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If you go through buyer reviews of non-stick cookware, you will find this two common complaints among all major brands, from those cheap cookware that costs about $50 a set like Cook N Home to high end brand names like Swiss Diamond that sell for over $500 a set.
Coating – The number of layers in the interior coating plus the formula composition will have a bearing on the price of the cookware. Oven-safe – If you intend to put your non-stick cookware into the oven, you will have to look for the maximum temperature level that it can withstand up to.
The above non-stick cookware buying guide is a start to help you get the right pan for your kitchen.
From all the time I spent scouring customer reviews on their pots and pans, a high price and good brand name is no guarantee for a long lasting non-stick cookware. Well, it is no guarantee that you will get a more durable piece, but following the few tips below might minimize the risk of having to replace it sooner. A lot will be oven-safe up to 350°F although you should be able to find a few that can handle higher than that.
Yes, it is convenient to dump everything into the dish-washer but if you do put it in, the warranty can become void as a result. Of course, there are other considerations as well and that apply to buying any cookware such as size, price and customer rating.

The reality is that a lot (if not all) non-stick cookware don’t last beyond a few years.
It will quickly spread the heat across the bottom to give you more even heat distribution and up the sides.
If it is not mentioned anywhere on the list that the cookware is oven-safe, there must be a reason for it.
So, if you like to use the dish-washer to wash everything, invest in one that is dish-washer safe like the T Fal Signature Total Nonstick. As a result, what you use it for should have a bearing on whether it is a good investment for you. Take your time to shop around and if you are prepared to invest a significant amount in your cookware, check out the customer service and warranty limitations too.
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The most common problem is that the interior coating peels or chips, rendering the cookware useless. Bear in mind that even handles can melt in the high heat of the oven if it is not made of the right material.

The heat from the drying cycle in the dish-washer could possibly affect the finish on the interior coating which could make it lose its non-stickiness over time. And for some people, the ability to cook with little to no oil is a huge plus due to the need for a less greasy diet. So, if you find the cooking surface of the pan to be a little rough, you will know it probably only has one or two layer of coating.
Non-stick pieces do have their place in the kitchen but use it for the right purpose and never on high heat.
If you are lucky, you won’t need to replace your pan in the next 2 years but if you are not, you might need a new piece within 3 months. The smoother the surface is, the higher is the probability of it lasting longer due to the higher number of layers.

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