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Chickadees are chirping, the sun is shining and NYC restaurants’ outdoor furniture is finally re-emerging. Throughout the city chefs are whipping up hearty winter meals that are comforting and nutritious to boot. The vibrant color of the butternut squash soup at Gotham Bar & Grill holds serious appeal, and the dish is elevated with celery root custard and spiced honey crisp apple cider emulsion. In New York, summer doesn’t just mean sky-high temperatures–it also means the return of outdoor event season. Though visiting new corners of the city is part of the fun when attending these events, eating healthfully while in unfamiliar neighborhoods can be challenging. Summerstage bans outside food from all pay performances, and has mostly unhealthy snacks for sale inside its gates.
This film screening series, located shouting distance from Times Square, can seem like it’s in the middle of everything except healthy eating. While not on many New Yorkers’ itineraries during the rest of the year, the Seaport has a secret summer life hosting the 4Knots and River to River festivals.
Here are 4 Clean Plates approved restaurants that will deliver not only a healthy meal, but also the fresh air and sunshine we all missed during the long months of winter. It is easy to be drawn to the indoor dining room of Pure Food & Wine on Irving Place all year long, but in the spring season the back outdoor garden elevates the restaurant’s appeal even further.
The raw vegan menu at Pure Food & Wine – where nothing is heated above approximately 118 degrees to preserve vitamins and minerals – is perfect for sultry summer evenings as well. There are many reasons to love Quartino Bottega: delicious whole-wheat pizzas, the wild fish, and an atmosphere that might be best described as rustic charm.
While other outdoor dining spaces can seem packed with patrons or placed on a loud street, Quartino Bottega is an ideal small space that might wind up feeling like your own backyard.

The outdoor garden at Back Forty is exactly what you would expect to find in the East Village: a space with 40 seats, haphazardly arranged around both in-ground and potted plants. Part of the charm is that Back Forty doesn’t take reservations (unless you’re a large group). Whether you prefer the privacy of a quaint back garden or the buzz of seats on the sidewalk, outdoor dining might just be one of the best gifts of spring. Five Points is one of my top brunch spots in NYC (especially when I have a large group) and as much as I try to branch out, I can’t stray far from the Wood Oven Baked Egg Whites!  I have tried many other dishes which are all incredible and savory, but I always make sure at least one person in my party orders the Baked Egg Whites so I can steal a few bites! This dish is full of intense Mediterranean flavors and it motivated me to make Harissa Salsa later that day! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
The minute the weather hits a warm note, spots with outdoor seating or patios are packed with spring-loving foodies eager to enjoy it all: refreshing drinks, quality eats and sunshine in the breeze.
In July and August, it can feel like every inch of public space is colonized by concerts, plays, or film screenings. A quick trip away from the traditional-fast-food-laden pier reveals healthy fast food mini-chain The Pump, which serves hormone- and antibiotic-free meats and organic tofu in sandwiches and salads. Summer has almost officially arrived in New York, and that means it’s important to know where to snag a table to maximize those twilight hours. 70 seats are available in the back garden for soaking up the last rays of afternoon sunshine or dining beneath twinkling lights. Add to this list the little outdoor patio Quartino Bottega offers in the back, and you have a winner for the spring season. While it might be located on 10th Avenue, Cookshop delivers sunshine, a laid-back atmosphere, and the opportunity to people watch too.

The result is an informal space where you will happily nibble on grilled Catskill trout or a grass-fed burger with friends. If the sun suddenly peaks out from behind the clouds, you don’t need to have a reservation to enjoy the fresh air in this back garden.
Each and everyone of those pictures makes my mouth water… especially the baked egg whites-healthy AND delicious.
Enjoy these lovely Clean Plates-approved restaurants in the city as you celebrate the spring holidays. We found restaurants with the Clean Plates Seal near four of the biggest summer event sites.
Venture further from the park and you’ll be rewarded with FreeFoods, the all-organic soup, sandwich, and juice cafe created by an original owner of Pure Food and Wine. Grab a table on the sidewalk at Cookshop and experience the buzz of the city that can be missing from back gardens. I mean, it’s brunch, so all rules are out the window and you’re allowed to start brunch off with dessert!
Pack this list alongside your sunglasses and your picnic blanket, and you’ll never go hungry. A few blocks north in the East 80s, you can find the New York Times-acclaimed Gobo, and snag some affordable vegetarian delicacies, like truffled mushroom paninis. Chec out the website for other great Italian food specialities from extra virgin olive oil to cured meats to unique pasta and pantry items all imported directly from Italy.

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