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Just copy and paste the image below into your word document or save it and print them how you’d like. By now, we all know that most fresh cut trees are grown on farms and no one is ravaging forests to sell them to us.
We do live in a desert though and we heat our homes in the winter, so those Northwest grown trees dry out quickly in our climate.
The choice is no small thing, but there is nothing like the magic a Christmas Tree brings to a home.
Finally, you can stuff your gut full of delicious smoked meats and not feel guilty about it!  Snider's Bros. Reason:  Pulled Pork Sandwiches and Honoring those who have sacrificed so much on our behalf - what's not to love?!
Tillamook is known for their delicious cheese, ice cream and other dairy products but did you know that they now make yogurt? Tillamook yogurt uses only natural ingredients and only real fruit, no fructose corn syrup.

If you are dieing to try the new yogurt, Tillamook has a coupon for you, buy one get one free. All the students began with making their own dough, shaping their dough into noodles, and cooking them to perfection. By the end of the homemade pasta class, everyone had smiles on their faces and plates full of great pasta dishes they created themselves.
It turned out to be one of our favorite classes that we’ll definitely ask Chef Tom to teach again! If handled properly, a tree, once used goes off to the right part of the dump and ends up being recycled into mulch.
Though the time you can enjoy it indoors is limited (you don’t want your tree to think Spring has arrived). We offer classes ranging from cuisines around the world, kitchen basics, and artisan niches.
He taught his students how to make tender potato gnocchi with a parsley and sage pesto and a ricotta cavatelli with Italian sausage ragu with roasted garlic.

By allowing each student to actually create in a hands-on atmosphere they were able to learn, experiment, and take-away the lessons of the night.
Thank you to all the wonderful students who attended and made incredibly delicious homemade pasta dishes. This week, however, we’d like to spotlighting a class from one of our favorite instructors, Chef Tom.
They might have trouble readjusting and feel like they need to learn a whole new world - which is where we come in, creating friendships with understanding, fun people.
Whether you've recently mentally left the church, have been years out the door, or even if you were never Mormon, come join us and help us establish a sense of community in Salt Lake. It is specifically a group for and by people who have left Mormonism and those who want to socialize with us.

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Rubric: Best Kitchen Cookware Sets


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