in the microwave), and a few other basic tools. These items work, they are safe and if you invest in them you can have products that you can be proud to have in your home – and you don’t have to spend a lot!
One of my favorite utensils is actually a bamboo spatula that I picked up for about $2 in a multi-pack. I picked up my favorite stainless pots & pans a piece at a time, for great prices, at TJMaxx.
Create more relaxation time for you and your family or friends with the superb Bosch Avantixx SMS40A02GB Full-size Dishwasher !

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