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Yes – we deliver to Scottish Highlands & Islands, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, the Channel Islands, BFPO and Military Bases.
Yes – parcels cannot be left unattended and a signature will be required on delivery. Simply select DPD Pickup as your delivery option at checkout and your order will be delivered by 12 noon Next Day*, and stay in store for up to 7 days so you can collect at a time to suit you. We've put together a selection of hampers and gift boxes featuring our favorite Italian food and drink, ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and other special occasions. A group of Nottingham Trent University students will be leading their own food revolution as they become the first in the country to receive healthy cooking training from Let's Get Cooking, which runs the largest network of healthy cooking clubs in England.As well as learning how to cook healthy meals and shop on a budget, the first group of 20 students will receive expert training on how to pass their newfound cooking skills onto fellow students.
Press enquiries please contact Helen Breese, Press Officer, on telephone +44 (0)115 848 8751, or via email or Therese Easom, Press and Media Relations Manager, on telephone +44 (0)115 848 8774, or via email.About Let's Get CookingLet’s Get Cooking gives adults and children the confidence, skills and knowledge to make healthy food choices and cook good food. A mixture of blackberries, redcurrants and blueberries in syrup, perfect for serving with mascarpone or an alternative to chocolate in tiramisu. A parliamentary report of 1777 recorded a parish workhouse in operation in St Pancras for up to 120 inmates. An excellent portrait of the St Pancras workhouse at this period is provided in John Waller's The Real Oliver Twist. By 1809, a replacement workhouse had been erected at the east side of King's Road (renamed St Pancras Way in 1937). The administration of poor relief in St Pancras was the subject of several Local Acts of Parliament promoted by the parish. In 1836, St Pancras came into conflict with the Poor Law Commissioners who directed the parish to elect a Board of Guardians as provided by the Poor Law Amendment Act. The entrance was from King's Road at the south-west corner, with receiving wards placed a little way inside. For large workhouses such as St Pancras, activities such as cooking and washing were performed on an industrial scale, often providing a useful source of labour to be performed by workhouse inmates. The number of inmates of the house varies from 1500 to nearly 1900, of whom about 200 are occupants of the sick wards, some sixty or seventy lunatics and idiots, and about 1000 inform and helpless aged persons. The washing-machine is a circular iron vessel turning on a central shaft, with a "rachet" or intermittent motion.
The articles washed consist of every description of clothing and linen-rugs, blankets, caps, sheets, bed-ticks, lace collars, and other articles required by the inmates and officials. The Dashwheel or Rinsing-Machine is a hollow flat cylinder revolving on its axis, and divided into compartments. By simple and ingenious means the supply of cold air and the escape of the heated air can be controlled to a nicety, and a constant upward current of heated air can be maintained until the clothes are not only dried but sweetened. The whole arrangement has been carried out, under the instructions of the directors, by Mr. During the late war, two of the machines were sent out and erected at the hospital in Smyrna, and subsequently removed to Scutari, where they were much approved of by Miss Nightingale.
Taking heed of its critics, St Pancras decided to establish a new infirmary on a separate site at Highgate (see below). In 1881, extra land was acquired adjacent to the King's Road workhouse with a view to rebuilding the workhouse, and plans were drawn up by HH Bridgman. If you are ordering for these locations, please mention this in the "Add a delivery note?" section and ensure a valid telephone number is included should our courier have any problems and need to get in touch. When you add a gift box to your order, we will carefully choose the right size gift box to accommodate that order. They provide training, resources and support to help a wide range of organisations set up healthy cooking programmes.They are delivering a five-year programme, supported by a ?20 million grant from the Big Lottery Fund, to set up a national network of school-based healthy cooking clubs. A new workhouse was erected in around 1788 at the junction of Highgate and Hampstead Roads, on land belonging to General Fitzroy.
The building itself, formerly a gentleman's mansion and later an inn, had a stately four-storey main block, a fair-sized chapel, and an "engine room", all surrounded by a six-foot high wall. St Pancras also adopted Hobhouse's Act of 1831 which provided for administration of the parish by an executive committee elected from the ratepayers.

