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Potatoes are low in saturated fat, cholestero,l and sodium, as well as a good source of Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, potassium and manganese.
By the end of the afternoon I was totally sick of potatoes, but I was pleased with how much food I made for $4 plus extra ingredients. I planted 4 large buckets of potatoes this year and was needing ideas to use that many potatoes before they went bad! Potato ideas are great, but I just realized I’m still dying to know what happened with West VA? Anonymous: You may want to try boiling them until just tender, dry them, then proceed with cooking them in oil until crispy all around. I first made these in July 2013, for a romantic dinner with my husband outside on our terrace on a beautiful summer evening. Cut off ends of russet potatoes, stand potatoes on end, and peel potatoes from top to bottom with a sharp knife to make each potato into a uniform cylinder.
Place potatoes into a bowl of cold water for about 5 minutes to remove starch from outsides; pat dry with paper towels. Place potato cylinders with best-looking ends into the hot oil, lower heat to medium-high, and pan-fry potatoes until well-browned, 5 to 6 minutes. Transfer skillet to preheated oven and cook until potatoes are tender and creamy inside, about 30 minutes.
Place potatoes on a serving platter and spoon thyme-scented butter remaining in skillet over potatoes.
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I have found that the single thing that makes the biggest difference for making perfect creamy, heavenly potatoes is the type of potatoes you use. 2 Melt butter, warm cream: While the potatoes are cooking, melt the butter and warm the cream.

3 Drain cooked potatoes, mash with butter, cream, milk: When the potatoes are done, drain the water and place the steaming hot potatoes into a large bowl. Welcome to Simply Recipes!Thank you for stopping by our family food blog where you can find well-crafted recipes for the home cook. While I love the ease of preparation that roasting sweet potatoes affords, if you want to get a little fancy this Thanksgiving, try my twice-baked sweet potatoes, too. I create short-form, educational, and occasionally hilarious cooking videos geared towards beginner and intermediate cooks, as well as people who are just looking for simple, low-cost recipes. If I know I am going to freeze mashed potatoes I make them a little firmer than normal since frozen mashed potatoes can be a runny.
I assume you moved there with your long haired hippie-turned-navy officer hubby, what happened next?
I’ve tried different cooking methods, different oils, played with seasonings and now here are the exact results I was looking for. Cover potatoes with a lid while frying, this helps the potatoes maintain some of the moisture as well as helping them evenly cook through. Elegant fondant potatoes create “perfect textures and contrasts between the creamy potato center and the crusty edges. As they cook, use a paper towel held with tongs to carefully blot out the oil from the skillet. With their high starch and low water content, they’re good for baking, for making French fries, and for mashing. They’re naturally creamy when mashed, never mealy, and have a slightly buttery flavor all on their own. For years, I’d roasted white potatoes with olive oil and rosemary, but it never occurred to me, even when I totally gave them up in favor of sweet potatoes, to roast sweet potatoes with what is my favorite herb.
I kept some aside for loaded baked potatoes, grilled potatoes, and potato skins, but I peeled the rest. Perfectly tender interior, with a gorgeously browned exterior, slightly moist, with just the right amount of flavor and seasoning.

If they are cooked halfway before you fry them then they don’t end up under cooked in the middle. The butter and honey combine in the oven to make a shiny glaze and the lime juice and rosemary keep things from being cloyingly sweet, as so often happens with sweet potatoes. You can use plain old salt and pepper (if you want to be boring =) or you can add some pizzazz with the delicious seasoning blend listed. I hope you love these potatoes and maybe even make them as often as I do (I make them at least once a week, sometimes even three). Remove from oven, allow to cool 30 minutes then chill overnight (alternately you could dice and cook potatoes immediately, I've just found it's more convenient to bake them ahead of time when I'm already making baked potatoes for dinner or baking another dish.
If you wish to republish this recipe, please rewrite the recipe in your own unique words and link back to Perfect Mashed Potatoes on Simply Recipes. You could also make them a day or two ahead and reheat, but that’s an awfully big pan to have in your oven on the day of Thanksgiving, maybe. We didn’t have any dried rosemary, so I pulled a few sprigs off the rosemary bush in the yard and chopped them fine. Alternately if you love Potatoes O’Brian you could add diced onion, and diced green and red bell pepper. Cover pan with lid and cook potatoes, stirring every few minutes as they begin to lightly brown on bottom, about 8 - 12 minutes until potatoes have reached desired tenderness. Also, they are delish drizzled with ketchup, yep I'm all American with my side of Ketchup =).

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