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NBC2's investigators discovered people are getting government assistance money from ATMs inside liquor stores, strip clubs and even a dog racing track.
Inside a smoky Ft.Myers bingo parlor, Pat Chapman spends about a $100 each Friday hoping to win big.
Florida's Department of Children and Family services oversees the program, funded with federal tax dollars. NBC2 reviewed money associated with Temporary Cash Assistance program, which provides short-term cash benefits to families with children under the age of 18, or under age 19 if full time secondary school students, as well as pregnant women during in their last trimester.
We uncovered recipients withdrawing $700 at a dog racing track outside Jacksonville; $140 at the Lani Kai bar on Ft. Total withdrawals at similar locations: $190,733 (see the breakdown of where this money was withdrawn in the charts below the story). Follick also says the amount we found is a fraction of the millions of dollars used appropriately. California recently passed a law blocking the types of transactions we uncovered, and Georgia is looking into to doing it too.
To prevent those questionable transactions, we found state legislators have to change the law. NBC2 found $190,733 withdrawn inside locations like liquor stores, strip clubs, bowling alleys, bars and bingo parlors.
Most of our findings came from an analysis of EBT transactions and establishments with state liquor licenses. FMS, Inc., an IT company in Virginia volunteered to help sort the data, the NBC2 investigative unit spent days verifying the addresses of the merchants. We also deleted thousands of transactions at grocery stores and pharmacies, like Publix and CVS, that had separate liquor stores entrances, but shared the same address. From counterfeit chargers to knock-off headphones and bogus iPods, Los Angeles police officers say fake electronics are flooding the national market--with potentially deadly consequences. Detectives say this fake $15 iPhone charger was purchased from a distributor for just two bucks.

From the design to the sophisticated packaging, criminals are now even counterfeiting the "UL" logo. UL tested counterfeit extension cords for ABC News, which melted in minutes and burned red-hot through the carpet. Officers say the best way to make sure you're getting safe electronics is to shop at reputable stores with known brand labels. A couple in North Fort Myers has been arrested for cutting up shopping carts from at least six different stores and scrapping them. In the yard, the deputy spotted a shopping cart that had been partially dismantled, as well as a black trash bag containing plastic pieces. A young female at the residence, identified as the daughter of 31-year-old Amber Wetzel, stated that her mother's boyfriend, 31-year-old Jason Millette, had been cutting up the shopping carts and scrapping them. According to the police report, the girl told the deputy that her mother and Millette were currently on a scrap run.
The babysitter, identified as 36-year-old Kim Jackson, told the deputy that Millette and Wetzel were at the store. Several hours later, after the deputy left the scene to document the incident, Jackson was spotted walking down a nearby street with Wetzel.
The deputy confronted Wetzel about the shopping carts, and she admitted she and Millette had collected carts from various locations around Palmona Park, including Walmart, Winn-Dixie, CVS, and several others. The deputy returned to Wetzel's home and spoke with Millette, who showed the deputy a variety of dismantled shopping cart pieces.
Further investigation revealed the approximate value of the stolen shopping carts is at least $7,280.
Yet, that didn't stop them from withdrawing thousands of public assistance dollars from ATM machines inside bingo parlors, bowling alleys and liquor stores throughout Florida. It deposits money onto EBT cards, or Electronic Benefit Transfer and recipients use it just like debit cards. We found $3,300 withdrawn from an ATM machine inside Gulf Liquors in Miami, when recipients could have walked next door and used an ATM inside a grocery store.

He believes it would cost the state more money to monitor the questionable locations we found.
DCF says there would likely be a programming cost, and lawmakers would have to decide if the benefits outweigh the cost.
Through a database manager, we matched the city and street addresses of EBT transactions with the addresses of liquor license holders.
If EBT card data would have included suite numbers, we suspect the number of questionable transactions would have been much higher. All Rights Reserved.For more information on this site, please read our Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service, and Ad Choices. It costs more per square foot to rent a space here on Santee Alley than it does on Rodeo Drive," Ishitani said. It's a stamp "Underwriters Laboratories"--a non-profit testing organization--uses to certify a product is safe. Wetzel is additionally charged with providing false ownership information to a metal recycler. Based on what NBC2 found, he now plans to ask the agency to find a way to stop withdrawals at the locations we discovered. When I found a merchant that shared address with other stores in a strip mall, I typically deleted those transactions. But Lee County resident James Peebles has trouble finding words for what he saw in a recent drive to work.More >>Distracted driving is a scenario many drivers will tell you they come across too often. People living near Jefferson Park say it's gotten so bad, they're getting the police involved.More >>Complaints of kids smoking, drinking and even have sex have sparked a neighborhood to take action in Fort Myers.

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