St Pancras argues that, having adopted Hobhouse's Act, it was under no obligation to do so and wished to continue with its existing mode of poor relief administration.
On occasion, however, the Victorian passion for mechanisation made inroads into these establishments. Pancras, finding the then existing laundry arrangements very defective, decided on erecting a new laundry at the rear of the house, and on adopting the best description of washing machinery they could meet with. The clothes, when cleansed, are placed in the several compartments of the wheel, into which jets of water are discharged while the wheel is rapidly revolving. Attached to the laundry are drying-rooms heated by steam passing through a series of pipes under an open batten floor. James's Park (where the washing is done for all the metropolitan barracks), at the Nottingham Union Workhouse, at several bleachworks in Scotland, at Aldershott Camp, at Portsmouth, at Birmingham, and many other places. In 1856, an investigation was carried out for the Poor Law Board by Dr Henry Bence Jones, into conditions in the workhouse. In December 1865, St Pancras was the subject of one of a series of articles in the medical journal The Lancet investigating conditions in London workhouse infirmaries. We report that the wards of the infirmary proper and the insane department are in themselves deserving of praise; but that the infirm wards, the nursery, and the lying-in wards, are by their construction unfit for the reception of sick persons. All the wards are deficient in their allowance of cubic space, even when but moderately filled; and the practice of overcrowding, which has been customary in the winter season, must render the wards in which it occurs unhealthy. The furniture and conveniences, even of the infirmary wards, are insufficient; that of some of the infirm wards very decidedly so.
The nursing department requires further development by the engagement of additional paid nurses, and particularly by the establishment of a proper system of night-nursing. The present large insane department ought to be abolished, and only such cases of mental disease should be admitted as are chronic, incurable, and perfectly harmless. Pancras infirmary is one of those which might, with certain modifications of structure, and with an improved management, be developed into a good pauper hospital. One part of Bridgman's scheme that was built was a large block for chronic, infirm and bed-ridden patients at the south of the site.
If the recipient is unavailable when delivery is attempted, a card will be left so redelivery or collection from your local depot can be arranged. This enables you to track the progress of your gift voucher delivery & also allows you to select a delivery date.
This enables you to track the progress of your gift voucher delivery & also allows you to select a delivery date.
Please ensure you have your Pickup Pass and Photo ID (driving licence or passport) with you in order to pick up your parcel.
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Now in its fourth year, there are nearly 4,000 school-based Let's Get Cooking clubs in every local authority across England, with over 400 clubs based in the East Midlands.
However, John Cary's map of 1786 already locates the St Pancras workhouse at this location so the new building may be on the same site as an existing establishment. Robert Blincoe, on whose story Dickens' Oliver Twist may be based, was a child inmate of the workhouse, which was overcrowded and bug-ridden. The parish successfully appealed to the Court of King's Bench and then continued operating as a Local Act Parish until 1867 when a Board of Guardians was established under the terms of the 1834 Poor Law Amendment Act. The master and matron's quarters were at the centre, with females inmates housed at each side, and a chapel located on the ground floor of the northern wing.
In 1857, the Illustrated London News reported on innovations in the St Pancras workhouse laundry. Inquiries were made, advertisements issued requesting patentees to forward descriptions of their machinery, and every step taken to obtain information on the subject. Across the vessel a cumber of wooden beaters are suspended in a horizontal frame attached to the central shaft. While the "dollies" are rising the clothes become saturated with the strong ley or suds contained in the vessel.

The clothes are then tossed from side to side, being at the same time exposed to the cleansing and rinsing action of the jets of clean water, provision being made for the rapid escape of the water.
Dr Jones had found that workhouse was severely overcrowded with patients in the infirmary having to be placed on the floor.
All cases of mania, of melancholia, of insanity from drink, and of epilepsy, ought to be sent to the county asylum.
This being the case, we regret to learn that it probably cannot be retained, but will be sold to a railway company.
Please note, if you require more than one gift box, or wish to pack certain items into a gift box, you will need to place a separate order and add additional gift box for these items. It’s one thing to be able to cook yourself a meal, but a different matter when you are showing others what to do - we show them safe chopping techniques, how to demonstrate what you are doing clearly and cover food safety and hygiene. As well as being given a rudimentary education, Blincoe and his fellow inmates were sometimes set to work for 12 hours a day or more at the unpleasant task of oakum picking.
The male wards were placed along the south-east edge of the site, with imbecile and lunatic wards at the eastern corner. The result was the adoption of Macalpine's Washing machines and Manlove's dashwheel and hydro-extractor, — all to be driven by steam-power. The fall of the "dollies" drives out from the clothes the suds, and therewith the impurities also, which fall below the perforated bottom.
Ventilation throughout the building was deficient, with fetid air from privies, sinks, drains, urinals and foul patients permeating many of the wards and producing sickness, headaches and dysentery amongst the inmates. A child three years old, having fallen out of bed and injured its jaw, was removed into the infirmary. It’s about building up confidence so they are happy to go off and show others how to cook.”Let’s Get Cooking is a programme led by the School Food Trust, which gives adults and children the confidence, skills and knowledge to make healthy food choices and cook good food. Casual wards, together with a stone-breaking yard were at the north-east side, and had their own separate entrance gate. It provides training, resources and support to help a wide range of organisations set up healthy cooking programmes for people of all ages in locations such as workplaces, schools, universities and children’s centres. An infirmary block, erected in 1848-9, stood at the northern corner of the site, with kitchen and nursery separating it from women's oakum picking rooms at the western corner. During the process the water in which the clothes are immersed is kept boiling by the introduction of steam through the central shaft. A lying-in room, also used as a sleeping room by night nurses, had a smell that was 'enough to knock you down'.
At the centre, surrounded by a garden area, stood the main kitchens, the bakehouse, and the laundry.
By the simple intermittent motion given to the vessel the finest muslin may be washed without the slightest injury or abrasion of the texture. In the women's receiving wards, more than eighty women and children slept in two rooms which provided a mere 164 cubic feet of space per adult.
A "dead house" or mortuary stood to the south-east of the workhouse, with an adjacent grave yard, disused by 1871. Worst of all were the underground 'pens' where between 300 and 900 applicants for out-relief crowded each day, sometimes waiting until 7 p.m.
The poor ventilation and smell in the pens was so poor as to cause women to faint and windows to be broken to obtain fresh air. The union's relieving officer reported that his predecessor had died of typhus, thought to be contracted from the foul air.

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