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Liz’s passion for nutrition and whole foods began in childhood, organic gardening with her father. Jenn studied in the Masters Nutrition program at UMass Amherst as well as the Nutrition program at Berkshire Community College.
Graduated summa cum laude from the University of MA and has an Amherst Medical degree from University of MA Medical School, Worcester.
Danielle earned a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and completed her Dietetic Internship at Oregon State University. Ana Maria is a licensed clinical nutritionist with expertise in functional foods as preventative and therapeutic medicine.
Kim is an experienced biller with a professional background in business analysis and efficiency.
Nichole is a freelance writer and editor with a passion for food, farming and community education.
Certified Nutrition Educator, Bauman College Certified Natural Foods Chef, Bauman College BA Psychology, University of Massachusetts Amherst. Our favorite cafés in New HampshireCoffee shops build communities with a warm welcome and a creative jolt. Giunta, who co-owns the café with his wife, has built close friendships with most of downtown Plymouth since setting up shop in 1996. If a café in a town is like caffeine in the body, Breaking New Grounds in Portsmouth, right on Market Square, is the perfect example. Prime Roast Coffee Company also owes its existence to someone who took it upon herself to be what she wanted to see in her community. The roasting machine, 20 years and half a million pounds of coffee later, stands at the back of the café. Over in Exeter, Dan Demers has coffee standards more obsessive than anything likely to be found outside Seattle, Portland, Chicago or New York.
Dominated by Dartmouth College, Hanover is a town unlike any other in New Hampshire, an Ivy League bubble. In 1772, the scientist Benjamin Thompson of Woburn, Mass., married into one of the oldest families in Concord (then called Rumford).
The town is small enough, and the regulars so regular, that the café implemented a Karma Board, where a customer can buy a coffee, pastry or other treat for another customer to come and claim later, a tasty thank-you. The coffee terrain is changing quickly in New Hampshire, as standards high and finicky spread from the West Coast and big cities. New Hampshire Magazine is teaming up with New England's Tap House Grille of Hooksett to bring you a series of beer events featuring local NH breweries. Peter is the founder of The Nutrition Center and the former director of CHP Nutrition Services. Her passion for nutrition stemmed from many years working in food service- learning to cook and appreciate food and its impact on social and physical wellness. She counsels patients on dietary strategies for fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum recovery, and uses a holistic approach to pediatric and family health through nutrition. In addition to managing the billing for The Nutrition Center, she also owns Valley Therapy Billing which helps therapists with billing and consulting services.
Her work has appeared in Newsday, Berkshire Magazine, Rural Intelligence and the Huffington Post. Morgan is a culinary coach and Food Adventures educator, going into the classrooms of our local schools and to community sites throughout the county to teach kids and adults the basic cooking and nutrition skills they need to make healthy food choices. In addition to working with TNC, Morgan is the project coordinator for Be Well Berkshires, a department of public health grant supporting healthy eating and active living initiatives through policy, systems, and environmental changes. Nothing puts life back into frozen fingers like wrapping them around a steaming mug, and nothing gives the same kick to get us out the door when the weather outside is frightful.
For Plymouth, tucked between the Lakes Region and the White Mountains, Café Monte Alto is a main hub. And after 21 years, even with the new, city-provided wifi, social interaction dominates Breaking New Grounds.

