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Before heading south, spend an afternoon exploring the Sonoma County wine country, then dine at Spoonbar in Healdsburg, where rising chef Louis Maldonado’s contemporary American cuisine is both inventive and approachable. If you’re looking to pick up snacks for the trip, stop at San Francisco’s Ferry Building Marketplace for everything from organic produce to artisan chocolates, then rev up with a single-origin espresso at Blue Bottle Coffee.
A short hop off Highway 1, Carmel-by-the- Sea may be better known for art galleries but with numerous tasting rooms, it’s the perfect place to discover Monterey County wines. Home, Life and LeisureHome renovation resources, repair guidelines, garden improvement tips and interior designs.
If you want easy access to spices while cooking and your kitchen is tight on space, this is perfect! Custom slide-out drawers to help you store and sort your pots, pans or your entire cookware collection. Open shelves in a corner of your kitchen can be a one-area storage, enough to accommodate and organize everything. Outside Decor as a Reflection of Your SelfWhy Facility Managers Are Choosing PEX For New ConstructionSpring vs.
You put a lot of love and care into preparing a meal, so why not eat that meal off a plate that's been just as lovingly created? Her Etsy store Back Bay Pottery showcases her ceramic collection, which includes everything from dinnerware (in rich blue and turquoise hues) to white French country milk and sugar sets and serving platters. Cambria was an editor for both Apartment Therapy and The Kitchn for eight years, from 2008 through 2016. Growing in colorful, waxy spires or round, wrinkled discs, mushrooms have become the coveted treasures of the coastline forests. Dennis Sheridan of San Luis Obispo is one of those experts; his infatuation with this special fungus started some 30 years ago. Not satisfied with simply photographing fungi, he eventually became interested in identifying different mushrooms and finding out which were edible.
Compared to 30 years ago, when Sheridan was first discovering wild mushrooms, he said their popularity has drastically increased.
That includes the Big Sur Foragers Festival, which just held its second event this year; Sheridan leads walks for this festival as well.

Sharen Carey, event coordinator for the festival, said it also includes displays of other foraged items that can be found on the Central Coast.
She added that some of the appeal also comes from cooking something fresh—not produce that has been sitting in a grocery store for days after passing through many hands. What makes mushrooms even more magical, Sheridan said, is that they can be used for more than just cooking. Unfortunately, due to the lack of rain this last year, Sheridan and Carey shared that foraging hasn’t been as prosperous as in recent years.
A general rule of thumb for mushroom foragers is to leave it there if the fungus is smaller than the thumb, and to minimize disturbance of the environment as much as possible.
Sheridan added that the biggest key is being able to identify the different types of mushrooms and knowing which ones are safe to eat. Haley Ranch is the family ranch of the Roger and Christina Haley family and the headquarters to the cattle operation run on the historic Rancho Casitas, a ranch that has been in the family since the early 1900’s. The ranch represents western ranch living and holds the spirit of people who, love horses, know cattle, require room to move about, and appreciate the rich heritage and good life of Old California. Roger remembers the way they used to be and is focusing on excellent genetics to produce what he calls “The Real Deal”. Across from San Francisco in Sausalito, award-winning author and PBS cooking series host Joanne Weir’s Copita Tequileria y Comida has earned national acclaim for its seasonal and modern Mexican dining.
Drive the coast to Half Moon Bay’s waterfront Sam’s Chowder House for a lobster roll that The Today Show named one of America’s five best sandwiches. Continue 30 miles south on Highway 1 to Nepenthe Restaurant, a definitive Big Sur experience thanks to sweeping coastal views and famous ambrosia burgers. This is what wakes you up in the morning to prepare and cook your family’s breakfast and other meals for the rest of the day. That is precisely what's so special about handmade dinnerware, and I just love the collection from San Luis Obispo-based potter Christine Silbaugh. The smell of rich earth and forest awakens your senses, while the towering redwoods and pines draw your eyes upward.
Many people who fear fungi’s poisonous traits have avoided them, but a new group of enthusiasts and experts has helped redefine the magic of mushrooms and their delectable, edible qualities.

According to Sheridan, mushrooms are known as mycorrhizal—they help the plants and trees around them from underground.
The expert shared that there are about 20 to 25 species of edible mushroom on the Central Coast. There are now numerous societies, federations, clubs, and festivals dedicated to gathering the wild fungus. A joint event between the Big Sur Health Center and Ventanna Inn, festivities include fungus-cooking competitions between renowned chefs, a plethora of beer and wines, and mushroom walk-and-talks. Carey shared that this past event was a major success; they saw thousands of visitors at the venue. A recent report from NPR revealed that there have been problems with unethical foraging, primarily in Northern California. Haley Ranch lies ten miles northwest of the city of Ventura, CA on the east shores of Lake Casitas. Celebrated in Brigit Binns’ Eating Up the West Coast and easily reached from Hearst Castle, the Sebastian General Store dates to 1852 and serves tri-tip and burgers made with grass-fed Hearst Ranch beef, plus the ranch’s wines in the tasting room.
Easy to spot, these mushrooms have their own mild flavor, Carey said, but are favored in the kitchen because they take on the flavors of the food they’re cooked with.
Some foragers are trespassing on state park property, using illegal trails, and over-harvesting mushrooms.
LouLou’s Griddle in the Middle on Monterey’s waterfront cooks up irresistible chocolate-chip griddle cakes and local specialities, including calamari steak with eggs. Little more than a shack by the beach, Ruddell’s Smokehouse in Cayucos uses delectably smoked salmon and albacore in its fish tacos. Sheridan described chanterelles as having an unmistakable smell and a texture similar to that of an avocado. Food preparation needs your full attention and presence so it is important for every utensils and ingredients to be of reach.

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