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It goes without saying that commercial cookware is a must for any restaurant’s kitchen.  These are the tools of the trade, and if you’re looking to buy professional cookware, chances are you already know exactly what you want and where to get it. You’re probably already familiar with the different types of materials professional cookware is made from.  Let’s go through them anyway so we can weigh how each type stacks up against the three factors I outlined above.
Non-stick means the cookware has been coated with a special material that makes it harder for food to stick to the pan when cooking.  This coating is usually applied to aluminum cookware and limited to types that are used for high heat applications – typically fry pans. Price: a bit more than natural aluminum, but still very affordable compared to other materials. Durability: stainless is about the most durable material you can get in commercial cookware.
Tri-ply is a hybrid of multiple materials, and in many ways this approach embodies the best attributes of stainless steel and aluminum.
Heat conduction: is usually excellent because of the highly efficient conduction of the aluminum or copper layer on the bottom. Finding the right trade-off between price and performance is the perennial problem of any equipment purchase.  At least there are some intriguing options when it comes to professional cookware, and those options definitely give you some flexibility when it comes to deciding what kind of cookware you’d like in your kitchen.
Greg has blogged about the food service industry for years and has been published in industry magazines, like Independent Restaurateur and industry blogs like Restaurant SmartBrief. Click to enlargeFor commercial sized planters that fit your project specs to a tee, Planters Unlimited specializes in the design and manufacture of commercial planters in various materials. To become a Hooks and Lattice email subscriber, just enter the information below and click submit.
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This big heavy duty soup pot is suitable for the catering market and for hotels and restaurants use. Heating, cooking, cooling, and cleaning all put serious stress on professional cookware.  Some types of cookware are more durable than others, and durability is going to be a key factor to weigh against price when deciding what kind of cookware to buy. Since the purpose of cookware is to conduct heat to the ingredients you’re trying to cook, the efficiency with which different types of materials conduct heat is another important consideration.

Arranged here according to popular applications, we feature commercial landscape planters and interior containers that are available for purchase online. Niagara Falls conjures up images of beauty, majesty and strength and our Laguna Premier Planters are built with the same ideas in mind.The Laguna Style commercial outdoor planters by Planters Unlimited are made from solid wall Premier Cellular PVC that will never rot, mildew, split, cup or warp.
In addition, our team of experienced project managers can partner with clients to create custom commercial planters for a range of applications. Large contemporary planters built with this superior material offer an unparalleled combination of uniformity, durability and beauty.
Our commercial landscape planters are found outside restaurants, on the grounds of high-end resorts and lining city boulevards and parkways. Pictured in standard white, Laguna outdoor commercial planters can be painted for additional cost. This modern planter also comes in various standard sizes online with custom size ordering available over the phone.
Our commercial size planters are made from a range of quality grade materials including fiberglass, composite PVC, metal and wood. To the naked eye, Laguna Premier Planters may resemble classic wooden commercial planters but they are truly so much more.Durable, large contemporary planters that still manage a sense of personality are powerful assets in a commercial landscape. From heavy-duty commercial landscape planters, to self-watering interior containers, Planters Unlimited has an answer to any design need – both functional and aesthetic.When choosing commercial landscape planters materials are especially important.
Our Laguna outdoor commercial planters accomplish this combination of style and function making them highly desirable large modern planters. Depending on the planned application and aesthetic vibe of a property, commercial sized planters should fit in while helping to delineate, enhance or cover up spaces. Not too flashy, and effortlessly stunning.Each of the Laguna Premier Planters offered via the Planters Unlimited website is made from durable Premier Cellular PVC. Of course, a commercial planters’ ultimate purpose is always to house healthy and vibrant growth and this idea is at the baseline of each container we design and manufacture. Available in a range of standard sizes, these large modern planters can be formed to square or rectangular configurations based on the intended application.

Hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars, spas, retail spaces and more are on the client list at Planters Unlimited.
We have helped to make many a commercial exterior look beautiful, charming and teeming with life.In addition to commercial size planters for exterior applications, we also offer a range of containers that are suited to interior use in offices, shopping malls and hotels.
For tall, large contemporary planters to be applied along walkways for added height or separation, square dimensions may work better. Our self-watering commercial planters feature a range of contemporary and modern designs that look striking when planted with simple green plants or bamboo. Whatever the project, find commercial planters for online purchase or create your own through our custom order service over the phone.In addition to size options, Planters Unlimited also offers our Laguna Style outdoor commercial planters in a range of colors and finishes. At their base price, these large contemporary planters are offered in a standard, unpainted white finish. While containers are broken out in this section according to their most popular applications or obvious design function, each of our commercial sized containers is versatile enough to go almost anywhere. For additional cost, customers can select from a range of 25 colors and 4 finishes, including matte, semi-gloss, gloss or sand. Made from fiberglass, composite PVC, wood or metal, we create planters that are not only beautiful, but also durable and low maintenance.
With the right hue and texture combo, turn these large modern planters into a rustic looking terracotta container with a sand finish to mimic the imperfections of clay.
Our goal is to provide options that embody the feeling of a commercial space while serving their function as a resilient planting container.In addition to products available for online purchase, Planters Unlimited also works on various custom commercial planters for a range of clients.
Or, play up their contemporary appeal even more with a neutral gray, white or black paint in a semi-gloss finish for added sheen.To view color and finish options for large contemporary planters made from Premier Composite Cellular PVC, simply click on individual Laguna Premier Planters and use the drop down menus for color and paint finish. Default settings will always be unpainted white, with the option to upgrade at your disposal.If Laguna Premier Planters match your style but our online sizes fail to suit your project scale, please contact us toll free for a custom consultation and price quote at 1-888-320-0626, 7am-5pm PST, Monday-Friday.

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