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New York steak also known as New York strip steak is a type of a beef steak cut which is particularly tender.
The grill should be preheated to 500 degrees F to 600 degrees F, that would take about 15 minutes to reach that temperature. The strip steak has a natural flavor that is really great and works well with most steak marinades. The difference between the two is that the short loin is a much larger part so it can be cut into larger portions. I would also strongly suggest you get USDA Prime New York Strip simply because of its exceptional quality and its cut which is about 1? inches thick at the least is just enough because thinner than that will give you a dry steak.

The point of this high temp grilling is to sear the steak on the outside and remain juicy in the inside.
If you want it well done, give it 23 minutes, medium takes 20 minutes and rare takes just about 18 minutes. If your steak is more than an inch thick, bake it instead for 4-5 minutes at 400 degrees F. Reserving marinade, broil or grill steaks about 5 minutes on each side (for rare), or to desired doneness, brushing occasionally with reserved marinade. After cooking, let the steak rest for 5 minutes to allow its juices to redistribute, otherwise the juices will just bleed out if you cut into it immediately and that will dry out your steak.

Keep in mind that steaks cook for a little bit more after taking them out of the broiler or oven so be conscious about your cooking time so you don’t overdo them while they are in there.
Source: An American Cooking Tour Featuring Kikkoman Low-Salt Sauces Reprinted with the permission of Kikkoman International Inc. If you want those beautiful grill marks on your steak, halfway down the cooking time, give it a quarter turn.

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