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Kitchen ventilation specialists DPL have recently installed UV ventilation canopies into the newly refurbished Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford-Upon-Avon.
The famous theatre was rebuilt at a total cost of ?112 Million and features a striking rooftop restaurant with wide reaching views across the town and river Avon. DPL installed its popular range of Tumblair canopies, which introduces fresh filtered air into the kitchen to ensure safe operation of the gas powered appliances, and a healthy atmosphere for the operational staff. To minimize odour nuisance the canopies incorporate UV filtration that breaks down the cooking odours whilst also significantly reducing grease carry-over which reduces both the fire risk, and the ongoing maintenance costs. To further control the fire risk in the kitchen, DPL also handled the installation of the automatic fire suppression system over the cookline. If your Commercial Kitchen Hoods NYC Manhattan doesn’t meet important requirements for air velocity and exhaust function it can collect more grease and a kitchen fire can easily spread to the collected grease and into your ceiling. Here are 3 tips to help you get the best Commercial Kitchen Hoods NYC Manhattan for your commercial kitchen.
Something this important needs to be part of your fire protection service main business so they know all of the requirements and how to give you the best results.

You can have the best equipment but if it is not installed properly your Commercial Kitchen Hoods NYC Manhattan can fail to perform properly. Commercial Kitchen Hoods NYC Manhattan gets very hot and can collect sparks from cooking as well. When you need Commercial Kitchen Hoods NYC Manhattan, check into Master Fire Protection Systems. The busy restaurant serves over 50,000 meals per year and needs high quality ventilation to maintain a comfortable working environment in the kitchen. Finally, a custom manufactured Services Distribution Unit was the final component of the DPL solution, to ensure the whole cooking area is easy to clean and maintain. The problem is that unless you get good quality kitchen hoods and they are installed and maintained properly they can actually turn into a source of fire. These are common types of fires in commercial kitchens so it is important to make sure your design, installation and quality of Commercial Kitchen Hoods NYC Manhattan is able to handle the demand.
They will also be able to design your Commercial Kitchen Hoods NYC Manhattan to be cleaned and maintained easily, which is also vitally important.

You want to make sure that your kitchen hoods are insulated with enough fireproof insulation to protect you from a kitchen fire. We have been providing fire protection services, including commercial kitchen hoods for over 40 years.
The team at Master Fire Prevention Systems helps George makeover a Harlem YMCA kitchen on George To The Rescue.
We carry the finest products, design the installation, venting and duct work to be safe and allow the required exhaust velocity to prevent grease buildup.
We install our kitchen hoods with the finest fireproof insulation that meets all fire safe standards.

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