Anselm College with a new degree in business, opened Café la Reine in the spring of last year. In the early 1990s Judy Rogers was selling coffee in bulk out of her specialty kitchen store on Main Street in Keene.
Rogers bought a roaster and applied her cooking skills to previous knowledge of coffees she had sold and liked.
Prime Roast Coffee Company sells about as much coffee wholesale and by mail order as it serves to customers, a sure indication the coffee is good enough to stand on its own.
One of its suppliers is CQ Coffee Roasters in Bedford, and CQ’s owner, Claudia Barrett, is just as meticulous. Facing off opposite the row of coffees, above the heads of customers waiting in line, the hand-painted mural menu lists a worthy selection of teas, sandwiches, treats and specialty drinks. In 1776, after Boston fell to revolutionaries, the Colonial governor of New Hampshire chose Thompson to carry dispatches to England, where he resettled when Britain lost the war.
This cozy Gorham gathering place brings together weekly batches of fresh coffee from Manchester, best-selling novels and handy local guidebooks, locals as tight-knit as they are welcoming, and Jenna and Matt Bowman’s unbeatable baking. Until a few years ago, the Bowmans were just bakers on the other side of Pinkham Notch in Jackson. More than 20 years ago, the little roasting company, operating out of Epsom with a 1929-made roaster, saw the Concord café they supplied was shutting down. The basic idea is that coffee has wine-like potential when it comes to variety and complexity, and that roasters and brewers need to be extremely careful not to ruin the farmer's hard work. Costa Rican coffee has a hint of citrus, thanks to the high levels of citric acid in the ground. Beyond second crack (the second time the beans start cracking while being roasted) the beans lose the special flavors that make them unique.
She also volunteered as the Food Coordinator for “Mud Day” at Muddy Brook Elementary school at which time she was a member of Green PEAS (parents for environmental awareness in schools). Her experiences include practicing as a family physician in Pittsfield Ma, director of Medical Education at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Stockbridge MA and a clinical instructor in the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health in the School of Medicine at UMass, Worcester. This experience inspired her to become a Registered Dietitian so that she could expand her knowledge and help others. Michele has spent a good portion of her career on the educational, hands-on side of nutrition. She also teaches workshops on diet and gastrointestinal health, vegetarian nutrition, and disease prevention.
She has community experience working with Cooking Matters to deliver grocery store tours to low income families and college students.
At TNC she writes grants for new and existing programs and helps to design and strengthen these programs. Prior to working with TNC she was the manager of the nutrition department at the New Age Health Spa. Dark roast or light, milk and sugar or black, for here or to go, this is a drink that places us in the world, connects us not only to the barista and the other regulars but to growers a continent away. But it would take marrying a second-generation German-Peruvian coffee grower, a stint growing coffee in Puerto Rico and losing a farm (the first Monte Alto) to a hurricane after years of struggling with widespread corruption, before Giunta returned to Plymouth. Workers on that award-winning farm receive health care and are able to send their kids to school with the support of Plymouth residents. In the winter the crowd packs into the cafe’s ample interior, keeping the buzzing epicenter of Portsmouth warm. So he founded D Squared Java in Exeter a little over two years ago, and that town’s coffee standards have never been the same.
That’s coffee carefully chosen from single areas or even single farms, roasted with extreme care to preserve its unique flavors, and prepared by the cup with rarely-heard-of methods like the beehouse and the aeropress. Most of the crowd is a mix of young parents, downtown workers, employees of the nearby hospital, faculty and students from across the street at Phillips Exeter Academy.

Since the company began two years ago, it’s had a coffee named fifth-best in the world by Coffee Review (the Wine Spectator of coffee), and already won mail-order customers as far away as Finland and in coffee meccas like Seattle and Portland. And if you can find an empty seat, it’s worth holding on to, for a hot drink and a snack, and even to let the steady buzz of activity put you in the right mode to write a paper (or grade a pile of them).
Then in 2007 the owners of a tiny café in Gorham, where the Bowmans came for coffee on their days off, announced it would be shutting down. Sumatran is earthy and piney, Kenyan tastes like red fruits (strawberries, raspberries, currants) and Ethiopian like blueberries. Dark roast covers up the blueberries or pine or citrus, leaving you with nothing but the basic coffee flavor.
But after a week, everything starts going downhill, and it's time to finish the batch and grab the next roast.
Over the past year she has assisted in teaching many Food Adventures classes in schools throughout Berkshire County as well taking on the responsibility of scheduling clinical patient appointments.
She was a nutritionist at Smith College as well as a professor of Food Science and Food Chemistry at UMASS and Keene State. In addition she has had clinical internship experience at the Center for Extended Care in Amherst MA and Fairview Hospital Great Barrington MA as well as food service experience working as the Brand Ambassador and Field Coordinator for Farm Country Soup in Kent CT. She specializes in food allergies and culinary education, supporting the idea that healthy choices can fit into everyones budget, schedule, and tastes. It just goes to show how the humble coffee bean can bring people together, in a little town, a little state or across hemispheres. The coffee, bought directly from growers and often single-source, is roasted right by the door, and on especially cold days the table nearest the roaster is the best seat in the house.
That’s done meticulously, by baristas whose training, says Demers, never really ends. The rankings were based on percentage of households that own coffeemakers and buy coffee, household average spent on coffee, coffee shops per capita, percentage of people who drink coffee and who drink five-plus cups a day.
Next came the organic movement, and White Mountain became the first organic food processor certified by the state, Clark proudly reports. Then, with a thoughtful look on your face, tell the barista that this Kenyan has a lot of great strawberry to it.
Danielle counsels using an evidenced-based, small changes approach, incorporating principles of intuitive eating to help guide her patients toward lifelong healthy habits. A café is to a town what coffee is for the body, making it cozy and getting it going, providing energy and warmth.
Manchester might not be as famously caffeinated as those cities, but its residents are quietly brewing and drinking java like it’s their job. The Rumford percolator was based on the De Belloy pot invented by the archbishop of Paris a decade earlier, so the two men often share credit as co-inventors of the percolator.
Then came the call for fair trade, and now White Mountain is ready for the next development. Within these countries and at all of these different elevations, every region and sub-region, and even every farm, the flavors are different. She is passionate about health for all, and takes a keen interest in helping patients with diabetes, high cholesterol and overall disease reversal.
In addition she also does administrative work, grant writing and is an assistant teacher for Food Adventures Program. Coffee helps us get through the cold, dark winter, but so do our friends, the usual table, a fresh-baked pastry and the hum of the town hub. She will be attending the Keene State Dietetic Internship Program in the fall of 2015 to get her RD licence to practice nutrition.

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