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About 20 minutes into baking I opened the oven and spooned the melted butter over the fish (ryba). Where would one go in Slovakia to do trout fishing-especially with a fly rod?Anyways, the meal looks good. Yes Garrett, I am doing trout the same way, filet the fish, I cut the head off and that’s it. It’s been a long time since I fished in Slovakia, I think going North into mountains, like uper river Vah, Poprad river, Pieniny, etc.

February 27, 2015 by Aarushi Leave a Comment Potatoes are an integral part of Indian cooking. It is this insatiable hunger to experiment, experience and enjoy food & flavors that I named my Blog- A Hungry Chef.
Rinse the trout (pstruh), pat dry, and place on a baking pan along with about half a stick of butter (maslo). Boiled or mashed potatoes are usual sides but if you prefer baked potatoes there is nothing wrong with it.

So I was really happy when few days ago I ventured into Whole Foods and found their amazing seafood selection.
As a little aside, this trout was almost completely bones-free (the spine was removed at the store).

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