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I think all of us have tried to scale a recipe up or down, but had to spend time trying to figure out the new measurements.
I also found on some blogs, that many people thought that one cube was equal to 1 oz., boy were they wrong. It’s available in Korean grocery stores, usually on the shelf next to malt powder or mung bean starch in the grain section. Add your local store to the Korean grocery store directory and help others find good places to shop! It’s made from a dough made of coarsely-ground grain and water naturally inoculated with bacteria, fungi, yeast, and lactic acid bacteria.

So all it would do is convert the starches in the rice to readily available sugars, which the yeast would then convert to alcohol and carbon dioxide.
I tried Hmart and they only ship within the US and the canadian site doesn’t let you buy anything. Is there another way to introduce the right fungi and bacteria to make makgeolli if we can’t find Nuruk? It is made by wetting ground whole-wheat with water, then letting it ferment, nothing else. I’m sure it would still be good without the chestnuts, but wanted to see if you had any ideas on a substitute before I tried out the recipe.

Do you know of any shop in melb area that might have nuruk?i tried to find the ad from your link but couldnt find it?

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