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Being that this location was actually a local cooking school, the goal was to work with what we had. PS- the stuff on top of the tall cabinets was not in the shot (which is why it has random light bulbs and boxes on top of it ).
To make the set feel alive I layered food, baskets, cutting boards (I love wooden cutting boards), and overflowing bowls and bags. This shelf was in the background of a few shots and even though it was barely visible, it had to be decked out and picture perfect.

PS-If you’re interested in organic eating, this cooking show will be right up your ally! Some people like to keep their countertops completely clutter free, but as you can tell from the before photo- that makes things feel sterile and boring.
And although you don’t have to pretend you keep blocks of cheese out on your cutting board, a few well placed pieces will bring interest and life to your kitchen! If you notice, Tim (we got to work together on this project!!) also installed a metal rod underneath the stainless shelf.

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